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Barry Greenfield lyrics
Genre: Rock
Bluesky (0000) 01. On the Road to Safety [add]
02. Free the Lady [add]
03. How Long Can You Give Love [add]
04. Suicide [add]
05. Honey, Honey, Honey, Treat Me Nice [add]
06. New York Is Closed Tonight [add]
07. Concert Fever [add]
08. Milkman [add]
09. Sweet America [add]
10. Jack and Jill [add]
11. My Last Blues [add]

Barry Greenfield #3 (The White Album) (2005) 01. By This Time Tomorrow (2005) [add]
02. Rosemary Jane [add]
03. Tuesday Morning (9/11) (New York Is Closed Tonight) [add]
04. The Quiet Canadians [add]
05. Something Beautiful [add]
06. I Fell in Love in Mexico [add]
07. Someone Stole My Car [add]
08. Freewheelin' [add]
09. Walking Down an Up Escalator [add]
10. Father (1918-1986) [add]
11. Blue Rose [add]
12. Cheap Shot [add]
13. The Art of the Second Chance [add]

Cold Water Cure (2005) 01. My Name Is Tomorrow [add]
02. New York Is Closed Tonight [add]
03. I Don't Want to Spoil the Party [add]
04. Living in America [add]
05. Sandy's Song [add]
06. That Good Girl [add]
07. A Little More Twist and Shout [add]
08. Powder Girl [add]
09. I Will Not Run Away [add]
10. The Silent Partner (Free the Lady) [add]
11. Taxi Taxi [add]
12. The Avalanche [add]
13. Blue Eyes [add]
14. It's Getting Late [add]

King of the Wolves (2005) 01. King of the Wolves (Live) [add]
02. Landmines [add]
03. New York Is Closed Tonight (With Doa) [add]
04. Something Beautiful [add]
05. Living in America [add]
06. Blue Eyes [add]
07. The Road Home [add]
08. Dead Man Walking (With Doa) [add]
09. [add]
10. Queen of the Sky [add]
11. No One Here Is Getting out Alive [add]
12. A Little More Twist and Shout [add]
13. Sweet Americans [add]
14. King of the Wolves (Studio) [add]

Greenfield and Wyatt (Songs from the Rothstein) (2005) 01. Hold out for Love [add]
02. Live at the Rothstein [add]
03. The Lonely Hearts Dance [add]
04. Sweetheart [add]
05. I Don't Know If You Know This (Instrumemental Arr, By Wyatt) [add]
06. These Are Beautiful Things God Makes When He Dreams [add]
07. The First Time I Saw Her with Another Man [add]
08. I Can't Move Mountains [add]
09. I Don't Know If You Know This (With Vocal) [add]
10. I Don't Want to Lose Your Love [add]
11. Rosemary Jane [add]
12. Dirty Swamp Dry Dry Bone [add]
13. She Loves You (Arr. By Greenfield) [add]
14. In Her Own Time (In Memory of Kasandra) [add]

Heavy Horses (2006) 01. I Hope So [add]
02. Letter from the Road [add]
03. Silent Partner [add]
04. Big Brass Bed [add]
05. Blue Rose [add]
06. Pink Ribbon (For Tracy) [add]
07. The Road Home [add]
08. Pink Ghetto [add]
09. Freewheelin' [add]
10. Landmines [add]
11. These Are Beautiful Things [add]

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