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Rahul Sharma lyrics
Genre: World
Sweet Romance (1999) 01. One Hundred Strings Deep [add]
02. By the River [add]
03. Who Was She? (Mysterious Girl) [add]
04. Here Comes the Rain [add]
05. Conversations in Love [add]
06. Mela (The Fair) [add]
07. Remembering Her [add]
08. Sweet Romance [add]
09. Magical Himalayas [add]
10. Journey Through the Alps [add]

Moonlight Music (2001) 01. Raga Kaushik-Dhwani: Alap, Jor, Jhala [add]
02. Raga Kaushik-Dhwani: Gat in Matta Taal [add]
03. Raga Kaushik-Dhwani: Madhyalaya and Dhrut Gat in Teen Taal [add]
04. Raga Pahadi: Dhun [add]

Music of the Himalayas [live] (2002) 01. Maqam-E-Navaa [add]
02. Melody of Kashmir [add]
03. Melody of Jammu and Kashmir [add]
04. Melody of Kashmir in Contemporary Music [add]

Two Generations: Santoor Duet (2002) 01. Announcement [add]
02. Raag Chandrakauns: Alaap, Jor and Jhala [add]
03. Raag Chandrakauns: Gat in Rupaktal and Teental [add]

In Hope for Peace [live] (2003) 01. In Remembrance [add]
02. Wish You Were Here [add]

Native Signs [live] (2003) 01. Raga Kalavati: Alap [add]
02. Raga Kalavati: Jod (With Pakhawaj) [add]
03. Raga Kalavati: Jhalla (With Pakhawaj) [add]
04. Raga Kalavati: Gat in Rupak Taal (With Tabla) [add]
05. Raga Kalavati: Gat in Teentaal (Medium Tempo) [add]
06. Raga Kalavati: Gat in Teentaal (Fast Tempo) [add]
07. Raga Kalavati: Jhalla in Teentaal (Fast Tempo) [add]

Zen (2003) 01. Gibberish (The Cleansing) [add]
02. Energy Within [add]
03. Let-Go [add]
04. Bokushu (The Master) [add]
05. No-Mind [add]
06. Haiku (The Poem) [add]
07. Psycadellia [add]
08. Back to Life [add]

Celebration [live] (2004) 01. Sing with Us [add]
02. Just Dancing [add]
03. Love Beckons [add]
04. Strums and Drums [add]

Akaash [live] (2005) 01. Raga Chandrakauris: Alap [add]
02. Raga Chandrakauris: Jor [add]
03. Raga Chandrakauris: Jhalla [add]
04. Gat in Matta Taal [9 Beats] [add]
05. Gat in Madhya Teentaal [add]
06. Gat in Drut Teentaal [add]

H2O (2006) 01. Rahul's Rainbow [add]
02. H2O [add]
03. Rivulets [add]
04. Tears... [add]
05. Dewdrops [add]
06. Oceanian (Native of the Ocean) [add]

Samandar: A World Beneath The Ocean (2006) 01. Mistress of the Sea [add]
02. Curse of the Mermaid [add]
03. Coral Reefs [add]
04. Sea Horses & Treasures [add]
05. Deep Sea Divers [add]
06. Legends of the Sea Goddess [add]

Maya the Illusion (2006) 01. Manifested Leela [add]
02. Clairvoyance [add]
03. Delusion [add]
04. Permeability [add]
05. Mahamaya (The Goddess of Perplexion) [add]
06. The Veil [add]
07. Embodiment [add]
08. Leela (Nature of Supreme Consciousness) [add]
09. Mahamaya [Remix] [add]

White: The Science of Consciousness (2006) 01. January: Snowfall [add]
02. Cloud's... [add]
03. Orchid's [add]
04. Faith/Purity/Innocence [add]
05. Silver Moon/White Lace [add]
06. The Bride: An Unfinished Lovestory... [add]
07. Russia... [add]
08. December: Ci Acia Com Com Ci Acia [add]

Mountian Trail (2007) 01. Shiva Linga-The Amarnath Cave [add]
02. Kanchenjunga-Treasures of Snow [add]
03. Darjeeling-The Toy Train [add]
04. Sunset in Shivalik Hills [add]
05. Evening Prayer [add]
06. Garhwal Himalayas-Shepherds and Nomads... [add]

Time Traveller (2007) 01. The Time Machine [add]
02. Destinations [add]
03. 1960-Travelling to New Orleans [add]
04. Departing Soul's [add]
05. The Temptress [add]
06. Manzille Manzille [*] [add]
07. Dance of Death [add]
08. Destination's [Instrumental Video Mix] [add]
09. "Manzille" Revisited [Remix Video Mix] [add]

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