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David & Steve Gordon lyrics
Genre: New Age
Peaceful Evening (1982) 01. Dusk [add]
02. Changing Hues [add]
03. Under a Painted Sky [add]
04. Amethyst & Amber [add]
05. Deepening [add]
06. Circle of Warmth [add]
07. Night Flyer [add]
08. Gentle Breeze [*] [add]
09. Radiant Sea [*] [add]
10. Healing [*] [add]
11. Evenglow [*] [add]

Oneness (1987) 01. Waves of Bliss, Pt. 1 [add]
02. Plane of Forgiveness, Pt. 1 [add]
03. Waves of Bliss, Pt. 2 [add]
04. Plane of Forgiveness, Pt. 2 [add]

Sanctuary (1990) 01. Sanctuary, Pt. 1: Spectral Gateway/Pillars of Fortune/Precious Water/P [add]
02. Sanctuary, Pt. 2: Secret Sanctuary/Sacred Elixer/Guardians of Peace [add]
03. Sanctuary, Pt. 3: Precious Water (Reprise) [add]
04. Sanctuary, Pt. 3: Sacred Elixer (Reprise) [add]

Garden of Serenity (1992) 01. 1st Movement: Secret Fountain [add]
02. 2nd Movement: Nature Spirits [add]

Music of the Tarot (1993) 01. Major Arcana: The Fool's Journey: The Fool Thru the Lovers/The Chariot [add]
02. Minor Arcana: The Magickal Elements: Wands/Cups/Swords/Disks [add]

Sacred Earth Drums (1994) 01. Prayer for the Four Directions [add]
02. Sunset Ceremony [add]
03. Call of the Medicine Drum [add]
04. Descent to the Lowerworld [add]
05. Dancing for a Vision [add]
06. Power Animals [add]
07. Guardian Spirit [add]
08. Return Journey [add]
09. Sun Rise in Peace [add]

Sacred Spirit Drums (1995) 01. Sunrise Ritual [add]
02. Calling the Sacred Beat [add]
03. Shaman's Dance [add]
04. Path with a Heart [add]
05. Within the Cloud Lodge [add]
06. Spirit Vision [add]
07. Mother Earth, Father Sky [add]
08. Gift of the Eagle [add]
09. Flowering Tree [add]
10. Rainbow Hoop [add]

Garden of Serenity II (1996) 01. Zen Garden, Pt. 1: Stillness of the White Cloud [add]
02. Monet's Garden, Pt. 1: Variations on Reverie [add]
03. Zen Garden, Pt. 2: Soul-Bird in Infinite Blue [add]
04. Monet's Garden, Pt. 2: Further Variations on Reverie [add]

Misty Forest Morning (1997) 01. Out of the Mist [add]
02. Floating Meadow [add]
03. Waterlilly [add]
04. Still Waters [*] [add]
05. Voice of the River [*] [add]
06. Spring of Life [add]
07. ...Into the Light [add]

Drum Medicine (1999) 01. Enter the Sacred [add]
02. Empowered [add]
03. Eagle Dance [add]
04. Ancient Way [add]
05. Thunder Dreamer [add]
06. Reverence [add]
07. Spiritwalk [add]
08. Four Direction Wind [add]
09. Enter the Sacred, Pt. 2 [add]

Heart of Peace (2003) 01. Healing Ocean [add]
02. Flow of Harmony [add]
03. Awakening Peace [add]

Garden of Serenity, Vol. 3 (2004) 01. English Garden Suite: I. Sacred Grove [add]
02. English Garden Suite: II. Peaceful Fountain [add]
03. English Garden Suite: III. Spring of Dreams [add]
04. English Garden Suite: IV. In the Summer House [add]
05. English Garden Suite: V. Breath of Evening [add]
06. English Garden Suite: VI. Secret Pathway [add]
07. Water Garden Suite: I. Reflections [add]
08. Water Garden Suite: II. Flowing Grace [add]
09. Water Garden Suite: III. Mirror Pool [add]

Pillow Music - Natural Deep Sleep (2005) 01. Letting Go of the Day [add]
02. Relaxed and Content [add]
03. Drifting Clouds [add]
04. Gentle Waves [add]
05. Comfortable Feeling [add]
06. Sleep Easy [add]

Soothing Sanctuary (2006) 01. Soothing Sanctuary, Pt.1: Path of Renewal/Serene Oasis/Blissful Waters [add]
02. Soothing Sanctuary, Pt.2: Secret Haven/Tranquil Pool/Glow of ... [add]

Shaman's Vision Journey (2006) 01. East Wind Awaken (Dream Body) [add]
02. South Wind Meeting (Spirit Animal) [add]
03. West Wind Receiving (Sun Blessing) [add]
04. North Wind Renewal (The Upper World) [add]

Chakra Healing Zone (2006) 01. Transformation/Return [add]
02. 1st Chakra/Muladhara [add]
03. 2nd Chakra/Svadhisthana [#] [add]
04. 3rd Chakra/Manipura [#] [add]
05. 4th Chakra/Anahata [add]
06. 5th Chakra/Vishudda [add]
07. 6th Chakra/Ajna [add]
08. 7th Chakra/Sahasrara [#] [add]
09. Transcendence/Kundalini Rising [add]

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