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Jacilyn Music lyrics
Genre: Country
Holiday Songs & Songs for Children (1992) 01. Happy New Year [add]
02. My Kind of Valentine [add]
03. George Washington's Birthday [add]
04. Easter Egg Hunt [add]
05. My Mother [add]
06. Our Flag [add]
07. Dad [add]
08. Independence Day [add]
09. Hangin' Out [add]
10. Halloween Night [add]
11. Gettin' Ready [add]
12. Money Tree [add]
13. My Snake Jake [add]
14. Time for Bed [add]
15. I Need a Hug [add]
16. Hi Lo [add]
17. Turtle [add]
18. Everybody Picks on ME [add]
19. Doodle Bug [add]
20. Bye Bye Butterfly [add]
21. Joe Wheeler [add]
22. Freddy the Fiddling Frog [add]
23. Secret Note [add]
24. Laughing Song [add]

Give God the Pieces (1998) 01. Give God the Pieces [add]
02. What Have I Done [add]
03. Life's a School [add]
04. Cain and Able [add]
05. Just Say Yes [add]
06. Book of Life [add]
07. You Are There [add]
08. Bumping into God [add]
09. God Can [add]
10. When He Calls Your Name [add]
11. If You Can [add]
12. Dreaming of Heaven [add]

Frances and Friends (2000) 01. Look at Me [add]
02. Right Side Up [add]
03. Feeling So Good [add]
04. There's Someone [add]
05. Walk With Me Jesus [add]
06. Because He Stands by Me [add]
07. One Life [add]
08. You Wanta Go to Heaven [add]
09. He Gave Me You [add]
10. Back on Track [add]

Santa's Helpers (2000) 01. Calling Santa [add]
02. Ezra's Walking Out [add]
03. Money Tree [add]
04. Ollie (The Oldest Ornament) [add]
05. Baby Sister [add]
06. Christmas Stocking [add]
07. Santa's Helpers [add]
08. My Piano [add]
09. Yellow Kazoo [add]
10. Christmas Time [add]

Coming Home (2001) 01. Coming Home [add]
02. I Learned It from You [add]
03. Take ME Back [add]
04. I Can't Get You Out of My Heart [add]
05. When She Hollars Froggy I Jump [add]
06. Learn to Live a Lie [add]
07. Mister Nobody [add]
08. Baby You're Too Much [add]
09. Turkey Wing Fan [add]
10. That's the Way It Goes [add]

Smiles and Tears (2002) 01. Truth in Advertising [add]
02. Sick of the Sixties [add]
03. Company's Coming Today [add]
04. You Won't Go Away [add]
05. Chewing Chewing Gum [add]
06. Enough Time With You [add]
07. Misery for Sale [add]
08. Nobody Cared [add]
09. World of Blues [add]
10. The Tears of Angels [add]

My Father's Looking After ME (2004) 01. My Father's Looking After Me [add]
02. Sweet Jesus [add]
03. Old Man in the Snow [add]
04. Mighty Man of God [add]
05. That's All I Want [add]
06. He Died for Me [add]
07. No Cross [add]
08. He Knows My Name [add]
09. He's the Light [add]
10. I Want to See Jesus [add]

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