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Bobby Washington lyrics
Genre: R&B
Nude (0000) 01. Proud Your My Lady [add]
02. I Wanna Be Love by You [add]
03. I Wanna Wife You [add]
04. Lonely [add]
05. Let Me Get It [add]
06. Brotha from Dade [add]
07. Gutta Luv [add]
08. Friends with Benefits [add]
09. Sixty 9 [add]
10. Nude [add]
11. Remix That Body [add]
12. Gentle [add]
13. U Should Be Lovin Me [add]
14. Can't Wait to Get Your Home [add]
15. We Get Down [add]
16. So Different [add]
17. Out the Hood [add]
18. Aint No Stoppin Me [add]
19. The One [add]

Drippin' Wet (1999) 01. Intro [add]
02. Feel My Body (Its da B-O-BB-Y) [add]
03. Ooh, Your So Fly [add]
04. A Never Ending Love [add]
05. Papers on You [add]
06. The One for You [add]
07. Mature [add]
08. The Feeling I Have [add]
09. Drippin Wet [add]
10. How Much Is It? [add]
11. My Lady [add]
12. Every Inch of Me [add]
13. Feel My Body [add]
14. Thank You/We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off [add]

The Word Is Clear (2001) 01. The Word Is Clear [add]
02. What U Want [add]
03. Let's Hear It 4 the Lord [add]
04. Ride Me Bare [add]
05. Ready, Willing and Able [add]
06. No More Games [add]
07. Prophecy [add]
08. Intimate [add]
09. How Deep Is Your Love [add]
10. Drippin Wet [add]
11. You Make It Rain [add]
12. Body Friction [add]
13. I Won't Backslide [add]
14. Slowly [add]
15. Momma Lude [add]
16. Let's Make Love [add]
17. How the Truth Flow [add]
18. Get Naked [add]
19. He Knows [add]
20. Sweet Summer Miami Night [add]
21. It's Alright to Cry [add]
22. Conversation [add]
23. Christ Is Holdin It Down [add]
24. These Bars Ain't Gone Hold Me [add]
25. Red Pill/Blue Pill [add]
26. We Can Do This [add]
27. I Know Why Your Eyes Hurt [add]
28. No Good [add]
29. U Did Me Wrong [add]
30. Shortie [add]
31. Always [add]

Body Friction (2002) 01. The Verdict [add]
02. These Bars Ain't Holding Me [add]
03. U Did Me Wrong [add]
04. No More Games [add]
05. Stalkin Me [add]
06. All I Did [add]
07. Shake Yo Body [add]
08. Moments [add]
09. What Position [add]
10. How Could You [add]
11. Get on Top [add]
12. Body Friction [add]
13. Open Relationship [add]
14. Can't Wait to Leave This Club [add]
15. I'll Be Your Man [add]
16. Can You Stay [add]
17. Dance Wit Me [add]
18. All U Need [add]
19. Addicted [add]
20. I Can Do Anything [add]

Definition of Love (2005) 01. Proud You're My Lady [add]
02. Nude [add]
03. Gentle [add]
04. Drippin Wet [add]
05. Why [add]
06. Definition of Love [add]
07. Every Inch of Me [add]
08. No More Games [add]
09. Lonely [add]
10. Let Me Get It [add]
11. Remix That Body [add]
12. Can't Let You Go [add]
13. Our Love [add]
14. Shake Yo Body [add]
15. Stalking Me [add]
16. We Can Do This [add]
17. We Get Down [add]
18. Who Will I Choose [add]

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