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Jim Post lyrics
Genre: Folk
Back on the Street Again [live] (0000) 01. Back on the Street Again [add]
02. Windego [add]
03. Hello Babe [add]
04. Walk on the Water/An Old Story [add]
05. Woman in Chicago [add]
06. Goodbye to Tennessee [add]
07. Medley: Light of Life and Love/Don't Look for Love/If My Life Were a lyrics
08. Bicycle Wheel [add]

Colorado Exile (0000) 01. Look over Yonder [add]
02. Once You Were a Rock [add]
03. Ride, Rita, Ride [add]
04. High up on the Ridge [add]
05. Colorado Exile [add]
06. Turn Around (Bambu Lou) [add]
07. Louella Rainwater [add]
08. Simple Life [add]
09. Dancing in the Wind [add]
10. I Love You [add]
11. One More Day [add]

I Love My Life (0000) 01. Hot Summer Night [add]
02. I Love My Life [add]
03. Comfortable Feeling [add]
04. Crystal Ocean Tides [add]
05. Billie Jean Rose [add]
06. Stanley and Henry [add]
07. My Dreams Never Came True [add]
08. Grab Your Life and Run [add]
09. Waterfall Dream [add]
10. One Blessed Hour [add]

Rattlesnake (1973) 01. Bicycle Wheel [add]
02. Payday [add]
03. Jenny [add]
04. Sister Liza Bookman [add]
05. Santana Winds [add]
06. Love Has No Foundation [add]
07. Silver Engine [add]
08. Ballad of Rattlesnake [add]
09. Wild Man [add]
10. Sunday Morning in the Mountains [add]

Jim Post & Friends (1987) 01. Pallet on Your Floor [add]
02. Sixteen Tons [add]
03. Shenandoah [add]
04. Golden Slippers [add]
05. Lilywhite [add]
06. Oh Galena [add]
07. Star of the County Down [add]
08. Wildwood Flower [add]
09. Handsome Molly [add]
10. Preacher Went A-Hunting [add]

Frog Town Band (2001) 01. /F/ Phoneme Rap [add]
02. Frog Town Band [add]
03. /V/ Phoneme Rap [add]
04. Vegetables, Vegatables Song [add]
05. /FV/ Phoneme Rap [add]
06. Vroom, Vroom, It's the Traveling Tune [add]
07. /TH/ Phoneme Rap [add]
08. Luther the Cowboy [add]
09. /Short A/ Phoneme Rap [add]
10. Neve Argue With an Ant [add]
11. /TH/ Phoneme Rap [add]
12. Thimble, Thimble, Game [add]
13. S/ Phoneme Rap [add]
14. Singing All the Sounds in the U.S.A. [add]
15. /Z/ Phoneme Rap [add]
16. Lallapalooza Zoo [add]
17. /S/Z/ Phoneme Rap [add]
18. Secret, Secret, I've Got a Secret [add]
19. /SH/ Phoneme Rap [add]
20. Shhhhh, There's a Shark Going By [add]
21. /Short O/ Phoneme Rap [add]
22. You Oughta Be an Otter [add]
23. Annie Alligator Ate Apples [add]

Oodles and Loads of Lots of Things (2001) 01. /L/ Phoneme Rap [add]
02. Oodles and Loads and Lots of Things [add]
03. /R/ Phoneme Rap [add]
04. Oh Red Is a Rousing Color! [add]
05. /M/ Phoneme Rap [add]
06. Mabel the Mild Cow [add]
07. /N/ Phoneme Rap [add]
08. Everyone Has a Name! [add]
09. Name Game Song [add]
10. /NG/ Phoneme Rap [add]
11. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow [add]
12. /W/ Phoneme Rap [add]
13. A Wish Is Something Wonderful [add]
14. /H/ Phoneme Rap [add]
15. Hippo Song [add]
16. /Y/ Phoneme Rap [add]
17. Yellow Jump Rope Rap [add]
18. /Short U/ Phoneme Rap [add]
19. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! [add]
20. Annie Alligator Ate Apples [add]

Purple Pig (2001) 01. /P/ Phoneme Rap [add]
02. Purple Pig Song [add]
03. /B/ Phoneme Rap [add]
04. Big Brown Bear Song [add]
05. /P/B/ Phoneme Rap [add]
06. P and B Rap Song [add]
07. /T/ Phoneme Rap [add]
08. Toes, Toes Song [add]
09. /D/ Phoneme Rap [add]
10. Delbert the Dinosaur Song [add]
11. /TD/ Phoneme Rap [add]
12. Dakota Indian Rap Song [add]
13. /K/ Phoneme Rap [add]
14. Kink in My Link Song [add]
15. /G/ Phoneme Rap [add]
16. Giggle Song [add]
17. /K/G/ Phoneme Rap [add]
18. Komodo Dragon Rap Song [add]
19. CH/ Phoneme Rap [add]
20. Chick-A Dee Song [add]
21. /J/ Phoneme Rap [add]
22. Jelly Fish Jamboree Song [add]
23. /J/CH/ Phoneme Rap [add]
24. Cha Cha Cha Rap [add]
25. Annie Alligator Ate Apples [add]

Queens and Quarterbacks (2001) 01. /Qu/ Rap [add]
02. Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions [add]
03. /X/ Rap [add]
04. Excuse Me [add]
05. /C/ Rap [add]
06. Come to the Circus [add]
07. /Short I/ Rap [add]
08. Izzie the Inchworm [add]
09. /Short E/ Rap [add]
10. The Echo Song [add]
11. Short-Vowel Rap [add]
12. The Short-Vowel Song [add]
13. The Consonant Rap [add]
14. Celebration of the Children [add]
15. All of the Children of the World [add]
16. Annie Alligator Ate Apples [add]

Alphabet Songs (2005) 01. Never Argue With an Ant [add]
02. Big Brown Bear [add]
03. Come to the Circus [add]
04. Delbert the Dinosaur [add]
05. An Echo Will Come Back to You! [add]
06. Frog Town Bear [add]
07. It's Great to Have a Giggle [add]
08. Hazel the Hippo [add]
09. Issie the Inchworm [add]
10. Jelly Fish Jamboree [add]
11. I've a Kink in My Link [add]
12. Oodles and Loads and Lots of Things [add]
13. Mabel the Milk Cow [add]
14. Name, Name, Everyone Has a Name! [add]
15. Oh! You Oughta Be an Otter! [add]
16. Purple Pig [add]
17. Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions [add]
18. Red Is a Rousing Color! [add]
19. Singing All the Sounds [add]
20. Toes, Toes, We All Have Toes [add]
21. Ugh! It's a Bug! [add]
22. Vegetables, Vegetables [add]
23. A Wish Is a Wonderful Thing [add]
24. Excuse Me! [add]
25. Yellow Jump Rose [add]
26. Lallapalooza Zoo [add]
27. CH Song, Chick-A-Dee Song [add]
28. TH Song, Luther the Cowboy [add]

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