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Genre: New Age
The Standing Stones of Callanish (1988) 01. Chloe's Day [add]
02. Blessed Land [add]
03. The Eye of the Hawks [add]
04. Mist on the Morning Hills [add]
05. The Standing Stones of Callanish [add]
06. The Raven in the Oak Tree [add]
07. The Stag, the Running Stream and the Greenwood [add]
08. Coming of the North Wind [add]
09. Autumn Leaves Fall, One by One [add]
10. A Winter's Story by the Firelight [add]
11. The Leaving [add]
12. Soft Light, Still Water [add]
13. Journey Across the Crystal Sea [add]
14. Remembering [add]

Land of Merlin (1992) 01. Land of Merlin [add]
02. Tintagel [add]
03. The Birth of Arthur [add]
04. The Child Grows [add]
05. Merlin & The Unicorn [add]
06. The Dream of Arthur [add]
07. Perilous & Mystical Journey [add]
08. King, Queen & Castle [add]
09. Greenwood, the Briar & The Rose [add]
10. Farewell to Childhood [add]
11. The Vision [add]

Alhambra (1993) 01. Alhambra [add]
02. Arabesque (Night of the Gypsies) [add]
03. The Court of the Kings [add]
04. Coming of the Moors [add]
05. The Infantas [add]
06. Sirocco [add]
07. Glory of Spain [add]
08. The Garden [add]
09. The Trilogy of the Innocent Ones: Innocenti [add]
10. The Trilogy of the Innocent Ones: Conquistadores [add]
11. The Trilogy of the Innocent Ones: Requiem [add]

Hot Night (1994) 01. Black Bird on a White Sky [add]
02. City of Dreams [add]
03. Burning [add]
04. ISA [add]
05. Island [add]
06. Hot Night [add]
07. Oh, Babe [add]
08. Still of the Night [add]

Celtic Story (1995) 01. First Light [add]
02. Mayday Morning [add]
03. So Fair a Land [add]
04. Children's Song [add]
05. The Deepwood [add]
06. Full Moonrise [add]
07. Promise of the Morning [add]
08. The First Long Boat [add]
09. Song of the Bard [add]
10. Odin's Boat [add]
11. A Celtic Story [add]

Sunday in Autumn (1995) 01. Autumn [add]
02. Sunday Morning [add]
03. First Snowfall [add]
04. Afternoon, the Old Walking Track [add]
05. Evening, Pine Logs on an Open Fire [add]
06. Supper and Wine for One [add]
07. Thinking of You [add]
08. The City, the Bag Lady and the Snow [add]
09. 2 A.M. Street Night Sounds [add]
10. Autumn's End [add]

Nightmusic (1996) 01. Black Bird on a White Sky [add]
02. Nightmusic [add]
03. City of Dreams [add]
04. Don't Go [add]
05. Cruising [add]
06. Skyline [add]
07. Still of the Night [add]

Asia Journey (1997) 01. Asia Dawn [add]
02. Storm over Bali [add]
03. Kintamani [add]
04. Bangkok [add]
05. Nan Hai, South China Sea [add]
06. Kowloon [add]
07. Mist on the Peak [add]
08. Children of Singapore [add]
09. The Golden Temple [add]
10. Singapore Nights [add]

Leaving of Ireland (1999) 01. Shanachie [add]
02. Eirin [add]
03. A Hundred Shades of Green [add]
04. Freeborn Man [add]
05. Hills of Home [add]
06. The Hunger [add]
07. Celtic Cross [add]
08. Kathleen [add]
09. The Leaving of Ireland [add]
10. Dreams of Freedom [add]
11. A New and Blessed Land [add]
12. New World [add]

Quiet Land of Erin (2003) 01. Flower of Magherally [add]
02. Castle of Dromore [add]
03. From Clare to Here [add]
04. I Wish My Love Was a Red Red Rose lyrics
05. Patriot Game [add]
06. Freeborn Man [add]
07. Bright Blue Rose [add]
08. I Wish I Was in England [add]
09. Raglan Road [add]
10. Aisling Gheal [add]

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