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The Brand New Heavies lyrics
Genre: R&B
The Brand New Heavies (1992) 01. BNH [add]
02. Dream Come True [add]
03. People Get Ready [add]
04. Never Stop [add]
05. Put the Funk Back in It [add]
06. Gimme One of Those [add]
07. Ride in the Sky [add]
08. Sphynx [add]
09. Stay This Way [add]
10. Shake Down [add]

Heavy Rhyme Experience, Vol. 1 (1992) 01. Bonafied Funk [add]
02. It's Gettin' Hectic [add]
03. Who Makes the Loot? [add]
04. Wake Me When I'm Dead [add]
05. Jump N' Move [add]
06. Death Threat [add]
07. State of Yo [add]
08. Do Whatta I Gotta Do [add]
09. Whatgabouthat [add]
10. Soul Flower [add]

Brother Sister (1994) 01. Have a Good Time [add]
02. Brother Sister [add]
03. Dream on Dreamer [add]
04. Ten Ton Take [add]
05. Mind Trips [add]
06. Fake [add]
07. Spend Some Time [add]
08. Los Burritos [add]
09. Back to Love [add]
10. Snake Hips [add]
11. Keep Together [add]
12. People Giving Love [add]
13. Forever [add]
14. Day Break [add]

The Brand New Heavies: Original Flava (1995) 01. Rest of Me [add]
02. Put Yourself in My Shoes [add]
03. Reality [add]
04. Country Funkin' [add]
05. Got to Give [add]
06. Mother's Tongue [add]
07. Dream Come True [add]
08. Never Stop [add]
09. Headhunters [add]
10. A Day at the Seaside [add]

Shelter (1997) 01. I Like It [add]
02. Sometimes [add]
03. Shelter [add]
04. Crying Water [add]
05. Day by Day [add]
06. Feels Like Right [add]
07. Highest High [add]
08. You Are the Universe [add]
09. Stay Gone [add]
10. Once Is Twice Enough [add]
11. You Can Do It [add]
12. After Forever [add]
13. Last to Know [add]

We Won't Stop (2004) 01. Intro [add]
02. Paarty [add]
03. Don't Call Me Foolish [add]
04. Respect [add]
05. What Do You Take Me For? [add]
06. We Won't Stop [add]
07. Bling Bling [add]
08. The Rhythm Is [add]
09. Love Is... [add]
10. Music [add]
11. Do You Wanna Fly? [add]
12. Rise [add]

All About the Funk (2004) 01. Boogie [add]
02. Need Some More [add]
03. Waste My Time [add]
04. Keep on Shining [add]
05. What Do You Take Me For? [add]
06. Surrender [add]
07. Many Rivers to Cross [add]
08. How Do You Think [add]
09. Every Time We Turn It Up [add]
10. It Could Be Me [add]
11. I Feel Right [add]
12. How We Do This [add]

Get Used to It (2006) 01. We've Got [add]
02. I Don't Know Why (I Love You) [add]
03. Get Used to It [add]
04. Sex God [add]
05. Let's Do It Again [add]
06. We Won't Stop [add]
07. Right On [add]
08. Music [add]
09. I Just Realized [add]
10. All Fired Up [add]
11. Love Is [add]
12. I've Been Touched [add]

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