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Lionel Lodge lyrics
Genre: Blues
She's No Game (1992) 01. She's No Game (Play In) [add]
02. The Resurection of NV [add]
03. She's a Highway [add]
04. What Happened to You [add]
05. Love Me When It's Hard [add]
06. You Got It Wrong [add]
07. The Funeral of NV [add]
08. Consumed [add]
09. She's No Game [add]

Sister (1994) 01. Star [add]
02. Ed (King of Fear) [add]
03. Twisting [add]
04. If [add]
05. Wings of an Angel [add]
06. Everybody Wants Me [add]
07. 11th Hour Love [add]
08. Satisfied [add]

Naked (1997) 01. This Town [add]
02. As the Story Goes [add]
03. The Dream [add]
04. The Note [add]
05. Too Tall [add]
06. Shadow of Doubt [add]
07. Civilised [add]
08. Prodigal Son [add]
09. If She Only Knew How [add]
10. In the Long Run [add]
11. Flat Face Rock [add]

Somewhere in Vienna and Doing Fine (2000) 01. Mary Sez She's Trying [add]
02. Company [add]
03. I Love (Some Call It Love) [Band] [add]
04. Never Too Late [add]
05. Friends [add]
06. Dover Crossing [add]
07. Love Lost [add]
08. Somewhere in Vienna and Doing Fine [add]
09. Toxic Dwarf [add]
10. Eve Maria [add]
11. The Fire [add]
12. Pauper or a King [add]
13. I Love (Some Call It Love) [Bro Bro Duo] [add]

Beautiful World (2002) 01. Beautiful World [add]
02. Love Me When It's Hard [add]
03. Them Apples [add]
04. Broken Into [add]
05. Haunted Heart [add]
06. Hello Margaretta [add]
07. Village of Stone [add]
08. Over into Life [add]
09. I've Just Seen a Face [add]
10. Moonlighting [add]
11. Didn't We Fly [add]
12. Fellini Was [add]
13. Closing Time [add]

Sailing to the Sirens (2002) 01. All Just Another [add]
02. That Was Funny [add]
03. Crazy [add]
04. Beautiful World [add]
05. The Sound I Do [add]
06. I'm Gonna Stick With You [add]
07. Feel Like I Just Woke Up [add]
08. Low Plains Drifter [add]
09. I Know [add]
10. Song for Him [add]
11. Clearly and Understandable [add]
12. Down on Me [add]
13. A Simpler Day [add]
14. I Like U Like U R [add]

It's Not My Fault (2004) 01. Storms Building [add]
02. Day by Day [add]
03. Feeling a Little Edgy [add]
04. Our Paths Have Crossed [add]
05. The Heart of the Night [add]
06. Bad Day [add]
07. Red Rodeo [add]
08. Dangerous Line [add]
09. Hold On [add]
10. One More Time [add]
11. The Ghost of Your Fear [add]
12. You Came to Me This Morning [add]
13. Over into Life [add]

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