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Genre: Country
Special Songs for Kids (1995) 01. Sittin' in the Corner [add]
02. There's a Snow [add]
03. Dance Hall Queen [add]
04. What If [add]
05. Game Name [add]
06. Animals Can Sing [add]
07. My How You've Grown [add]
08. Mailbox [add]
09. Play Baseball With Ease [add]
10. I'm a Skunk [add]
11. How Come You'r'e a Bum [add]
12. Birthday Party [add]

Beautiful Memory (2000) 01. Beautiful Memory [add]
02. Cherrie [add]
03. There Will Come a Time [add]
04. Just the Thought [add]
05. I Didn't Know [add]
06. Bill [add]
07. Is There Another Way [add]
08. Angelina [add]
09. Out of My Mind [add]
10. I'd Wish [add]

Mortimer Claus (2000) 01. Mortimer Claus [add]
02. Hanging Memories on the Tree [add]
03. Christmas Candy [add]
04. Okie Dokie [add]
05. Get What You Want for Christmas [add]
06. Peeking Percy [add]

Show Us the Way (2002) 01. Show Us the Way [add]
02. The Storm [add]
03. When Life Begins [add]
04. Waiting for a Miracle [add]
05. Holding on to Jesus [add]
06. Yes I Can [add]
07. I Have It All [add]
08. The Well of God's Blessings [add]
09. Be Silent [add]
10. He Will Be There [add]

I Promise to Love You (2004) 01. I Promise to Love You [add]
02. Earth Shakin', Dream Makin', Vow Breakin', Heart Achin' Love [add]
03. Things I Can't Throw Away [add]
04. Should I Be Good [add]
05. Don't Hold Your Breath [add]
06. J.D. the Hood [add]
07. I Love What You Do to Me [add]
08. I Like the Sound of That [add]
09. I Wanted to Go There With You [add]
10. Over You [add]

Tennessee Moon (2004) 01. Tennessee Moon [add]
02. I Didn't Plan It This Way [add]
03. Honky Tonk Music [add]
04. When Love Goes Wrong [add]
05. Sand of Memory [add]
06. Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right [add]
07. Lonely City [add]
08. Out of Sight [add]
09. Big Wind [add]
10. Devil in Disguise [add]

Why Did You Walk Away (2004) 01. Why Did You Walk Away [add]
02. A Loser's Rule [add]
03. Doin' the Rockin' Chair [add]
04. Not a Chance [add]
05. You Got Me Where You Want Me [add]
06. Good as New [add]
07. I Knew It Wouldn't Do [add]
08. One for You and One for Me [add]
09. You're Not My Baby Anymore [add]
10. You're the Only One for Me [add]

Songs for Children, Vol. 1 (2005) 01. Piano Lessons [add]
02. Maurice the Monkey [add]
03. Do They Have Green Beans in Heaven [add]
04. Poor Fuzzy [add]
05. The Rhyming Song [add]
06. No School [add]
07. Mean Little Kitty Kat [add]
08. Ollie (The Oldest Ornament) [add]
09. If Santa Should Find out About You [add]
10. Yellow Kazoo [add]

Songs for Children, Vol. 2 (2005) 01. Curley Little Worm [add]
02. Uncle Bart [add]
03. My Dog at My Homework [add]
04. The Grocery Store [add]
05. Yahootie [add]
06. Say Goodbye [add]
07. Big Red [add]
08. Amos [add]
09. Backward Song [add]
10. Mouse Named Mark [add]
11. The Circus [add]
12. Feet [add]

Through My Eyes (2006) 01. Through My Eyes [add]
02. My Sweetie and Me [add]
03. Calling You from Heaven [add]
04. Caught Red Handed [add]
05. See My Tears [add]
06. Now and Then [add]
07. Kissing Is Here to Stay [add]
08. I'm Not Gonna Love You Anymore [add]
09. I Like You Being You [add]
10. Marry in Green [add]

My Main Squeeze (2006) 01. My Main Squeeze [add]
02. Gotta Do Something About You [add]
03. Just for Today [add]
04. Every Woman to Her Own Thing [add]
05. My Dreams Have All Come True [add]
06. I Haven't Had Any Complaints [add]
07. Just the Thought [add]
08. What Have I Got to Lose [add]
09. Make an Exception [add]
10. Stop Diggin' [add]

Feeling So Good (2006) 01. Feeling So Good [add]
02. So Far Today [add]
03. Personal Savior [add]
04. Walk with Me Jesus [add]
05. I Believe I Believe [add]
06. Whisper His Name [add]
07. He'll Come and Get You [add]
08. Good Enough for Jesus [add]
09. Is Your Name Written Down [add]
10. Why Do You Wait [add]

County Fair (2006) 01. County Fair [add]
02. Lullaby of Love [add]
03. Out of Sight [add]
04. Our Little Secret [add]
05. My Happiness Is Coming Home [add]
06. Before It's Lost [add]
07. Before You Decide [add]
08. Between You and Me [add]
09. I Suppose [add]
10. Whats My World Coming To [add]

Out of the Blue (2006) 01. Out of the Blue [add]
02. How Wrong I Can Be [add]
03. Why Should Your Conscience Bother Me [add]
04. I Know You Baby [add]
05. Don't Be Fooled [add]
06. I Wouldn't Have Missed It [add]
07. Driving You out of My Mind [add]
08. Make Me Know You're Mine [add]
09. Turn Backward [add]
10. I'm Fooling Everybody But Me [add]

Names, Vol. 1 (2007) 01. Bill [add]
02. Kate [add]
03. Dan [add]
04. Chad [add]
05. Cherrie [add]
06. Alan [add]
07. Angelina [add]
08. Glen [add]
09. Nancy [add]
10. Linda [add]

Names, Vol. 2 (2007) 01. Charlie [add]
02. Jane [add]
03. Jason [add]
04. Shelly [add]
05. Melissa [add]
06. Ben [add]
07. Sarah [add]
08. Murray [add]
09. Jenny Lynn [add]
10. Richard [add]

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