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Meantraitors lyrics
Genre: Rock
Guts for Sale (2000) 01. We Sleep Quiet [add]
02. Guts for Sale [add]
03. We're Going Wild Tonight [add]
04. Followin' the Female [add]
05. No Future Yet [add]
06. Hitch-Hiking Tyro [add]
07. Boys Will Be Boys [add]
08. Only Fighter [add]
09. Mr. Spanker Is Still Not a Wanker [add]
10. Living in the Tank [add]
11. Enough to Scare [add]
12. These Eyes Don't Lie [add]
13. I'm Frightenly Mad Again [add]
14. Bear's Blues [add]

Titanic Music (2002) 01. Titanic [add]
02. Cranky Fool [add]
03. Handshake of the Zombie [add]
04. Possibility of the Treason [add]
05. I Make House [add]
06. Frenzied Train [add]
07. I Remember [add]
08. Sleepin' Flower [add]
09. Freeze Man [add]
10. Subscription to Be Mad [add]
11. Sinner's Dance [add]
12. I So Only Think [add]
13. Witchbarber [add]
14. Last Chance [add]
15. Moonlight [add]
16. Happy New Year [add]
17. Long Legs Baby [add]
18. Crush of the Creepers [add]
19. Amber [add]
20. Wild Thing [add]

Meantraitors from Psychobilly Land (2003) 01. Toothache [add]
02. Black Hole [add]
03. I Sit in Bad Company [add]
04. If You Want Jump [add]
05. Nobleman [add]
06. In Dark Little Side Streets [add]
07. Broken Nail [add]
08. In Our Mad Country [add]
09. When I Lose [add]
10. Meantraitors from Psychobilly Land [add]
11. I Wake Up in Garden [add]
12. Evil Powers Around My Mind [add]
13. Radioactive Tan [add]
14. We Fly Together Fly My Life [add]
15. In Your Sky [add]
16. And Why You Cry in Time Breakdown [add]
17. Ready Teddy [Mutant Version] [add]
18. Greatest Mission [add]
19. Be Clean [add]
20. 50th Years Are Go [add]

Welcome to Palermo (2003) 01. Welcome to Palermo [add]
02. Let's Kill the Junkie, Let's Kill the **Y [add]
03. 32nd Day of May [add]
04. Way to the End [add]
05. Child of Nightmare [add]
06. Robbers of the Corps [add]
07. Impudence - 2nd Happiness [add]
08. Bumper [add]
09. My Best and Single Friend [add]
10. Black Hole [add]
11. Enemy [add]
12. More Petrol for Fealess Airton Senna [add]
13. 5th Column [add]
14. Stupid Witch (Love, Fears and Tears Are Not for Monsters of Hell) [add]

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