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Homesick James Williamson lyrics
Genre: Blues
Blues on the South Side (1964) 01. The Woman I'm Lovin' [add]
02. She May Be Your Woman [add]
03. Goin' Down Swingin' [add]
04. Homesick's Shuffle [add]
05. Johnny Mae [add]
06. Gotta Move [add]
07. Lonesome Road [add]
08. Working With Homesick [add]
09. The Cloud Is Crying [add]
10. Homesick's Blues [add]
11. Crawlin' [add]
12. Stones in My Passway [add]

Home Sweet Homesick James (1976) 01. Highway 51 [add]
02. Lonesome Train [add]
03. Homesick's Original Dust My Broom [add]
04. Kissing in the Dark [add]
05. Sweet Home Chicago [add]
06. Mailman [add]
07. Shake Your Moneymaker [add]
08. Dust My Broom [add]
09. Worried About My Baby [add]
10. Gotta Move [add]
11. Tin Pan Alley [add]
12. Careless Love [add]

Goin' Back Home (1977) 01. Homecoming Blues [add]
02. My Gal Blues [add]
03. Keep Our Hands to Yourself [add]
04. 1000 Women Blues [add]
05. Walking the Backstreets [add]
06. Homesick's Contribution to Jazz [add]
07. Live Life Over [add]
08. Lonesome Train [add]
09. Highway 59 [add]
10. Texas Dust [add]
11. Isolation Blues [add]
12. Weep & Moan [add]

Homesick James & Snooky Pryor: Sad and Lonesome (1980) 01. Sad and Lonesome [add]
02. Homesick's Crossroads [add]
03. It Seem Like a Dream [add]
04. It's All over Now [add]
05. Shake Your Moneymaker [add]
06. Someday Baby Blues [add]
07. Rock Me [add]
08. No More Lovin' [add]
09. Push Me Well [add]
10. I Believe I Get Married [add]
11. Harp Boogie [add]
12. Last Fair Deal [add]
13. Telephone Blues [add]
14. Goin' to the Pawn Shop [add]

Sweet Home Tennessee (1992) 01. Gotta Move [add]
02. Meet Me in the Bottom [add]
03. Crawlin' Kingsnake [add]
04. Come Back Baby [add]
05. Can't Afford to Do It [add]
06. Sweet Home Tennessee [add]
07. Kissing in the Dark [add]
08. Married Woman [add]
09. Woman I Love [add]

Goin' Back in the Times (1994) 01. Livin' Like a Bear [add]
02. Bad Situation [add]
03. Kissing in the Dark [add]
04. Better Know What You Runnin' From [add]
05. Goin' Back in the Times (Introduction) [add]
06. Goin' Back in the Times [add]
07. Rocky Mountain [add]
08. They Call Me Hot Foot Homesick [add]
09. What Done Got into That Woman [add]
10. Crossroads Years Ago (Honeyboy Is a Friend of Mine) [add]
11. Bitin' Me and Shakin' Me All up and Down [add]
12. .38 Pistol [add]

Got to Move (1995) 01. Can't Afford to Do It [add]
02. Tin Pan Alley [add]
03. Mr. Pawnshop Man (Three Ball Blues) [add]
04. Baby Please Set a Date [add]
05. Welfare Girl [add]
06. Hawaiian Boogie [add]
07. Dust My Broom [add]
08. That's All Right [add]
09. Highway 51 [add]
10. Tennessee Woman [add]
11. Got to Move [add]
12. Bein' With the One You Love (Lost Lover Blues) [add]
13. Homesick's Woman [add]
14. Homesick Talking [add]

Juanita (1997) 01. Juanita [add]
02. My Baby [add]
03. Time Is Growin' Near [add]
04. Lonesome Old Train [add]
05. Someday Baby [add]
06. Drivin' Dog [add]
07. Careless Love [add]
08. The Right Life [add]
09. I Can't Hold Out [add]
10. Stop That Thing [add]

Words of Wisdom (1997) 01. She's Gone [add]
02. Tell Me Baby [add]
03. Travelin' Woman [add]
04. Rock Me Baby [add]
05. Last Night [add]
06. My Little Woman [add]
07. Sweet Little Angel [add]
08. Pawn Shop Blues [add]
09. 12 Year Old Boy [add]
10. My Baby's Gone [add]
11. You Don't Have to Go [add]
12. Nashville Blues [add]

Last of the Broomdusters (1998) 01. Early One Morning [add]
02. Long Tall Woman [add]
03. Kissin' in the Dark [add]
04. Rockin' and Rollin' [add]
05. Sugar Mama [add]
06. Shake Your Money Maker [add]
07. Thought I Heard My Baby Call My Name [add]
08. Truck Drivin' Woman [add]
09. Married Woman [add]
10. Crutch and Cane [add]
11. Medley: Woman I'm Lovin'/Two Days Before Christmas [add]

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