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Wes Homner lyrics
Genre: Country
Songs from an Old Fashioned Tradition (1997) 01. When Gabriel Blows His Horn [add]
02. At Calvary [add]
03. Blood-Stained Trail [add]
04. Get a Little Love [add]
05. I Must Tell Jesus [add]
06. Jonah [add]
07. When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder [add]
08. Keeley Wood [add]
09. Are You Washed in the Blood [add]
10. Let Me Fly Home [add]
11. Stand [add]
12. He Leadeth Me [add]

Higher Ground (2000) 01. I'm Movin' on Up [add]
02. Leading Me Home [add]
03. Higher Ground [add]
04. On That Day [add]
05. The Weapon of Prayer [add]
06. Nebuchadnezzar [add]
07. Feet of the Traveller [add]
08. Get Down on Your Knees [add]
09. House of Gold [add]
10. God Will Never Change [add]
11. Make Me a Light [add]
12. Jesus Will Lighten Your Heavy Load [add]
13. Soon I'll Rest [add]
14. The Old Church Yard [add]

Church House Singin' & Parlor Pickin' (2005) 01. Little Mountain Church House [add]
02. Glory to His Name [add]
03. Amazing Grace [add]
04. Where the Soul of Man Never Dies [add]
05. O How I Love Jesus [add]
06. Sweet By and By [add]
07. Come Thou Fount [add]
08. Jesus Savior, Pilot Me [add]
09. Tell Me the Story of Jesus [add]
10. He Wills That I Should Holy Be [add]

From the Heart (2005) 01. Wayfaring Stranger [add]
02. Our Only Hope Is Heaven [add]
03. Jesus Is Reigning [add]
04. From the Heart [add]
05. I Am a Stranger Here Below [add]
06. Family Worship [add]
07. His Name Is Jesus [add]
08. Show Pity Lord [add]
09. Farther Along [add]
10. Why Did You Leave Me Papa [add]

The Land Above (2005) 01. Coming Down [add]
02. Thank You Lord [add]
03. The Land Above [add]
04. Rock Me Gently [add]
05. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms [add]
06. Always There [add]
07. I'm Going Home [add]
08. Look to God and Pray [add]
09. Dividing Line [add]
10. Farther Along [add]
11. Angel Band [add]
12. It Won't Be Long Now [add]

Therapy Session (2005) 01. Palms of Victory [add]
02. Waiting for a Train [add]
03. Cool Georgia Clay [add]
04. Jesus Bought Me [add]
05. Take Me Back [add]
06. Singing Hallelujah [add]
07. Parting Hand [add]
08. Delta Queen [add]
09. Hobo's Lullaby [add]
10. Lost River [add]

It Won't Be Long Now (2005) 01. Coming Down [add]
02. Angel Band [add]
03. Always There [add]
04. Lord How Delightful [add]
05. The Darkest Hour [add]
06. Thank You Lord [add]
07. Dividing Line [add]
08. Leaning on Jesus [add]
09. Rock Me Gently [add]
10. Jesus Bought Me [add]
11. It Won't Be Long Now [add]
12. The Dying Saint [add]
13. The Power of God [add]
14. On the Other Side [add]

Remembrance (2005) 01. Pass Me Not [add]
02. My Shepherd Is God [add]
03. Hungry and Faint [add]
04. Look to God and Pray [add]
05. I'm Going Home [add]
06. Sing Me to Sleep [add]
07. He Is My Savior [add]
08. That Dreadful Night [add]
09. The Land Above [add]
10. The Old Church Yard [add]

The Old School (2005) 01. Something's Going On [add]
02. Old Fashioned Men [add]
03. The Old School [add]
04. Silent Cry [add]
05. When Jesus Takes Me Home [add]
06. Mama's Favorite Book [add]
07. Jesus Is the Rock [add]
08. Follow the Light [add]
09. A Better Home [add]
10. He'll Get Me Through the Storm [add]
11. In His Hands [add]
12. What a Friend [add]
13. Why Me [add]
14. Take Me Back [add]
15. Another Sunday Morning [add]
16. Oh What a Change [add]
17. The Master's Hand [add]
18. Forbidden Ground [add]

Country Blue (2006) 01. We're Too Young to Let Our Old Love Die [add]
02. No Hero's Anymore [add]
03. The Lord's Prayer [add]
04. Pennsylvania [add]
05. New York Nights [add]
06. He Leadeth Me [add]
07. Wishful Thinking [add]
08. Time Never Waits [add]
09. Save the Farm [add]
10. 'Till I Can Find Love Again [add]

New York Nights & Tennesse Dreams (2006) 01. Ode to Davie [add]
02. New York Nights [add]
03. Georgia on My Mind [add]
04. Stand by Me [add]
05. Summertime [add]
06. The Lord's Prayer [add]
07. Then You Can Tell Me Goodby [add]
08. The Old School [add]
09. We're Too Young to Let Our Old Love Die [add]
10. I'll Drown in My Tears [add]
11. You've Come a Long Way Baby [add]

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