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Genre: Rock
On the 7th Day God Created (1992) 01. What Kind of God [add]
02. Latitudinarian lyrics
03. Heathen lyrics
04. Used lyrics
05. Demon lyrics
06. Constant Quarrel lyrics
07. Judgement of Will [add]
08. America the Pitiful [add]
09. Whose Left to Decide [add]
10. Submerged in Sin [add]

Faith Is in Season (1998) 01. Follow Jesus [add]
02. Cast the First Stone [add]
03. Dedicated to the Pistol [add]
04. Imprisioned [add]
05. Re-Terrorizer [add]
06. We're About to Fall [add]
07. Believers Have a Choice [add]
08. Faith Is Still in Season [add]
09. Broken Promise [add]
10. Where Are You Now? [add]
11. Butchered by Numbers [add]
12. Antidote [add]
13. Spiritual Bankruptcy [add]
14. Victims of Jesus [add]
15. Return to Vietnam [add]
16. Previously Committed [add]

Unreleased 1985 Album (2003) 01. Master lyrics
02. Unknown Soldier [Second Take] [add]
03. Mangled Dehumanization lyrics
04. Funeral Bitch lyrics
05. Terrorizer [add]
06. Pledge of Allegiance [add]
07. Re-Entry and Destruction [add]
08. Constant Quarrel lyrics
09. Judgment of Will [add]
10. Submerged in Sin [add]
11. Cut Through the Flith [add]

Collection of Souls (2006) 01. Constant Reminders [add]
02. Taste of Insanity [add]
03. Hidden Stories [add]
04. Glorify the Dead [add]
05. Blinded Faith [add]
06. Justice or Fate [add]
07. Jailbreak [add]
08. Collection of Souls [add]
09. Silver Spoon [add]

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