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Zu lyrics
Genre: Avant-Garde
Bromio (1999) 01. Detonatore [add]
02. Xenitis [add]
03. Teste Di Cane [add]
04. Paonazzi [add]
05. Zu Circus [add]
06. Asmodeo [add]
07. Cane Maggiore [add]
08. Epidurale [add]
09. Villa Belmonte [add]
10. Erotomane [add]
11. La Grande Maddre Delle Bestie [add]

Zu Side of Eugene Chadbourne (2000) 01. Cosmos [add]
02. Chadbourne in the Sky With Diamonds [add]
03. Somewhere over the Chadbourne [add]
04. Porgy and Chadbourne [add]
05. Holiday in Chadbourne [add]
06. Acuenseur Pour le Chadbourne [add]
07. Inna Gadda Na Chadbourne [add]
08. 'O Chadbourne Mio! [add]
09. House of the Rising Chadbourne [add]
10. Stairway to Chadbourne [add]
11. For Those About to Chadbourne (We Salute You) [add]
12. Everybody Needs a Chadbourne (To Love) [add]
13. Spirits [add]

Motorhellington (2001) 01. Iron Man [add]
02. The Robots [add]
03. Chain of Fools [add]
04. Boogie Stop Shuffle [add]
05. Corcobado [add]
06. Pushin' Too Hard [add]
07. Sex Machine [add]
08. Sacrifice [add]

Radiale (2004) 01. Canicula [add]
02. Thanatocracy [add]
03. Vegetalista [add]
04. Pharmakon [add]
05. Trash A-Go-Go [add]
06. Theme de Yoyo [add]
07. You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks [add]
08. We Travel the Spaceways/Space Is the Place [add]

How to Raise an Ox (2005) 01. Over a Furnace [add]
02. How to Raise an Ox [add]
03. Eating the Landscape [add]
04. The King Devours His Sons [add]
05. Bring the War Back Home [add]
06. Meat Eater, Solar Bird [add]
07. Palace of Reptiles [add]
08. Beasts Only Die to Be Born [add]
09. The Tiger Teaches the Lamb [add]

The Way of the Animal Powers (2005) 01. Tom Araya Is Our Elvis [add]
02. Anatomy of a Lost Battle [add]
03. Shape Shifting [add]
04. The Aftermath [add]
05. Things Fall Apart [add]
06. The Witch Herbalist of the Remote Town [add]
07. Farewell to the Species [add]
08. A Fortress Against Shadows [add]
09. Every Seagull Knows [add]

Igneo (2006) 01. The Elusive Character of Victory [add]
02. Solar Anus [add]
03. Eli, Eli, Elu [add]
04. Arbol de La Esperanza Mantente Firme [add]
05. Monte Zu [add]
06. Untitled Sambe for Kat Ex [add]
07. Muro Torto [add]
08. Tikkun Olam [add]
09. Mar Glaciale Artico [add]
10. Igneo [Giuseppe Ielasi Remix] [add]
11. Igneo [D.J. Olive Remix] [add]
12. Torto Moro [Andy Moor Remix] [add]
13. Igneo [Dead Verse (D?lek) Remix] [add]

Identification with the Enemy: A Key to the Underworld (2007) 01. Alone with the Alone [add]
02. The Culprit [add]
03. Standing on This Zero Spot [add]
04. New Buddhas in Stock [add]
05. Usual Conversations with Yama [add]
06. Awake in the Next Room [add]
07. Everyone Gets His Own Nemesis [add]
08. Deliver Me from the Book of Self. [add]

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