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Matthias Frey lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Liquid Crystal (1995) 01. Kasba-Brasil [add]
02. Steppin on Glann-Road [add]
03. Try It Again J.A.M.! [add]
04. The Bare Necessities [add]
05. Circles in the Water [add]
06. Caravan of Dreams [add]
07. Point of View [add]
08. Secret Flowing [add]
09. Short Story [add]
10. Bolero Connemara [add]

Trails & Traces (1999) 01. Heart Times [add]
02. Two Eagles [add]
03. Farewell Curraghduff [add]
04. Feed the Monkey [add]
05. Sun in the East [add]
06. Catch the Horses [add]
07. Pick Up the Trail [add]
08. Crossing the Bridge [add]
09. Rain in the Gardens of Love [add]
10. Dance Under the Crimson Moon [add]

Feng Shui for Your Inner Silence (2005) 01. Metal [add]
02. Lakechild [add]
03. Taklan Makan [add]
04. Minuet for the Wise King [add]
05. In the Gardens of Shalimar [add]
06. Water the Time Witin All Things [add]
07. Moon Over Issyk Kul [add]

Feng Shui Music for the Five Elements (2005) 01. Metal [add]
02. Earth [add]
03. Wood [add]
04. Fire [add]
05. Water [add]

The Time Within (2005) 01. Feathers and Flames [add]
02. Lakechild [add]
03. Wedding Song [add]
04. The Sky Remians the Same [add]
05. Dreamweaver [add]
06. Father and Son [add]
07. Smile [add]
08. In the Gardens of Shalimar [add]
09. Minute for the Wise King [add]
10. Garimo [add]
11. The Time Within All Things [add]
12. Earth [add]
13. Taklan Makan [add]
14. Ear to Earth [add]

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