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Silver Screen Orchestra lyrics
Genre: Easy Listening
Music from the Oscar Winners (1997) 01. Everybody's Talkin' [add]
02. The French Connection [add]
03. The Entertainer [add]
04. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest [add]
05. Cavatina [add]
06. Mandoline Concerto in C Major [add]
07. Chariots of Fire [add]
08. For All Mankind [add]
09. Terms of Endearment [add]
10. The Last Emperor [add]
11. Theme from Rain Man [add]
12. Dances With Wolves [add]
13. Silence of the Lambs [add]
14. Claudia's Theme [add]
15. Schindler's List [add]
16. Theme from Braveheart [add]

Great Western Themes (1997) 01. For a Few Dollars More [add]
02. The Gambler [add]
03. The Good, Bad and the Ugly [add]
04. Hang 'Em High [add]
05. High Noon (Do Not Forsake) [add]
06. How the West Was Won [add]
07. My Name Is Nobody [add]
08. A Man with the Harmonica [add]
09. True Grit [add]
10. The Magnificent Seven [add]
11. A Fistful of Dollars [add]
12. Claudia's Theme [add]
13. The Ballad of the Alamo [add]
14. Streets of Laredo (Cowboys Lament) [add]

Star Tracks (1997) 01. Star Wars Theme [add]
02. The Empire Strikes Back [add]
03. Imperial March [add]
04. Luke & Leia [add]
05. March of the Jedi Knights [add]
06. Yoda's Theme [add]
07. Cantina Band [add]
08. Star Trek [add]
09. The Wrath of Kahn [add]
10. The Search for Spock [add]
11. Star Beyond Time [add]
12. Theme from Battlestar Galactica [add]
13. The Cylon Trap [add]
14. Destruction of Peace [add]
15. The Red Nova [add]
16. Let's Go Home [add]

Alien Choice (1999) 01. Lost in Space [add]
02. Independence Day [add]
03. Theme from Alien [add]
04. Agnus Dei [add]
05. The Eve of the War [add]
06. Forever Autumn [add]
07. Gremlin Rag [add]
08. Theme from Gremlins 2: New Batch [add]
09. Theme from ET [add]
10. Men in Black [add]
11. Little Light of Love [add]
12. I Believe I Can Fly [add]
13. Fly Like an Eagle [add]
14. Space Jam [add]

More Music Inspired by Titanic (1999) 01. Titanic Suite [add]
02. An Irish Party in Third Class [add]
03. Alexander's Ragtime Band [add]
04. The Portrait [add]
05. Jack Dawson's Luck [add]
06. A Building Panic [add]
07. Come Josephine, In My Flying Machine [add]
08. Lament [add]
09. A Shore Never Reached [add]
10. Epilogue: Deep & Timeless Sea [add]

The Spielberg Collection (1999) 01. Hymn to the Fallen [add]
02. Schindler's List [add]
03. Theme from "Jurassic Park" [add]
04. Theme from "Lost World" [add]
05. Theme from "Jaws" [add]
06. Raiders of the Lost Ark [add]
07. Anything Goes [add]
08. Hook Main Title [add]
09. Theme from "E.T." [add]
10. Close Encounters of the Third Kind [add]
11. E.T. Phone Home [add]
12. Twilight Zone Main Title [add]
13. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
14. The Conversation [add]
15. Miss Celie's Blues [add]

Trax Inspired by Star Wars (1999) 01. The Empire Strikes Back [add]
02. Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) [add]
03. The Throne Room [add]
04. The Last Battle [add]
05. The Emperor Confronts Luke [add]
06. At the Court of Jabbe the Hut [add]
07. Cantina Band [add]
08. Parade of the Ewoks [add]
09. Han & Leia [add]
10. Luke & Leia [add]
11. Yoda's Theme [add]
12. Forest Battle [add]
13. March of the Jedi Knights [add]
14. The Empire Strikes Back - Finale [add]
15. Star Wars Disco Mix [add]

Themes from the Golden Age of Radio (2002) 01. Somebody Stole My Gal [add]
02. Knightsbridge [add]
03. Side by Side [add]
04. The Devil's Gallop [add]
05. Hancock's Half Hour [add]
06. Barwick Green [add]
07. It's a Grand Night for Singing [add]
08. Down at the Station [add]
09. Melody in F Major Op. 3/1 [add]
10. In Party Mood [add]
11. Have a Go Joe [add]
12. The Shuffle [add]
13. Soldiers in the Park [add]
14. With a Song in My Heart] [add]
15. Here's to the Next Time [add]
16. Sleepy Lagoon [add]
17. Sing Something Simple [add]
18. Out of the Blue [add]
19. It Is No Secret [add]
20. I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside [add]

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