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Bill Miller lyrics
Genre: Country
The Red Road (1993) 01. Dreams of Wounded Knee [add]
02. Praises lyrics
03. Two Hawks [add]
04. Reservation Road lyrics
05. Tumbleweed lyrics
06. Faith of a Child [add]
07. Many Trails lyrics
08. Trail of Freedom [add]
09. Inter-Tribal Pow Wow Song [add]
10. Kokopelli's Journey [add]
11. My People lyrics

Raven in the Snow (1995) 01. River of Time [add]
02. Brave Heart lyrics
03. In Every Corner of the Forest (Pt. 1) [add]
04. Listen to Me [add]
05. Red Bird, Yellow Sun [add]
06. After the Storm [add]
07. Raven in the Snow [add]
08. Pile of Stones [add]
09. In Every Corner of the Forest (Pt. 2) [add]
10. The Final Word lyrics
11. Eagle Must Fly Free lyrics
12. This Kind of Love [add]
13. In Every Corner of the Forest (Pt. 3) [add]

Native Suite-Chants, Dances and the Remembered Earth (1996) 01. Into the Twilight [add]
02. Embrace and Betrayal [add]
03. Dreams of Our Fathers/Dance of the Dead [add]
04. Home [add]

Ghostdance (1999) 01. Prelude - The Sun Is Gonna Rise Again [add]
02. Every Mountain I Climb lyrics
03. The Reason lyrics
04. Ghost Dance [add]
05. Forgive lyrics
06. The Vision lyrics
07. There Is You lyrics
08. The Last Stand [add]
09. Blessing Wind lyrics
10. Waiting for the Rain [add]
11. The Sun Is Gonna Rise lyrics

Loon, Mountain and Moon (2000) 01. Loon, Mountain, and Moon [add]
02. Canyon Dance [add]
03. White Road, Red Heart [add]
04. Mohican Lullabye [add]
05. Night Chase II [add]
06. The Little Bighorn March [add]
07. Beyond the Battle [add]
08. Three Tribes [add]
09. Amazing Grace [add]

Reservation Road Live (2000) 01. Reservation Road lyrics
02. Different Drum lyrics
03. Tumbleweed lyrics
04. Street of Dreams [add]
05. Folsom Prison Blues lyrics
06. Ordinary Man lyrics
07. Orphan Child lyrics
08. Still on the Run [add]
09. Melissa lyrics
10. Geronimo's Cadillac lyrics

The Art of Survival (2000) 01. Oridinary Man [add]
02. I Could Fall All over and over Again [add]
03. Reservation Road lyrics
04. Forever Ride lyrics
05. Night Chase lyrics
06. The Art of Survival [add]
07. As Long as the Grass Will Grow [add]
08. Broken Bottles lyrics
09. The Road Home lyrics
10. Wind Spirit [instrumental] [add]

Healing Waters (2001) 01. I Believe [add]
02. Hanging on a Memory [add]
03. River and the Rain [add]
04. Sundog [add]
05. You're the Rain [add]
06. Healing Waters [add]
07. Voice of Love [add]
08. Faith [add]
09. Red Sky Red Heart [add]
10. Ghost Dance Prelude [add]
11. Ghost Dance [add]
12. Prayers for the Truth [add]

Spirit Rain (2002) 01. Approaching Thunder [add]
02. You Are the Rain [add]
03. Rain Down Your Love [add]
04. Never Too Far [add]
05. Red Sky Red Heart [add]
06. Face the Blues [add]
07. I Believe [add]
08. Love Sustained [add]
09. Sun Dog [add]
10. Prayers for the Truth [add]
11. 1st Dream [add]
12. The Promise [add]
13. Little Brother (Spirit Rain) [add]
14. Underneath the Blue Sky [add]

A Sacred Gift (2002) 01. Sacred Gift [add]
02. Joy to the World [add]
03. Oh Holy Night [add]
04. I Saw the Star of Bethlehem [add]
05. What Child Is This? [add]
06. Christmas Morning [add]
07. Silent Night [add]
08. Cedar, Sweet Grass, And Sage [add]
09. The First Noel [add]

Cedar Dream Songs (2004) 01. Unspoken Prayer [add]
02. Faith of Fire [add]
03. Prophecy [add]
04. Pathway to Dreams [add]
05. Blood Brothers [add]
06. Sacred Ground [add]
07. Birds of the Air [add]
08. Peace Offering [add]
09. Calling the Rain [add]

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