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Genre: Rock
Songs for the Daily Planet (1994) 01. My Generation, Pt. 2 [add]
02. Easy Money [add]
03. That Was Me [add]
04. This Land Is Our Land [add]
05. Alright Guy lyrics
06. I Spoke as a Child [add]
07. Turn It Up [add]
08. Trouble [add]
09. Alot More [add]
10. You Think You Know Somebody [add]
11. Somebody's Coming [add]
12. Joe's Blues [add]

Step Right Up (1996) 01. Elmo and Henry [add]
02. I Believe You [add]
03. Sideshow Blues [add]
04. Enough [add]
05. TV Guide [add]
06. Hey Hey [add]
07. Moon Dawg's Tavern [add]
08. Prison Walls [add]
09. Horseshoe Lake [add]
10. It All Adds Up [add]
11. Tension [add]
12. Late Last Night [add]
13. 24 Hours a Day [add]
14. Better Than Ever Blues, Pt. 2 [add]

Viva Satellite (1998) 01. Rocket Fuel [add]
02. Yesterdays and Used to Be's [add]
03. The Joker [add]
04. I Am Too [add]
05. I Am Two [add]
06. Out All Night [add]
07. Guaranteed [add]
08. Can't Complain [add]
09. Positively Negative [add]
10. Once He Finds Us [add]
11. Godsend [add]
12. Comin' Down [add]
13. Never Let Me Down [add]
14. Doublewide Blues [add]

Happy to Be Here (2000) 01. Happy to Be Here [add]
02. Forty Five Miles [add]
03. Long Year [add]
04. D.B. Cooper [add]
05. Lonely Girl [add]
06. Keep off the Grass [add]
07. All My Life [add]
08. Betty Was Black (& Willie Was White) [add]
09. Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern [add]
10. Just in Case [add]
11. What's Wrong With You [add]
12. Missing You [add]
13. Back to the Crossroads [add]

New Connection (2002) 01. New Connection [add]
02. Vinyl Records [add]
03. Rose City [add]
04. Beer Run [add]
05. Easy [add]
06. Crooked Piece of Time [add]
07. Anywhere [add]
08. Stuck All Night [add]
09. Statistician's Blues [add]
10. Class of 85 [add]
11. Broke [add]
12. Close Enough to You [add]
13. Waco Moon [add]

Near Truths and Hotel Rooms Live (2003) 01. Ladies and Gentlemen.../That's Amore [add]
02. Tension [add]
03. D.B. Cooper [add]
04. Lonely Girl [add]
05. Hello...Sorry [add]
06. Beer Run [add]
07. Reading on the Plane, Writing on the Phone [add]
08. Statistician's Blues [add]
09. Waco Moon [add]
10. I Can't Complain [add]
11. The Story of the Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern [add]
12. The Ballad of the Devil's Backbone Tavern [add]
13. Easy Money [add]
14. Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues [add]
15. Long Year [add]
16. Typing Gibberish [add]
17. Side Show Blues [add]
18. Any Requests? [add]
19. I Spoke as a Child [add]
20. Doublewide Blues [add]
21. Letter from Australia [add]
22. Broke [add]
23. Beer Run [add]

East Nashville Skyline (2004) 01. Age Like Wine [add]
02. Tillamook County Jail [add]
03. Play a Train Song [add]
04. Alcohol and Pills [add]
05. Good News Blues [add]
06. The Ballad of the Kingsmen [add]
07. Iron Mike's Main Man's Last Request [add]
08. Conservative Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, ... [add]
09. Incarcerated [add]
10. Nashville [add]
11. Sunshine [add]
12. Enjoy Yourself [add]

The Devil You Know (2006) 01. If Tomorrow Never Comes [add]
02. Looking for a Job [add]
03. Just Like Old Times [add]
04. Carla [add]
05. You Got Away with It (A Tale of Two Fraternity Brothers) [add]
06. The Highland Street Incident [add]
07. Thin Wild Mercury [add]
08. The Devil You Know [add]
09. Unbreakable [add]
10. All That Matters [add]
11. Happy New Year [add]

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