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Hans Reichel lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
The Dawn of Dachsman...Plus (0000) 01. Waiting [add]
02. The Dawn of Dachsman [add]
03. Playing the Table Music [add]
04. An Old Friend Passes by [add]
05. Thinking [add]
06. Dachsman in Berlin [add]
07. Dachsman Meets the Blues [add]
08. Watching the Shades [add]
09. Ymir Shows Up [add]
10. Return of the Knodler Show [add]
11. Forgotten [add]
12. An Old Friend Passes by Again [add]
13. Yo [add]
14. Smoking [add]
15. Dachsman in Berlin [add]
16. Playing the Table Music [add]
17. The Dawn of Dachsman [add]
18. Undentified Dancing Object [add]
19. Watching the Shades [add]
20. Dachsman Meets the Blues [add]
21. Could Be Nice [add]
22. Something East [add]
23. Waiting [add]

Angel Carver: Live in Milwaukee and Chicago, 1988 (0000) 01. Rest up Premonitions [add]
02. Miracles, to Boot [add]
03. New Neighbors [add]
04. Invitations to Dance [add]

Coco Bolo Nights (0000) 01. Hinterheinz [add]
02. The Frogs of Miwa-Cho [add]
03. Born to Be Mild [add]
04. Coco Bolo Strip [add]
05. A Poor Man Must Watch Out [add]
06. Little Stick, Western Bullship [add]
07. Peace and Pipe Utopia [add]
08. Alien Nipples [add]
09. Bonobo Beach [add]
10. Locusts Looking Like Men [add]
11. Ox of Inner Depth [add]
12. No Stove [add]
13. A Poor Man Must Watch Out [add]
14. Coco Bolo Strip [add]
15. Born to Be Mild [add]
16. The Frogs of Miwa-Cho [add]
17. Hinterhans [add]

Buben (1978) 01. First Aid [add]
02. Moon Over Wichlinghausen [add]
03. Bubenziehen [add]
04. Beneath the Future [add]
05. Kant 7 [add]
06. Tinka [add]
07. Tentacles, To Boot [add]
08. Fettwalzer [add]
09. Nicht Die Falsche Dame Dr?cken [add]
10. The Truth About A-Minor [add]
11. Berlin [add]
12. Buben [add]
13. Rollo und Bedeutung [add]
14. Kipper Kids [add]
15. Der Erica [add]
16. Quiet Land [add]
17. Kickern Mit Manne [add]
18. Damen [add]
19. Wuppertal, Wuppertal [add]
20. The Elk [add]
21. Gernebreit [add]
22. Pick-Pick Elisabeth [add]
23. The Last Beef Contract [add]
24. Vande Vannet [add]

Death of the Rare Bird Ymir (1979) 01. Good Days [add]
02. The Call [I] [add]
03. The Flight [add]
04. The Dream [add]
05. The Call [II] [add]
06. The Death of the Rare Bird Ymir [add]

Bonobo Beach (1981) 01. Southern Monologue [add]
02. Bonobo Beach (II) [add]
03. Could Be Nice [add]
04. Two Small Pieces Announced by a Cigar Box [add]
05. Bonobo Beach (I) [add]
06. Could Be Nice Too [add]

Stop Complaining/Sundown (1990) 01. Section I [add]
02. Section II [add]
03. Section III [add]
04. Section IV [add]
05. Section V [add]
06. Section VI [add]
07. Section VII [add]
08. Section VIII [add]
09. Section IX [add]
10. Sundown [add]

Shanghaied on Tor Road: The World's 1st Operetta Performed... (1992) 01. Give Me Money [add]
02. Shanghaied on Tor Road [add]
03. Prelude to Alleycats Never Complain [add]
04. Der Tunnelwart (Big Lulem) [add]
05. Machines Make Me Happy [add]
06. It's a Bit Churchillian [add]
07. Death Bringer Upon Common Violets etc. [add]
08. Welcome W?rgl Waltz [add]
09. The Unprecedented Crimes of Mbroruk [add]
10. Hi [add]
11. A Rare Case of Dalbergia Cochinchinensis [add]
12. Panne Lieb [add]
13. Sentidental Energy [add]
14. Reunite and Shut Up [add]
15. Lulem (Der Kleine Tunnelwart) [add]
16. No Way to Hide [add]
17. Py and The Jamas [add]
18. Shanghaied on Tor Road (2) [add]

Lower Lurum (1995) 01. Upper Larum [add]
02. Prelude to "Onkel Boskopp" [II] [add]
03. Jealousy and Goodness [add]
04. ...Continued [add]
05. Melmoth the Wanderer [add]
06. For Those Who Love Propellers [add]
07. The Little Waltz [add]
08. Mr. and Mrs. Alcohol [add]
09. I Want You to Be Happy [add]
10. A Mission That Failed [add]
11. Good That We Have Guitar Players [add]
12. Please Let Me Be Your Message [add]
13. In Harmony With Henry the Horse [add]
14. Dining Out at the Shivering Szechuan [add]
15. Feeding the Hans Who Laughs [add]
16. Arrival of the Midnight Queen [add]
17. Prelude to "Onkel Boskopp" [version] [add]
18. Hohou Speaks [add]
19. Telling the Truth About K Minor [add]
20. Innocence Not Permitted in This Area [add]
21. Bap and The Tists [add]
22. You May Leave a Cheque [add]
23. We've Deserved Some Sweets, But [add]
24. Bad Teeth in Marlboro Country [add]
25. Prelude to "Onkel Boskopp" [I] [add]
26. Dating at the Upper Lurum [add]
27. Lower Lurum [add]

The Return of Onkel Boskopp (1998) 01. Old Bones [add]
02. Grey Brother [add]
03. Sari's Waltz [add]
04. Onkel Boskopp [add]
05. Hallo Heinz [add]
06. Hattnatten [add]
07. The Kn?dler Show [add]
08. Little Waltz [add]
09. Fancy Blue [add]

Yuxo: A New Daxophone Operetta (2002) 01. The Duke of Syracuse [add]
02. A Life Without Lychees [add]
03. You Can Dance With Me [add]
04. Bubu and His Friends [add]
05. Oway Oway [add]
06. Out of Namakemono [add]
07. Death Procession [add]
08. Street Song [add]
09. My Haunted House [add]
10. Le Bal [New Version] [add]
11. Sometimes at Night [add]
12. The South Coast Route [add]
13. Eros vs. Education [add]

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