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Genre: Children's
Music Makes It Memorable (2005) 01. Gonna Name Our States [add]
02. Can You Predict It? [add]
03. Finish the Pattern [add]
04. Oceans [add]
05. Animal Shop [add]
06. Scientific Method [add]
07. Brush Your Teeth [add]
08. Eco Shopper [add]
09. Habitat Scat [add]
10. Seven Continents [add]
11. It's Time to Read [add]
12. It's Alive/Non-Living [add]
13. Roy G Biv [add]
14. Planet Placement Dance [add]
15. I Know a Smart Woman [add]
16. Magnets [add]
17. Fanfare for the Brain [add]

Mr. Froggy's Family (2006) 01. Mr. Froggy's Family [add]
02. I Can Count to Ten! [add]
03. I Put My Helmet On [add]
04. Bean Bag Groove [add]
05. Multi-Cultural Feast [add]
06. I Don't Need a Gang! [add]
07. My Kazoo [add]
08. H - A - P - P - Y! [add]
09. Because We're Friends [add]
10. Please Use Words [add]
11. Musical Alphabet [add]
12. Find the Gift [add]

Today's Children; Tomorrow's Future (2006) 01. Today's Children; Tomorrow's Future [add]
02. The Mighty Mob [add]
03. Roller Skating's Fun [add]
04. Responsibility [add]
05. Traffic [add]
06. If You're Happy (Bluesy Version) [add]
07. Creativity [add]
08. S-H-A-R-E [add]
09. Because We're Friends [add]
10. I'm a Lookin' [add]
11. Vacation [add]
12. Patience [add]
13. Find the Pet That's Right for You [add]
14. Find the Gift [add]

More Music with Mar. (2006) 01. Hey, Hey Everybody! [add]
02. Co-Op-Er-Ate [add]
03. The Turtle [add]
04. Swim, Swim [add]
05. When It's Ready [add]
06. Milk and Cookies [add]
07. Let Me Be a Rainbow [add]
08. The Jungle [add]
09. Caterpillar [add]
10. Eat from All Your Food Groups [add]
11. The Planets [add]
12. Who Sings for the Children? [add]

Wide-Mouthed Bullfrog (2006) 01. Wide-Mouthed Bullfrog [add]
02. Apples & Bananas [add]
03. Reggae Riding Hood [add]
04. Dark, Dark [add]
05. Spider on the Floor [add]
06. Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything [add]
07. I Have a Cat [add]
08. Chicken Little [add]
09. Three Pigs Rap [add]
10. Today Is Monday [add]
11. Slow & Steady [add]
12. All Around the Circle [add]
13. Little Red Hen [add]
14. B - A Bay [add]
15. Come on and Sing! [add]
16. The Boy Who Cried Wolf! [add]
17. Read to Me [add]

Start the Music (2006) 01. Shake It! Shake It! [add]
02. You Gotta Laugh [add]
03. Pee Pee in the Toilet Bowl [add]
04. I Kiss You; You Kiss Me [add]
05. My Hands [add]
06. What Would I See? [add]
07. Nothing Else [add]
08. Someone Else's Turn [add]
09. Shapes [add]
10. Who's in the Barnyard? [add]
11. Monkey, Monkey [add]
12. My Thumb [add]
13. Parachute Goes Up and Down [add]
14. Clean Up [add]
15. Gentle Hands [add]
16. Going Home [add]
17. Are You Ready for Bed? [add]

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