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Genre: R&B
Look What You're Doing to the Man (1971) 01. Look What You're Doing to the Man [add]
02. Searchin' for a Dream [add]
03. Medley: Walk a Mile in My Shoes/Twenty Five Miles [add]
04. Patience Is Rewarede [add]
05. You Got the Power (To Make Me Happy) [add]
06. If I Had a Million [add]
07. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother [add]
08. Heaven Help Us All [add]
09. The Thrill Is Gone [From Yesterday's Kiss] [add]
10. Loving You Comes So Easy [add]

Peach Melba (1975) 01. Must Be Dues [add]
02. Get into My Mind [add]
03. If You Can Believe [add]
04. Sunshine Superman [add]
05. My Soul Is Satisfied [add]
06. I Am His Lady [add]
07. Green Birds Fly [add]
08. Natural Part of Everything [add]
09. Love Can Be Good to You [add]
10. A Million Years Before This Time [add]
11. If I Lose [add]

Melba [1976] (1976) 01. The Way You Make Me Feel [add]
02. Good Love Makes Everything All Right [add]
03. The Long and Winding Road [add]
04. Ain't No Love Lost [add]
05. The Greatest Feeling [add]
06. Mighty Clouds of Joy [add]
07. (I Need) Someone [add]
08. So Many Mountains [add]

This Is It (1976) 01. This Is It [add]
02. Free [add]
03. One Less Morning [add]
04. Make Me Believe in You [add]
05. Lean on Me [add]
06. Stay Awhile [add]
07. Playboy Scout [add]
08. Blood Red Roses [add]
09. Brand New [add]

Melba [1978] (1978) 01. You Stepped into My Life [add]
02. There's No Other Like You [add]
03. It's Hard Not to Like You [add]
04. Together Forever [add]
05. Pick Me up, I'll Dance [add]
06. Happy [add]
07. I Promise to Love You [add]
08. Where Did You Ever Go [add]

A Portrait of Melba (1978) 01. You Are My River [add]
02. Promised Land [add]
03. I Don't Know No One Else to Turn To [add]
04. Standing Right Here [add]
05. Just Another Link [add]
06. Living Free [add]
07. Is This the End [add]
08. Love and I Aren't Strangers Anymore [add]

Burn (1979) 01. Burn [add]
02. Hot and Tasty [add]
03. If You Believe in Love [add]
04. Night People [add]
05. I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love [add]
06. Can't Give It Up [add]
07. Miss Thing [add]
08. Need Love [add]

Dancin' with Melba (1979) 01. Standing Right Here [add]
02. Free [add]
03. Playboy Scout [add]
04. Promised Land [add]
05. Make Me Believe in You [add]

What a Woman Needs (1981) 01. Let's Stand Together [add]
02. Your Sweet Lovin [add]
03. What a Woman Needs [add]
04. Take My Love [add]
05. Overnight Sensation [add]
06. Each Second [add]
07. Piece of the Rock [add]
08. Let's Go Back to Lovin' [add]

The Other Side of the Rainbow (1982) 01. Love's Comin' at Ya [add]
02. Underlove [add]
03. Mind Up Tonight [add]
04. Knack for Me [add]
05. How's Love Been Treating You [add]
06. Don't Go Away [add]
07. I Can't Help Myself [add]
08. Other Side of the Rainbow [add]

Never Say Never (1983) 01. Love Me Right [add]
02. Keepin' My Lover Satisfied [add]
03. Got to Have Your Love [add]
04. Livin' for Your Love [add]
05. It's Really Love [add]
06. Never Say Never [add]
07. Lovin' Touch [add]
08. Lean on Me [add]

Read My Lips (1985) 01. Love of a Lifetime [add]
02. I Can't Believe It (It's Over) [add]
03. Read My Lips [add]
04. Dreams [add]
05. When You Love Me Like This [add]
06. Winner [add]
07. King of My Heart [add]
08. To Those Who Wait [add]
09. Mind over Matter [add]

A Lot of Love (1987) 01. There I Go Falling in Love Again [add]
02. It's Been So Long [add]
03. I'm Not Gonna Let You Go [add]
04. Love the One I'm With (A Lot of Love) [add]
05. You Trip Me Out [add]
06. A Little Bit More [add]
07. Falling [add]
08. Stay [add]
09. When We Touch (It's Like Fire) [add]
10. Don't Go Away [add]

I'm in Love (1988) 01. Love and Kisses [add]
02. I'm in Love [add]
03. Love Always Finds a Way (To Your Heart) [add]
04. I Can't Complain [add]
05. I Don't Know No One Else to Turn To [add]
06. I'll Never Find Another You [add]
07. Keeps Me Runnin' Back [add]
08. First Love [add]
09. This Time [add]
10. Test of Time [add]

Soul Exposed (1990) 01. Do You Really (Want My Love?) [add]
02. I Found a New Love [add]
03. I Love Being in Love [add]
04. Let Every Voice and Sing [add]
05. Face to Face [add]
06. Too Many Lovers [add]
07. Stormy Weather [add]

Happy Together (1996) 01. Happy Together [add]
02. I'm Smilin' [add]
03. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning [add]
04. Getaway [add]
05. You've Changed [add]
06. He Could Be Perfect for Me! [add]
07. Achern! [add]
08. Solace [add]
09. Lady Sings the Blues [add]
10. The Sun Is [add]
11. Where Am I! [add]
12. Hats on Blues [add]

Solitary Journey (1999) 01. Lift Every Voice (Hip Hop) [add]
02. Everybody [R&B Mix] [add]
03. Anything Thatcha Want [add]
04. Still in Love [add]
05. Sweet Jesus [add]
06. Farewell [add]
07. I Let You Play With My Love [add]
08. Will You Be Good to Me [add]
09. Unconditional Lovin' [add]
10. Silent Screams [add]
11. Heaven [add]
12. Lift Every Voice [*] [add]
13. Everybody [Original Mix] [add]
14. Everybody [*] [add]

A Very Special Christmas Gift (2001) 01. This Christmas [add]
02. What Child Is This? [add]
03. Forever [add]
04. O Come All Ye Faithful [add]
05. Silent Night [add]
06. Jingle Bells [add]
07. No More Tears (For Yesterday) [add]
08. Away in a Manger [add]
09. The First Noel [add]
10. Silver Bells [add]
11. O Holy Night [add]
12. Go Tell It on the Mountain [add]
13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas [add]
14. Jingle Bells (Reprise) [add]

I'm Still Here (2002) 01. I'm Still Here [add]
02. Praise Yah! [add]
03. Champions [add]
04. Call Me [add]
05. The Other Side of the Rainbow [add]
06. Rise My Sister [add]
07. The Day I Turned to You [add]
08. Lamb of God [add]
09. Master and Friend [add]
10. Lift Every Voice [add]

A Night in St. Lucia [live] (2002) 01. Lift Every Voice and Sing [add]
02. Blue Skies [add]
03. Don't Mean a Thing [add]
04. Stormy Weather [add]
05. Air Mail Special [add]
06. A-Tisket, A-Tasket [add]
07. Mister Paganini [add]
08. A Night in Tunisia [add]
09. My Guy [add]
10. Too Many Fish in the Sea [add]
11. Don't Mess With Bill [add]
12. Aquarius [add]
13. Easy to Be Hard [add]
14. Let the Sun Shine In [add]
15. Purlie [add]
16. Lean on Jesus [add]

Nobody But Jesus (2004) 01. Nobody But Jesus [add]
02. There Is Power in the Blood [add]
03. Master and Friend [add]
04. I Believe in Principles [add]
05. What a Friend We Have in Jesus [add]
06. Call Me [add]
07. Precious Lord [add]
08. Praise Him [add]
09. Rise My Sister [add]
10. Right by My Side [add]
11. Praise Yah! [add]
12. The Other Side of the Rainbow [add]
13. Higher Ground [add]
14. Nobody But Jesus (Reprise) [add]

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