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Uncle Bonsai lyrics
Genre: Folk
Lonely Grain of Corn (1984) 01. Suzy [add]
02. Billboard Love [add]
03. One in a Million [add]
04. Day Old Whale [add]
05. Charlie and Me [add]
06. Johnny, It's Downhill from Here [add]
07. He Must Have Been a Genius [add]
08. A Lonely Grain of Corn [add]
09. Fat Boys (A Love Song) [add]
10. Penis Envy [add]

Boys Want Sex in the Morning [live] (1986) 01. Send My Body Home [add]
02. Isaac's Lament [add]
03. In It for the Children [add]
04. I Want a Man [add]
05. Fat Boys [add]
06. Silent Night [add]
07. Don't Put It in Your Mouth [add]
08. Boys Want Sex in the Morning [add]
09. Heartache [add]
10. Billboard Love [add]
11. Lois Lane [add]
12. Cheerleaders on Drugs [add]
13. The Star Spangled Banner [add]

Myn Ynd Wymyn (1987) 01. The Voice of God [add]
02. Men and Women [add]
03. Doug at His Moms [add]
04. Womb for Rent [add]
05. K-Mart [add]
06. Bedroom Eyes [add]
07. Midas Touch [add]
08. Folk Song [add]
09. Family Restaurant [add]
10. Julie Andrews [add]
11. Another Fat Song [add]
12. Takin' the Kids to Disney World [add]
13. Then God Made Malls [add]
14. Me and Mrs. Middle America [add]
15. Big Chihuahau [add]
16. Women With a "Y" (Womyn) [add]
17. Making Fun of Foreigners [add]

Doug [live] (1999) 01. Doug's Birthday Song [add]
02. Doug Goes to Town [add]
03. Doug Gets Married [add]
04. Doug's Divorce, Pt. 2 [add]
05. Doug at His Mom's [add]
06. Doug at the Gates of Hell (Epilogue) [add]
07. Doug's First Job [add]
08. Doug at Home [add]
09. Delilah Gets Married [add]
10. Doug's Divorce: Preamble (Doug and the TV, Pt. 2) [add]
11. Doug Engaged [add]
12. Doug's First Date [add]
13. Doug's Greatest Christmas Ever [add]

Plain Brown Wrapper (1999) 01. Olivia Newton John [add]
02. Don't Put It in Your Mouth [add]
03. Man for the 80's [add]
04. Meet Me Under the Table (A Drinking Song) [add]
05. Kill the Competition (A Love Song) [add]
06. Parcel Post [add]
07. In the Suburbs [add]
08. To Market, to Market (Pigs) [add]
09. Too Many Creeps [add]
10. Boys in Heat [add]
11. They're at It Again [add]
12. Splitting the Genes [add]
13. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik [add]
14. Chubby Wanna Sundae [add]
15. Ashley's Little Blues [add]
16. There Is a Line [add]
17. I Like Girls [add]
18. Rich Kids [add]
19. The Star Spangled Banner [add]

Apology [live] (2001) 01. 20th Century Man [add]
02. The Reunion Song [add]
03. I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love ... [add]
04. The Letter [add]
05. Doug's Divorce [add]
06. Just One Angel [add]
07. You Call That a Hat [add]
08. I Awoke in Iowa [add]
09. Doug's Birthday Song [add]
10. Iowa Apology Song [add]
11. I Owe You an Apology [add]
12. Mother to Mother [add]
13. Doug's Divorce, Pt. 2 (Doug and the TV) [add]
14. Mr. Nice [add]
15. Where's the Milk [add]

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