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Genre: R&B
The Glow of Love (1980) 01. A Lover's Holiday [A Jim Burgess Mix] [add]
02. It's a Girl's Affair [add]
03. Angel in My Pocket [add]
04. The Glow of Love [add]
05. Searching [add]
06. The End [add]
07. Searching [*] [add]

Miracles (1981) 01. Paradise [add]
02. Hold Tight [add]
03. Your Move [add]
04. Stop for Love [add]
05. On Top [add]
06. Heaven of My Life [add]
07. Miracles [add]

Sharing Your Love (1982) 01. The Very Best in You [add]
02. Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright) [add]
03. Oh What a Night [add]
04. Promise Your Love [add]
05. Everything and More [add]
06. Sharing Your Love [add]
07. Take You to Heaven [add]
08. Keep on It [add]
09. You're My Number 1 [add]
10. You're My Girl [add]

This Is Your Time (1983) 01. Got to Get Up [add]
02. This Is Your Time [add]
03. Angel [add]
04. Magical Night [add]
05. Stay'n Fit [add]
06. Tell Me Why [add]
07. You'll Never Realize [add]
08. Don't Wait Another Night [add]

Change of Heart (1984) 01. Say You Love Me Again [add]
02. Change of Heart [add]
03. Warm [add]
04. True Love [add]
05. You Are My Melody [add]
06. Lovely Lady [add]
07. Got My Eyes on You [add]
08. It Burns Me Up [add]

Turn on Your Radio (1985) 01. Turn on Your Radio [add]
02. Let's Go Together [add]
03. Examination [add]
04. You'll Always Be Part of Me [add]
05. Oh What a Feeling [add]
06. Mutual Attraction [add]
07. Love the Way You Love Me [add]
08. If You Want My Love [add]

Change (2004) 01. Up to You [add]
02. Worn Out [add]
03. Test of Time [add]
04. Kept in Check [add]
05. Dont Look Back [add]
06. Dust [add]
07. My Last Breath [add]
08. Call in Dead [add]
09. Played Out [add]
10. This Is It [add]

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