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Rudy Linka lyrics
Genre: Jazz
Chech It Out (0000) 01. Old & New (Orleans) [add]
02. Just on Time [add]
03. Uptown Express [add]
04. How Deep Is the Ocean? [add]
05. Traveler [add]
06. Welcome to the Club [add]
07. Folk Song [add]
08. At This Point [add]
09. Love Letters [add]

News from Home (1992) 01. Bob's Tune [add]
02. Alone Together [add]
03. Collage [add]
04. Waltz for John [add]
05. Evidence [add]
06. Dear Friend [add]
07. To Be Named Later [add]
08. So, Why Not? [add]
09. News from Home [add]
10. Dialoque [add]

Always Double Czech (1997) 01. Coming Through [add]
02. Room #428 [add]
03. Air J Amaica [add]
04. Our Drives to K1 [add]
05. The Man from Wauikiki [add]
06. Bob's Tune [add]
07. Secret Inside [add]
08. Come Rain or Come Shine [add]
09. Way Back [add]
10. Now This [add]
11. And How Are You in the Mornings? [add]

Live It Up (2000) 01. Waltz for Stephanie [add]
02. Swing Tune [add]
03. I Wish I Knew [add]
04. Live It up I [add]
05. To Be Named Later [add]
06. Outside the City [add]
07. Someday My Prince Will Come [add]
08. Live It up II [add]
09. Somewhere, Someday [add]
10. A Beautiful Friendship [add]
11. The Very Last [add]

Simple Pleasures (2002) 01. California [add]
02. Where Is My Delay Pedal? [add]
03. Simple Pleasures [add]
04. Combination #5 [add]
05. Old and New Orleans [add]
06. Autumn Leaves [add]
07. Beatrice [add]
08. Since You Ask [add]
09. From Here to There [add]

Trip (2005) 01. Are We There Yet? [add]
02. Minor Delays [add]
03. Just Another Detour [add]
04. In the Name of the Groove [add]
05. B Flat Boogie (Mesa) [add]
06. In Love in Vain [add]
07. Road Jam [add]
08. Ew from Here [add]
09. Leaving in Two [add]
10. Again? [add]
11. Road Wide Open [add]

Beyond the New York City Limits (2007) 01. Where Is My Delay Pedal? [add]
02. Now We Dance [Remix] [add]
03. Just Around the Block [add]
04. I Told You So [add]
05. What Does the Size Have to Do with It? [add]
06. Private Calls on Public Phones [add]
07. Ready or Not [add]
08. It Could Happen to You [add]
09. Loose Blues [add]
10. Fast Swing [add]
11. California [add]
12. How Spiritual Are You? [add]

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