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Brody's Militia lyrics
Genre: Rock
Widespread Bloodshed/Brody's Militia (2003) 01. Hard Candy Cock [add]
02. Conflict Religion [add]
03. War Aesthetic [add]
04. Ghoul [add]
05. Brain Dead [add]
06. Let Them Eat Slogans [add]
07. Into Extinction [add]
08. Deserved Results [add]
09. Critical Human Condition [add]
10. Worldwide Genocide [add]
11. Commit Suicide [add]
12. Scene Drop-Out [add]
13. Revenge [add]
14. Emoslaughter [add]
15. Give Me One Good Reason [add]
16. Campaigning for the Destruction of Emo [add]
17. Leave Me Alone [add]
18. We're the Enemy [add]
19. Just a Fucking Hype [add]
20. Eat Shit for Jesus [add]
21. Shockwaves [add]
22. Friday 13th [add]
23. Call It What You Want [add]
24. Out of Control [add]
25. Psychoward 214 [add]
26. Sasquatch [add]
27. The End [add]
28. Addicted to Boredom [add]
29. Rejected (By the Scene) [add]
30. Computer Jugend [add]
31. No Sense [add]
32. Darkness Descends [add]
33. Chemtrails [add]
34. Weapons of Mass-Deception [add]
35. No Mercy [add]
36. Voices of the Dead [add]

The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre (2005) 01. Fucked from the Get-Go [add]
02. Latte Culture [add]
03. Mundane Existence [add]
04. Full Throttle Catastrophe [add]
05. Still Don't Give a Fuck [add]
06. Unmarked Grave [add]
07. Demonized [add]
08. Sheep in Wolves' Clothing [add]
09. This Round's on Me [add]
10. Hurrah for Humanity [add]
11. Open Sewer [add]
12. Bourbon Assault [add]
13. Geek Behind the Curtain [add]
14. Daisy Cutter [add]
15. A Moment of Silence [add]
16. Daily Life of the Living Dead [add]
17. Another Fucking Liar [add]
18. Walking on Eggshells [add]
19. Choke on It [add]
20. Benevolent Butcher [add]
21. Skull Collector [add]
22. Mossberg Boogie [instrumental] [add]
23. The Appalachian Twelve Gauge Massacre [add]
24. Thin Skin & Virgin Ears [add]
25. Sham Campaign [add]
26. White Flight in the Hour of Chaos [add]
27. Invader Number One Must Die [add]

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