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Malcolm Dalglish lyrics
Genre: New Age
Banish Misfortune (1978) 01. Banish Misfortune [add]
02. Pigeon on the Gate/Musical Priest/Drowsy Maggie [add]
03. Sir John Fenwick's the Flower Among Them All/Noble Squire Dacre [add]
04. The Road to Lisdoonvarna/Trip to Sligo/Dennis Murphy's Slide/O'Keefe's ... [add]
05. Midnight Mountain Road [add]
06. O'Connell's Lamentation [add]
07. The Three Little Drummers/Kate Caulfield's Jig/Paddy in London [add]
08. Growling Old Man and Cackling Old Woman/The Nine Points of Roguery [add]
09. March of the King Laois/Brian Boru's March [add]
10. The First of May/Drunkard's Path/An Comhra Donn [add]
11. Tar Hollow/Dog in the Mustard/Kid on the Mountain/Drops of ... [add]
12. #1/Maggie McGee's Schottische/Johnny, Will You Marry Me? [add]
13. Christ Child's Lullaby [add]

Thunderhead (1982) 01. Boys of Ballisodare/Stolen Apples [add]
02. Air Born [add]
03. Booth Shot Lincoln/Haning's Farewell [add]
04. La Valse Pour Les Petites Jeunes Filles [add]
05. Five Bourees/La Berceuse de Muffe [add]
06. Briarpicker Brown/Highlander's Farewell [add]
07. The Stormy Night/Glen Helen [add]
08. Springwater at Jerry's Run [add]
09. The Heather Breeze/Michael Kennedy's Reel [add]
10. Morning/Boland's Favorite/Cat in Hopper/St. Basil's Hymn [add]
11. Thunderhead [add]

Jogging the Memory (1990) 01. Rivulets [add]
02. Trouser Pockets [add]
03. New Waltz [add]
04. Pleiades [add]
05. Pillars [add]
06. St. Basil's Hymn [add]
07. Bell Pump [add]
08. Jogging the Memory [add]
09. Swimming Rocks [add]

Hymnody of Earth (1991) 01. Psalm of Solstice [add]
02. The Dark Around Us [add]
03. Over the River [add]
04. The Wild Geese [add]
05. Throw the Window Open [add]
06. The Finches [add]
07. Window Tree [add]
08. For the Future [add]
09. To the Holy Spirit [add]
10. Thrush Song [add]
11. Walking at Night [add]
12. Come Life Shaker Life [add]
13. Great Trees [add]
14. Hunger and Thirst [add]
15. Shake These Bones [add]
16. How Long Watchman [add]
17. Lay Me Low [add]
18. Paradise [add]
19. Hosanna [add]

Pleasure (1997) 01. Swifts [add]
02. Sheep in the Meadow [add]
03. Epitaph [add]
04. Pleasure [add]
05. Bushy Tail lyrics
06. Quil 'O Quay [add]
07. The Selchie and the Fisherman [add]
08. Reel A' Bouche [add]
09. A Psalm of Life [add]
10. Pegasus [add]
11. Kitty Alone [add]
12. Bye Oh Baby [add]
13. Woody Knows Nothin' [add]
14. Bayou Sara [add]
15. Have Your Lamps Gone Out? [add]
16. Fount [add]
17. Sail Away [add]

Carpe Diem! A Ceremony of Song [live] (2003) 01. Epitaph [add]
02. The Dark Around Us [add]
03. Kalanta of the New Year [add]
04. Doopah [add]
05. Lullaby of Muffe [add]
06. Fount [add]
07. Swifts [add]
08. Wild Geese/Throw the Window Open [add]
09. Thrush Song [add]
10. Come Life Shaker Life [add]
11. Lay Me Low [add]
12. Peace of Wild Things [add]
13. Have Your Lamps Gone Out? [add]
14. For the Future [add]
15. To the Holy Spirit [add]
16. Sail Away [add]

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