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Genre: New Age
In Search of the Turtle's Navel (1976) 01. The Pink Chiffon Tricycle Queen [add]
02. Ely [add]
03. Windham Mary [add]
04. Processional [add]
05. Second Great Tortion Bar Overland of West Townshend, Vermont, Jose ... [add]
06. What the Buzzard Told Suzanne [add]
07. Barbara's Song [add]
08. Gazos [add]
09. Slow Motion Roast Beef Restaurant Seduction [add]
10. Dance for the Death of a Bird [add]

It Takes a Year (1977) 01. The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter [add]
02. Balancing [add]
03. The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit [add]
04. It Takes a Year [add]
05. The Townshend Shuffle [add]
06. Tribute to the Philosophy of James Estell Bradley [add]
07. The Search for the Turtle's Navel [add]
08. Rain Sequence [From the Townshend Shuffle] [add]
09. The Rediscovery of Big Bug Creek Arizona [add]

Childhood and Memory (1979) 01. The Wall and the Wind [add]
02. The Velvet Gentleman [add]
03. Anne's Song [add]
04. Childhood and Memory [add]
05. Sunday Rain [add]
06. Seattle [add]
07. Three Hesitant Themes [add]
08. Murray's Song [add]
09. Bodie [add]

Passage (1981) 01. Remedios [add]
02. Processional [add]
03. The Impending Death of the Virgin Spirit [add]
04. Pacific I [add]
05. The Bricklayer's Beautiful Daughter [add]
06. Hawk Circle [add]
07. Anne's Song [add]
08. Passage [add]

Past Light (1983) 01. Visiting [1982] [add]
02. Garden [1979] [add]
03. Three Observations of One Ocean [1980] [add]
04. Pacific II [1980] [add]
05. Synopsis [1983] [add]
06. Ventana [1983] [add]
07. Threes [1983] [add]
08. Synopsis II [1983] [add]
09. Rain to River [1975] [add]
10. Night Slip [1982] [add]

Conferring with the Moon: Pieces for Guitar (1986) 01. Conferring with the Moon [add]
02. Improv 2 [add]
03. Lago de Monta?as (Mountain Lake) [add]
04. Big Thing in the Sky (For Jess) [add]
05. Climbing in Geometry [add]
06. The Last Day at the Beach [add]
07. Singing Crocodile [add]
08. Processional [add]
09. Shape of the Land [add]
10. Garage Planet [add]
11. Conferring with the Moon (Solo) [add]

Imaginary Roads (1990) 01. The Moment in Which You Must Finally Let Go of the Tether Which Has ... [add]
02. A Region of Clouds [add]
03. If You Look [add]
04. Floyd's Ghost [add]
05. Wondering Again What's Behind the Eyes [add]
06. Dawn Treader [add]
07. The Prospect of Darrow's Barn and the Blossoms of an Apple Spring on ... [add]
08. Brother a Teaches 7 [add]
09. Innocent Moon [add]
10. The Moment (Reprise) [add]
11. If You Look [Version II] [add]
12. Darrow's Barn [Version II] [add]

The Opening of Doors (1992) 01. The Opening of Doors [add]
02. The 1000 Mile Stare [add]
03. Bahia, Nebraska [add]
04. A Happy Home in Kathmandu [add]
05. Murray's Song [add]
06. A Movie of a Placid Lake on a Moonless Night in September [add]
07. Last Dance [add]
08. Santos and the Well-Traveled Bear [add]
09. Silver Gate [add]
10. The Inexorable Drift of Tectonic Plates [add]
11. A Movie of a Placid Lake on a Moonless Night in September (Reprise) [add]

Sound of Wind Driven Rain (1998) 01. Sheila's Pictures [add]
02. A Child's Song [add]
03. Driving [add]
04. Lion's in the Sky [add]
05. Unconditional [add]
06. Sound of Wind Driven Rain [add]
07. Wings on the Water [add]
08. Pontchartrain [add]
09. I Know This River [add]
10. Hawk Circle [add]
11. Mr. Jackson's Hat [add]

Hearing Voices (2001) 01. Before We Left This Behind [add]
02. From "The Song of Songs" [add]
03. Briars Above the Well [add]
04. For the Asking [add]
05. Fear Not Mary [add]
06. Walk With Me [add]
07. In the Valley of Moses [add]
08. Somewhere in All This Green [add]
09. A Koan from Hugh [add]
10. Illumina [add]
11. Beneath the Tree [add]
12. His Old Eyes [add]
13. As Stars Fell [add]
14. River [add]
15. Happy Ending [add]

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