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Mannheim Steamroller lyrics
Genre: New Age
Fresh Aire (1975) 01. Prelude [add]
02. Chocolate Fudge [add]
03. Interlude I [add]
04. Sonata [add]
05. Interlude II [add]
06. Saras Band [add]
07. Fresh Aire [add]
08. Rondo [add]
09. Interlude III [add]
10. Pass the Keg (Lia) [add]
11. Interlude IV [add]
12. Mist [add]

Fresh Aire II (1977) 01. Chorale [add]
02. The First Door [add]
03. The Second Door [add]
04. The Third Door [add]
05. The Fourth Door [add]
06. The Fifth Door [add]
07. The Sixth Door [add]
08. Door Seven [add]
09. Fantasy [add]
10. Interlude V [add]
11. Velvet Tear [add]
12. A Shade Tree [add]
13. Toota Lute [add]
14. Going to Another Place [add]

Fresh Aire III (1979) 01. Toccata [add]
02. Small Wooden Bach'ses [add]
03. Amber [add]
04. Mere Image [add]
05. Morning [add]
06. Interlude VI [add]
07. The Cricket [add]
08. The Sky [add]
09. Midnight on a Full Moon [add]

Fresh Aire 4 (1981) 01. G Major Toccata [add]
02. Crystal [add]
03. Interlude 7 [add]
04. Four Rows of Jacks [add]
05. Red Wine [add]
06. Dancing Flames [add]
07. The Dream [add]
08. Embers [add]

Fresh Aire V (1983) 01. Lumen [add]
02. Escape From the Atmosphere [add]
03. Dancin' in the Stars [add]
04. Z-Row Gravity [add]
05. Creatures of Levania [add]
06. Earthrise/Return [add]
07. The Storm [add]

Christmas 1984 (1984) 01. Deck the Halls [Welsh Ayre] [add]
02. We Three Kings [add]
03. Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella [add]
04. Coventry Carol [add]
05. Good King Wenceslas [add]
06. Christmas Sweet: Wassail, Wassail [add]
07. Christmas Sweet: Carol of the Birds [add]
08. Christmas Sweet: I Saw Three Ships [add]
09. Christmas Sweet: God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen [add]
10. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [add]
11. Still Nacht (Silent Night) [add]
12. Stille Nacht (Silent Night) [add]

Fresh Aire VI (1986) 01. Come Home to the Sea [add]
02. Twilight at Rhodes [add]
03. Night Festival at Rhodes [add]
04. Sunrise at Rhodes [add]
05. The Olympics [add]
06. Nepenthe [add]
07. Descent into the Underworld [add]
08. Dialog With the Devil [add]
09. Ascent from Hell [add]
10. Sirens [add]

Saving the Wildlife (1986) 01. Rhinos and Elephants [add]
02. Dolphins and Whales [add]
03. Wolfgang Amaedeus Penguin [add]
04. Florida Suite: Barbeque [add]
05. Florida Suite: Everglades [add]
06. Florida Suite: Sunset [add]
07. Wolves [add]
08. Tamarin Monkeys [add]
09. Grizzly Bears [add]
10. Tigers and Lions [add]
11. Eagles [add]
12. Amanda Panda [add]
13. Harp Seals [add]

Fresh Aire Christmas 1988 (1988) 01. Hark! The Herald Trumpets Sing [add]
02. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing [add]
03. Veni Veni (O Come O Come Emanuel) [add]
04. The Holly and the Ivy [add]
05. The Little Drummer Boy [add]
06. Still, Still, Still [add]
07. Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming [add]
08. In Dulci Jubilo [add]
09. Greensleeves [add]
10. Carol of the Bells [add]
11. Traditions of Christmas [add]
12. Cantique de No?l (O Holy Night) [add]

Yellowstone: The Music of Nature (1989) 01. Pines of Rome: Pini Di Villa Borghese [I] [add]
02. Pines of Rome: Pini del gianicolo [III] [add]
03. Interlude III [add]
04. Ballade [add]
05. Sunrise at Rhodes [add]
06. Come Home to the Sea [add]
07. Morning [add]
08. Interlude VI [add]
09. La Primavera (Spring): Allegro [1] [add]
10. La Primavera (Spring): Allegro [3] [add]
11. Nepenthe [add]
12. The Sky [add]
13. Grand Canyon Suite: Cloudburst [add]
14. Earthrise [add]
15. Return to the Earth [add]

Fresh Aire 7 (1991) 01. Conjuring the Number 7 [add]
02. Sunday the 7th Day [add]
03. The 7 Colours of the Rainbow [add]
04. The 7 C's [add]
05. The 7 Metals of Alchemy [add]
06. Chakra 1 [add]
07. Chakra 2 [add]
08. Chakra 3 [add]
09. Chakra 4 [add]
10. Chakra 5 [add]
11. Chakra 6 [add]
12. Chakra 7 [add]
13. The 7 Stars of the Big Dipper [add]

To Russia with Love (1994) 01. The Goodwill Games [add]
02. Ruslan and Ljudmila [add]
03. Melodie [add]
04. Let's Go Home [add]
05. Dancing Flames [add]
06. Troika from Lieutenant Kizheh [add]
07. The Goose from Smolensk [add]
08. Chakra 3 [add]
09. The Smolny Fanfare [add]
10. The Marche Miniature [add]
11. Fugue [add]
12. Bird in the Garden [add]
13. The Great Gate of Kiev [add]
14. The Anthems [add]

Christmas in the Aire (1995) 01. Joy to the World [add]
02. Joseph Dear, Oh Joseph Mine [add]
03. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
04. Herbei, Oh Ihr Gl?ubigen (O Come All Ye Faithful) [add]
05. Pat-A-Pan [add]
06. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
07. Angels We Have Heard on High [add]
08. Gagliarda [add]
09. Los Peces en el Rio [add]
10. Christmas Lullaby [add]
11. Kling, Gl?ckchen [add]
12. Jingle Bells [add]

Christmas Live (1997) 01. Angels We Have Heard on High [add]
02. Chip's Intro [add]
03. Christmas Lullaby [add]
04. Pat-A-Pan [add]
05. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer [add]
06. Los Peces en el Rio [add]
07. Joy to the World [add]
08. Gagliarda [add]
09. In Dulci Jubilo [add]
10. Wassail, Wassail [add]
11. Carol of the Birds [add]
12. I Saw Three Ships [add]
13. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [add]
14. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [add]
15. Stille Nacht [add]
16. Going to Another Place [add]

Christmas Angel: A Family Story (1998) 01. Introduction [add]
02. Joy to the World [add]
03. Stille Nacht (Silent Night) [add]
04. The Dream [add]
05. Crystal [add]
06. Carol of the Bells [add]
07. Messengers of Christmas [add]
08. Greensleeves [add]
09. Above the Northern Lights [add]
10. Good King Wenceslas [add]
11. Deck the Halls [add]
12. Angels We Have Heard on High [add]

Renaissance Holiday (1998) 01. Volte [add]
02. Ding Dong! Merrily On High [add]
03. Cos Colo Odo Sa [add]
04. Ballet [add]
05. I Saw Three Ships [add]
06. The King's Mistress [add]
07. In Dulci Jubilo [add]
08. En Avois/Tant Que Vivray [add]
09. Gigue [add]
10. Malle Sijmon [add]
11. Intrada [add]
12. Greensleeves [add]
13. Laura Suave [add]
14. Joseph Dearest, Joseph Mine [add]
15. Coventry Carol [add]
16. Wolseys Wilde [add]
17. New Yeeres Gift [add]
18. The Nymph's Dance/The Second Of Grays Inn [add]
19. There Is No Rose Of Such Virtue [add]
20. Lachrimae Antiquae [add]
21. Patapan/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen [add]
22. Gagliarda [add]
23. Bouree [add]
24. Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming [add]
25. Bateman's Masque [add]
26. M. George Whitehead and His Almand [add]
27. The Merry Bells of Speyer [add]

Mannheim Steamroller Meets the Mouse (1999) 01. Chim Chim Cher-Ee [From Mary Poppins] [add]
02. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah [From Song of the South] [add]
03. Under the Sea [From Little Murmaid] [add]
04. Hakuna Matata [From The Lion King] [add]
05. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious [From Mary Poppins] [add]
06. Go the Distance [From Hercules] [add]
07. The Ballad of Davy Crockett [From Davy Crockett] [add]
08. Heigh-Ho [From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs] [add]
09. You've Got a Friend in Me [From Toy Story] [add]
10. When You Wish Upon a Star [From Pinoccio] [add]
11. Reflection [From Mulan] [add]
12. Mickey Mouse March [From Mickey Mouse Club] [add]

Fresh Aire 8 (2000) 01. Main Titles [add]
02. Greek Suite: Day Party [add]
03. Greek Suite: Interlude 8 [add]
04. Greek Suite: Night Party [add]
05. Greek Suite: Goddesses In The Forest [add]
06. The Big Bang (Infinity in Cosmology) [add]
07. Leonardo (The Infinite Thinker) [add]
08. Fractals (Infinity in Mathematics) [add]
09. Waterfall (Infinity in Art) [add]
10. The Circle of Love (Infinity in the Wedding Band) [add]
11. The Steamroller (Infinity in Music) [add]
12. The Heat and the Feather (Infinity in the Egyptian Afterlife) [add]

Christmas Extraordinaire (2001) 01. Hallelujah [add]
02. White Christmas [add]
03. Away in a Manger [add]
04. Faeries [add]
05. Do You Hear What I Hear? [add]
06. The First Noel [add]
07. Silver Bells [add]
08. Fum, Fum, Fum [add]
09. Some Children See Him [add]
10. Winter Wonderland [add]
11. O Tannenbaum [add]
12. Auld Lang Syne [add]

American Spirit (2003) 01. Star Spangled Banner [add]
02. American Spirit [add]
03. America the Beautiful [add]
04. Convoy [add]
05. Fanfare for the Common Man [add]
06. Yellowstone Morning [add]
07. Heritage [add]
08. Wolf Creek Pass [add]
09. Home on the Range [add]
10. Mt. McKinley [add]
11. Cloudburst [add]
12. Tin Type [add]
13. Battle Hymn of the Republic [add]

Halloween (2003) 01. Toccata in de Mole [add]
02. Hall of the Mountain King [add]
03. Harvest Dance [add]
04. The Flying Dutchman [add]
05. Z-Row Gravity [add]
06. Funeral March of a Marionette [add]
07. Rock & Roll Graveyard [add]
08. Night on Bald Mountain [add]
09. Crystal [add]
10. All Hallow's Eve [add]
11. The Sorcerer's Apprentice [add]
12. Rite of Twilight [Twilight Zone Theme Song] [add]
13. Ride of the Valkyries [add]
14. Enchanted Forest [add]
15. The Other Side [add]
16. Enchanted Forest II [add]
17. The Reaper [add]
18. Ghost Voices [add]
19. Alien Spaceship [add]
20. Enchanted Forest III [add]
21. Mountain King [add]
22. Digital Death [add]
23. Souls Demise [add]

Halloween: Monster Mix (2004) 01. The Sorcerer's Apprentice [add]
02. Enchanted Forest [Efx] [add]
03. Hall of the Mountain King [add]
04. The Other Side [Efx] [add]
05. Harvest Dance [add]
06. Enchanted Forest II [Efx] [add]
07. The Reaper [Efx] [add]
08. Night on Bald Mountain [add]
09. Ghost Voices [Efx] [add]
10. Enchanted Forest III [Efx] [add]
11. Crystal [add]
12. Mountain King [Efx] [add]
13. Night Ambience [Efx] [add]
14. Full Moon [add]
15. Enchanted Forest IV [Efx] [add]
16. The Flying Dutchman [add]

Christmas Celebration (2004) 01. Celebration [add]
02. Christmas Lullaby [add]
03. Deck the Halls [add]
04. Veni Veni [add]
05. Away in a Manger [add]
06. Hallelujah [From "The Messiah"] [add]
07. O Tannenbuam [add]
08. Wassail, Wassail [add]
09. Carol of the Bells [add]
10. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Renaissance) [add]
11. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Rock) [add]
12. Greensleeves [add]
13. Traditions of Christmas [add]
14. Good King Wenceslas [add]
15. Carol of the Bells [add]
16. Auld Lang Syne [add]
17. Fum, Fum, Fum [add]
18. Stille Nacht [add]

Romantic Themes (2005) 01. Love Is Blue [add]
02. Love Theme from "Romeo & Juliet" [add]
03. The Circle of Love [add]
04. Sunday Morning Coffee [add]
05. The Pines of Rome III, Pini del Gianicolo [add]
06. Sonata [add]
07. Yam Seng... Love [add]
08. Second Movement (Andante) From Piano Concerto, No. 21 in C Major, K467 [add]
09. Teddys and Hearts [add]
10. The 7 Colours of the Rainbow [add]
11. Velvet Tear [add]
12. Cavatina [add]

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