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The O'Jays lyrics
Genre: R&B
Back on Top (1968) 01. I'll Be Sweeter Tomorrow (Than I Was Today) [add]
02. I'm So Glad I Found You [add]
03. Going, Going, Gone [add]
04. That's Alright [add]
05. I Dig Your Act [add]
06. Look Over Your Shoulder [add]
07. You're Too Sweet [add]
08. Just Another Guy [add]
09. Four for the Price of One [add]
10. Love Is Everywhere [add]
11. Now That I've Found You [add]
12. I'll Be Seeing You [add]
13. The Choice [add]
14. I Miss You [add]

The O'Jays in Philadelphia (1969) 01. One Night Affair [add]
02. You're the Best Thing Since Candy [add]
03. Branded Bad [add]
04. I Should Be Your Lover [add]
05. Looky, Looky (Look At Me Girl) [add]
06. Deeper in Love With You [add]
07. Let Me in Your World [add]
08. Just Can't Get Enough [add]
09. I've Got the Groove [add]
10. Medley: Little Green Apples/Something [add]
11. It's Too Strong [add]

Back Stabbers (1972) 01. When the World's at Peace [add]
02. Back Stabbers lyrics
03. Who Am I [add]
04. (They Call Me) Mr. Lucky [add]
05. Time to Get Down [add]
06. 992 Arguments [add]
07. Listen to the Clock on the Wall [add]
08. Shiftless, Shady, Jealous Kind of People [add]
09. Sunshine [add]
10. Love Train lyrics

Ship Ahoy (1973) 01. Put Your Hands Together [add]
02. Ship Ahoy [add]
03. This Air I Breathe [add]
04. You Got Your Hooks in Me [add]
05. For the Love of Money lyrics
06. Now That We Found Love [add]
07. Don't Call Me Brother [add]
08. People Keep Tellin' Me [add]

Family Reunion (1975) 01. Unity [add]
02. Family Reunion [add]
03. You and Me [add]
04. She's Only a Woman [add]
05. Livin' for the Weekend [add]
06. Stairway to Heaven [add]
07. I Love Music lyrics

Survival (1975) 01. Give the People What They Want [add]
02. Let Me Make Love to You [add]
03. Survival [add]
04. Where Did We Go Wrong [add]
05. Rich Get Richer [add]
06. How Time Flies [add]
07. What Am I Waiting For [add]
08. Never Break Us Up [add]

Message in the Music (1976) 01. Message in Our Music [add]
02. A Prayer [add]
03. Paradise [add]
04. Make a Joyful Noise [add]
05. Desire Me [add]
06. Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet Tender Love) [add]
07. I Swear, I Love No-One But You [add]
08. Let Life Flow [add]

Travelin' at the Speed of Thought (1977) 01. Travelin' at the Speed of Thought [add]
02. We're All in This Thing Together [add]
03. Work on Me [add]
04. Stand Up [add]
05. Those Lies (Done Caught Up With You This Time) [add]
06. Feelings [add]
07. So Glad I Got You Girl [add]
08. Let's Spend Some Time Together [add]

So Full of Love (1978) 01. Sing My Heart Out [add]
02. Use Ta Be My Girl [add]
03. Cry Together [add]
04. This Time Baby [add]
05. Brandy (I Really Miss You) [add]
06. Take Me to the Stars [add]
07. Help (Somebody Please) [add]
08. Strokety Stroke [add]

Identify Yourself (1979) 01. Sing a Happy Song [add]
02. Get on Out and Party [add]
03. Identify [add]
04. So Nice I Tried It Twice [add]
05. Hurry Up And Come Back [add]
06. Forever Mine lyrics
07. I Want You Here With Me [add]
08. One in a Million [add]

The Year 2000 (1980) 01. The Year 2000 [add]
02. To Prove I Love You [add]
03. You'll Never Know (All There Is to Know 'Bout My Love) [add]
04. You're the Girl of My Dreams (Sho Nuff Real) [add]
05. You Won't Fall [add]
06. Girl, Don't Let It Get You Down [add]
07. The Answer's in You [add]
08. Once Is Not Enough [add]

My Favorite Person (1982) 01. I Just Want to Satisfy You [add]
02. Your Body's Here With Me (But Your Mind's on the Other Side of Town) [add]
03. My Favorite Person [add]
04. One on One [add]
05. I Like to See Us Get Down [add]
06. Your True Heart (And Shining Star) [add]
07. Out in the Real World [add]
08. Don't Walk Away Mad [add]

Love Fever (1985) 01. Can't Slow Down [add]
02. Dollar Bill [add]
03. All Eyes on Africa [add]
04. Just Another Lonely Night [add]
05. I Wanna Be With You Tonight [add]
06. Love Fever [add]
07. I Love America [add]
08. What a Woman [add]
09. We're Still Together [add]
10. What Good Are These Arms of Mine [add]

Home for Christmas (1991) 01. I Can Hardly Wait 'Till Christmas [add]
02. (Tell Him) Santa's on His Way [add]
03. Wanna Be Home for Christmas [add]
04. Christmas Time in the City [add]
05. The Christmas Song [add]
06. Merry Christmas, Baby [add]
07. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas [add]
08. White Christmas [add]
09. Carol of the Bells [add]
10. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? [add]

Emotionally Yours (1991) 01. Don't Let Me Down [add]
02. Something for Nothing [add]
03. Emotionally Yours [RandB Version] [add]
04. Respect [add]
05. Keep on Lovin' Me [add]
06. Love and Trust [add]
07. Don't You Know True Love [add]
08. Emotionally Yours [Gospel Version] [add]
09. That's How Love Is [add]
10. Closer to You [add]
11. If I Find Love Again [add]
12. Keep on Pleasin' Me [add]
13. Lies [add]
14. Make It Feel Good [add]

Heartbreaker (1993) 01. Cryin' the Blues [add]
02. One Wonderful Girl [add]
03. Somebody Else Will [add]
04. Show Me the Right Way [add]
05. Trouble [add]
06. Can't Let You Go [add]
07. Decisions [add]
08. No Can Do [add]
09. Heartbreaker [add]
10. He Loves You [add]

Love You to Tears (1997) 01. Pay the Bills [add]
02. Turned Out [add]
03. I Want My Cake [add]
04. What's Stopping You [add]
05. Serious Affair [add]
06. You Can Make Me Fall in Love Again [add]
07. Baby You Know [add]
08. Another Lonely Night (Did You Forget About Me) [add]
09. Getting Along Much Better [add]
10. Love You to Tears [add]

For the Love... (2001) 01. Long Distance Lover [add]
02. Let's Ride [add]
03. Don't Break My Heart [add]
04. Put Out the Fire [add]
05. Come Over to My House [add]
06. I'm Ready Now [add]
07. Searching for the Love I Lost [add]
08. I Don't Know [add]
09. Latin Lover [add]
10. Baby Making Love [add]
11. Sounds Like Me [add]

Imagination (2004) 01. Made It Back [add]
02. Repair Man [add]
03. Make Up [add]
04. Imagination [add]
05. Chauvinistic [add]
06. Seperate Ways [add]
07. Why You Wanna Settle for Less [add]
08. Busy Tonight [add]
09. One Good Woman [add]
10. I Would Rather Cry [add]
11. The Christmas Song [*] [add]

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