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One Way lyrics
Genre: R&B
9 (0000) 01. Don't Think About It lyrics
02. Who Does She Think She Is? [add]
03. You Better Quit [add]
04. Starry Eyes [add]
05. Whammy [add]
06. Set It Out [add]
07. Stole My Heart [add]
08. I Can't Help Myself [add]
09. Oh Girl [add]

Love Is...One Way (1981) 01. Love Is [add]
02. My Lady [add]
03. All Over Again [add]
04. Get It Over [add]
05. Push [add]
06. I Didn't Mean to Break Your Heart [add]
07. Be Serious [add]
08. Wait Until Tomorrow [add]

Shine on Me (1983) 01. Shine on Me [add]
02. So Afraid It's Over [add]
03. Didn't You Know It [add]
04. Bring It Down [add]
05. Sugar Rock [add]
06. Let's Get Together [add]
07. Together Forever [add]
08. Shake It Till It's Right [add]

Lady (1984) 01. Lady You Are [add]
02. I'll Make It Up to You [add]
03. If Only You Knew lyrics
04. Don't Stop [add]
05. Mr. Groove [add]
06. Smile [add]
07. Dynomite [add]
08. Can't Get Enough of Your Love [add]

Wrap Your Body (1985) 01. Let's Talk [add]
02. Wrap Your Body [add]
03. Believe in Me [add]
04. Serving It [add]
05. Don't Give Up on Love [add]
06. More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers [add]
07. If I Knew [add]
08. Condemned [add]

Cutie Pie (1993) 01. Cutie Pie [add]
02. Lady You Are [add]
03. You Can Do It [add]
04. Wild Night [add]
05. Don't Fight the Feeling [add]
06. Don't Think About It lyrics
07. Dynomite [add]
08. If I Knew [add]
09. Mr. Groove [add]
10. You Better Quit [add]

One Way Featuring Al Hudson (2003) 01. Now That I Found [add]
02. You Can Do It [add]
03. Guess You Didn't Know [add]
04. Music [add]
05. Come Dance With Me [add]
06. I Am Under Your Spell [add]

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