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The Gap Band lyrics
Genre: R&B
The Gap Band [1977] (1977) 01. Out of the Blue (Can You Feel It) [add]
02. Stand up and Dance With Me [add]
03. Not Guilty [add]
04. God Is Watching You [add]
05. Little Bit of Love [add]
06. Hang on (To Yourself) [add]
07. Knuckle Head Funkin' [add]
08. Thinking of You [add]
09. Silly Grin [add]

The Gap Band II (1979) 01. Steppin' (Out) [add]
02. No Hiding Place [add]
03. I Don't Believe You Want to Get up and Dance (Oops!) [add]
04. Who Do You Call [add]
05. You Are My High [add]
06. Party Lights [add]
07. The Boys Are Back in Town [add]

The Gap Band [1979] (1979) 01. Shake [add]
02. You Can Count on Me [add]
03. Open up Your Mind (Wide) [add]
04. Messin' With My Mind [add]
05. Baby Baba Boogie [add]
06. I'm in Love [add]
07. Got to Get Away [add]
08. I Can Sing [add]

The Gap Band III (1980) 01. When I Look in Your Eyes [add]
02. Yearning for Your Love [add]
03. Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) [add]
04. Nothin' Comes to Sleepers [add]
05. Are You Living [add]
06. Sweet Caroline [add]
07. Humpin' [add]
08. The Way [add]
09. Gash Gash Gash [add]

Gap Band IV (1982) 01. Early in the Morning [add]
02. Season's No Reason to Change [add]
03. Lonely Like Me [add]
04. Outstanding [add]
05. Stay With Me [add]
06. You Dropped a Bomb on Me [add]
07. I Can't Get over You [add]
08. Talkin' Back [add]

Gap Band V: Jammin' (1983) 01. Introduction -- Where Are We Going? [instrumental] [add]
02. Shake a Leg [add]
03. I'm Ready (If You're Ready) [add]
04. You're My Everything [add]
05. Jammin' in America [add]
06. Smile [add]
07. Party Train [add]
08. Jam the Motha [add]
09. I Expect More [add]
10. You're Something Special [add]
11. Someday [add]

The Gap Band VI (1985) 01. The Sun Don't Shine Everyday (Instr. Interlude) [add]
02. Video Junkie [add]
03. Weak Spot [add]
04. The Sun Don't Shine Everyday (Instr. Interlude) [add]
05. I Believe [add]
06. I Found My Baby [add]
07. Beep a Freak [add]
08. Don't You Leave Me [add]
09. Disrespect [add]
10. The Sun Don't Shine Every Day (Vocal) [add]

The Gap Band VIII (1987) 01. Big Fun [add]
02. I Can't Live Without Your Love [add]
03. Get Loose, Get Funky [add]
04. Don't Take It Away [add]
05. Going in Circles [add]
06. Keep Holding On [add]
07. I'll Always Love You [add]
08. Bop-B-Da-B-Da-Da [add]
09. I Owe It to Myself [add]

Straight from the Heart (1988) 01. Come and Dance [add]
02. Sweeter Than Candy [add]
03. All the Way Yours [add]
04. I'm So Satisfied [add]
05. Straight from the Heart [add]
06. That's It, I Quit [add]
07. You Told Me That [add]
08. I Will Never Leave You [add]

Testimony (1994) 01. Testimony [add]
02. Confess Your Love [add]
03. Come into My Love Life [add]
04. Outside Looking In [add]
05. Gap's Jam [add]
06. Based on G.A.P. [add]
07. Everybody Knows [add]
08. I Can Make You Dance [add]
09. Gimme Lovin' Everyday [add]
10. Funky Bass Man [add]

Ain't Nothing But a Party (1995) 01. Where's My Glasses? [add]
02. First Lover [add]
03. Closin' the G.A.P. [add]
04. Got It Goin' On [add]
05. You Dropped a Bomb on Me [The Remix] [add]
06. Love at Your Fingertips [add]
07. Shake Dat Booty [add]
08. Here We Go [add]
09. Over the Funkin' Hill [Featuring George Clinton] [add]
10. Closin' the G.A.P. [Extended Club Edit] [add]
11. Why You Wanna Funk Around [add]
12. Got It Goin' On, Pt. II [add]

Live & Well (1996) 01. Intro [add]
02. Gap Band Party [add]
03. Wide [add]
04. Oops Upside Your Head [add]
05. Outstanding [add]
06. Humpin' [add]
07. No Hiding Place [add]
08. Burn Rubber (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) [add]
09. Gotta Get Up [add]
10. Early in the Morning [add]
11. Party Train [add]
12. Drop the Bomb [add]
13. Yearning for Your Love [add]
14. Yearning (Reprise) [Shooby Doo Mix] [add]
15. Mega Mix [Gotta Get Up Mix] [add]

Y2K: Funkin' Till 2000 Comz (1999) 01. Funkin' Till 2000 Comz [add]
02. Baby I Remember Your Face [add]
03. Good Old Fashion Lovin' [add]
04. Untouchable [add]
05. Scandalous [add]
06. No Color Lines [add]
07. Messin With My Flow [add]
08. For the People [add]
09. Style & Grace [add]
10. Otta Be Like This [add]
11. Good Old Fashion Lovin' [*] [add]
12. Funkin' Till 2000 Comz [Millennium Mix] [add]

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