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Con Funk Shun lyrics
Genre: R&B
Organized Con Funk Shun (1973) 01. Time [add]
02. Get Down with It [add]
03. Do You Really Know What Love Is For [add]
04. Sho' Feels Good to Me [add]
05. Love in Me [add]
06. Seascape [add]
07. Funky Things on Your Mind [add]

The Memphis Sessions (1973) 01. Con-Funk-Shun, Con-Funk-Shun [add]
02. Funk (Do It for Yourself) [add]
03. Lonesome Highway [add]
04. Another World [add]
05. The Way It Should Be (Felton's Song) [add]
06. You Sure Love to Ball [add]
07. Without Your Love [add]
08. Discovery [add]

Con-Funk-Shun (1976) 01. Music Is the Way [add]
02. Tell Me That You Like It [add]
03. Never Be the Same [add]
04. Owe It to Myself [add]
05. Foley Park [add]
06. Nothing to Lose by Trying [add]
07. Forever Just Ain't Long Enough [add]
08. Another World [add]
09. Sho' Feels Good to Me [add]

Secrets (1977) 01. DooWhaChaWannaDoo [add]
02. Who Has the Time [add]
03. Indian Summer Love (Interlude) [add]
04. Tears in My Eyes [add]
05. Ffun [add]
06. Secrets [add]
07. ConFunkShunizeYa [add]
08. I'll Set You Out O.K. [add]
09. Indian Summer Love [instrumental] [add]

Loveshine (1978) 01. So Easy [add]
02. Magic Woman [add]
03. Shake and Dance With Me lyrics
04. Make It Last [add]
05. Love Shine [add]
06. When the Feeling's Right [add]
07. I Think I Found the Answer [add]
08. Wanna Be There [add]
09. Can't Go Away [add]

Spirit of Love (1980) 01. Got to Be Enough [add]
02. By Your Side [add]
03. Curtain Call [add]
04. Early Morning Sunshine [add]
05. Spirit of Love [add]
06. Happy Face [add]
07. All Up to You [add]
08. Juicy [add]
09. Honey Wild [add]
10. Lovestruck 1980 [add]

Touch (1980) 01. Too Tight [add]
02. Lady's Wild [add]
03. Give Your Love to Me [add]
04. Pride and Glory [add]
05. Kidnapped [add]
06. Welcome Back to Love [add]
07. Touch lyrics
08. Can't Say Goodbye [add]
09. Play Widit [add]

Con Funk Shun 7 (1981) 01. Bad Lady [add]
02. I'll Get You Back [add]
03. Body Lovers [add]
04. Promise You Love [add]
05. If You're in Need of Love [add]
06. Straight from the Heart [add]
07. A Song for You [add]
08. California I [add]

To the Max (1983) 01. Got the Body [add]
02. Let's Ride and Slide [add]
03. Everlove [add]
04. Hide and Freak [add]
05. You Are the One lyrics
06. Take It to the Max [add]
07. Love's Train [add]
08. Ain't Nobody, Baby [add]
09. The Freak [add]

Fever (1984) 01. Can You Feel the Groove Tonight [add]
02. Indiscreet Sweet [add]
03. Baby I'm Hooked (Right into Your Love) [add]
04. Thinking About You, Baby [add]
05. Don't Let Your Love Grow Cold [add]
06. Lovin' Fever [add]
07. Hard Lovin' [add]
08. If I'm Your Lover [add]

Electric Lady (1985) 01. Turn the Music Up [add]
02. Rock It All Night [add]
03. I'm Leaving Baby [add]
04. Tell Me What You're Gonna Do [add]
05. Electric Lady [add]
06. Don't Go [add]
07. Circle of Love [add]
08. Pretty Lady [add]

Live for Ya Ass (1996) 01. Ffun (Intro) [add]
02. Chase Me [add]
03. Shake and Dance With Me lyrics
04. (Let Me Put) Love on Your Mind [add]
05. I'm Leaving Baby [add]
06. Too Tight [add]
07. Straight from the Heart [add]
08. Baby I'm Hooked (Right into Your Love) [add]
09. By Your Side [add]
10. Love's Train [add]
11. Ffun [add]
12. Throw It up, Throw It Up [add]
13. Head to Toe [add]
14. Mega-Mix [add]

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