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Philip Aaberg lyrics
Genre: New Age
Out of the Frame (1979) 01. Walking Through Walls [add]
02. Out of the Frame [add]
03. Nevertheless, Hello [add]
04. Swoop [add]
05. Call and Response [add]
06. Elegy [add]
07. Before Barbed Wire [add]
08. Words over Water [add]
09. Full Court Pickup [add]
10. Surround [add]
11. Blue Horses [add]
12. The Wedding [add]

Upright (1980) 01. Upright [add]
02. As If We Didn't Know [add]
03. Every Deep Dream [add]
04. Slow Dance [add]
05. Oh, Yes [add]
06. Welcome to the Church of St. Anytime [add]
07. New Life, New Blues [add]
08. Why [add]
09. Not Wot I Thot [add]
10. Frogman [add]
11. The View from Pony, Montana [add]
12. Crying Smile [add]
13. Slow Dance [Piano Reprise] [add]
14. Thanks [add]

High Plains (1985) 01. Marias River Breakdown [add]
02. Montana Half Light [add]
03. Lou Ann [add]
04. Remembering This Place [add]
05. Westbound [add]
06. High Plains [add]
07. The Big Open [add]
08. Spring Creek [add]
09. Three from the Hills: Sweetgrass/Once It's Gone/In Every Direction [add]
10. Going-To-The-Sun [add]
11. Reflections [add]
12. No Wonder They Sing [add]

Cinema (1992) 01. Cinema Paradiso [add]
02. (Diva) Sentimental Walk [add]
03. Andante Cantabile (Quartet Opus 47) [add]
04. Last Dance/Dexter's Tune [add]
05. Theme for Naomi Uemura [add]
06. Heaven's Gate (Theme) [add]
07. Love Theme from "Romeo and Juliet" [add]
08. Madame Sosthene [add]
09. While Thinking a Out Her Again/First Youth/Maturity [add]
10. Conversation at the Soda Fountain [add]
11. Story of Our Town [add]
12. High Plains [add]
13. From Foreign Lands and People (Kinderszenen Opus 15) [add]
14. Dr. Sayer [add]

Field Notes (2000) 01. Field Notes Suite: Homecoming [add]
02. Field Notes Suite: At One Point I See Antelope [add]
03. Field Notes Suite: Within Birds' Hearing [add]
04. Field Notes Suite: Lessons from the Wolverine, Pts. 1 - 2 [add]
05. Field Notes Suite: West Along the Fjord [add]
06. Field Notes Suite: The Open Lot [add]
07. Field Notes Suite: Teal Creek [add]
08. Field Notes Suite: Entreaty [add]
09. Field Notes Suite: The Bells of the Abandoned Saint Peter's ... [add]
10. Field Notes Suite: Winter Came [add]
11. Field Notes Suite: The Grace Note of the Canyon Wren [add]
12. Field Notes Suite: The Forgiving Water [add]
13. To Kill a Mockingbird Suite: Forgiveness [add]
14. To Kill a Mockingbird Suite: Boo Radley [add]
15. To Kill a Mockingbird Suite: Atticus Finch [add]
16. To Kill a Mockingbird Suite: Jem and Scout [add]
17. To Kill a Mockingbird Suite: Big Low Banjer [add]
18. To Kill a Mockingbird Suite: The Trial, Pts. 1 - 2 [add]
19. Big Sky Spinning Suite: Sweet Betsy from Pike [add]
20. Big Sky Spinning Suite: You'll Never Know [add]
21. Big Sky Spinning Suite: Don't Stop Now [add]

Live from Montana (2000) 01. High Plains [add]
02. The Big Open/Upright [add]
03. Before Barbed Wire [add]
04. Marias River Breakdown [add]
05. Short Story (Interlude) [add]
06. Welcome to the Church of St. Anytime [add]
07. Westbound [add]
08. Montana Half Light [add]
09. Every Deep Dream [add]
10. Frogman [add]
11. Going-To-The-Sun [add]

Christmas (2002) 01. I Saw Three Ships [add]
02. Montana Sleighride [add]
03. Shepherds' Rocking Carol [add]
04. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [add]
05. Earth Abides [add]
06. What Child Is This? [add]
07. The Gift [add]
08. Away in a Manger [add]
09. Charity [add]
10. Three from the Choir [add]
11. Qui Creavit [add]

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