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Boyd Rice lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Easy Listening for the Hard of Hearing (1984) 01. Extractions 1-6 [add]
02. Extractions 7-12 [add]

Music, Martinis and Misanthropy (1990) 01. Invocation [add]
02. People [add]
03. The Hunter [add]
04. Night Watch [add]
05. Disney Land Can Wait [add]
06. An Eye for an Eye [add]
07. Down in the Willow Garden [add]
08. I'd Rather Be Your Enemy [add]
09. Tripped a Beauteous Maiden [add]
10. As for the Fools [add]
11. Shadows of the Night [add]
12. History Lesson [add]
13. Silence Is Golden [add]

Ragnarok Rune (1992) 01. Untitled [add]
02. Untitled [add]
03. Untitled [add]

Hatesville (1996) 01. Hatesville [add]
02. Race Riot [add]
03. Dog [add]
04. Daydream [add]
05. What If They Gave a Love in... [add]
06. How God Makes Little Girls [add]
07. Let's Hear It for Violence Towards Women [add]
08. Pissant [add]
09. Nation Down for the Count [add]
10. Mr. Intolerance [add]
11. I Am Man (Sometimes I Hate) [add]
12. The Wandering Parasite [add]
13. Love Will Change the World [add]
14. Hatesville Suicide Hotline [add]
15. Alone With the Calm [add]

Death's Gladsome Wedding (1996) 01. To Arms! [add]
02. Hymn to Mota and Marin [add]
03. Legionari Victory Hymn [add]
04. Stefan, Ruler of Moldavia [add]
05. Hymn of the Szekler Rumanians [add]
06. Hymn of Legionari Youth [add]

The Way I Feel (2001) 01. Theme from Pearls Before Swine [add]
02. Hatesville [add]
03. Equilibrium [add]
04. The End of the World lyrics
05. People [add]
06. Assume the Position [add]
07. Many Hands [add]
08. Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder [add]
09. Why Did the Feminist Cross the Road [add]
10. A Hymn to Him [add]
11. Motherfuckin' Deer Bit Me [add]
12. Love Will Change the World [add]
13. Quiet Village Idiot [add]
14. Preserve the Lonliness [add]
15. The Blackness [add]
16. The Cross of Lorraine [add]
17. Alone With the Calm [add]

Terra Incognita: Ambient Works 1975-Present (2004) 01. Solitude [add]
02. Extract 4 [add]
03. Fathers Day [add]
04. Immolation of Man [add]
05. Sunset [add]
06. Arka [add]
07. Cruenta Voluptas [add]
08. Untitled 1 [add]
09. A Taste of Blood [add]
10. Untitled 2 [add]
11. Extract 5 [add]
12. Extract 12 [add]
13. The Fountain of Fortune [add]

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