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Guy Leroux lyrics
Genre: Country
A Cowboy Doing Country (2003) 01. A Cowboy Doing Country [add]
02. I Can't Begin to Understand [add]
03. Midwestern Cowboy [add]
04. Traveling Band [add]
05. Don't Let Them Fool You [add]
06. Would You Mind If I Fell in Love (With You) [add]
07. See Through Peek-A-Boo Blouse [add]
08. I'll Give You My Heart (To Play With) [add]
09. Slice of Life [add]
10. One Night of Cheatin' [add]
11. That Was Then [add]
12. You Just Fake It [add]
13. Memory for My Heart [add]

Slice of Life (2004) 01. Daddy Tried [add]
02. Good Ole Boys [add]
03. Like It Was Only Yesterday [add]
04. Remember Someone Loves You [add]
05. 14 Children [add]
06. The Thrill Has Gone [add]
07. Slice of Life [add]
08. Who's That Somebody [add]
09. Her Young Life [add]
10. Waltz Again With Me Darlin' [add]
11. If You Love Me (Don't Hurt Me Anymore) [add]
12. Dad's Hands [add]
13. Decorated With Loniliness [add]
14. I Sure Do Miss You Tonight [add]

You Only Rent the Beer (2005) 01. You Only Rent the Beer [add]
02. Texas Bar Blues [add]
03. Some Beer [add]
04. I Love This Town [add]
05. When Girls Go Out [add]
06. Beers Gone [add]
07. Closin' in on Me [add]
08. Gimmie Beer and Some Wine [add]
09. Texas Saloon [add]
10. Drinkin' with the Boys [add]
11. I Fell in Love [add]

How's Your Lord (2006) 01. Don't Turn Your Back Lord [add]
02. How's Your Lord [add]
03. Thinking of My Lord [add]
04. Bullets of Prayer [add]
05. I Want to Belong [add]
06. Jesus Is Leading Me Home [add]
07. Just Believe [add]
08. Jesus Is My Sunshine [add]
09. Let Him In [add]
10. Miracle of Prayer [add]
11. Wherever I Go [add]
12. Remember Someone Loves You [add]

A Hot July's Night (2006) 01. A Hot July's Night [add]
02. Let's Make Love [add]
03. Dixie Memories [add]
04. Love Train [add]
05. Don't Stir Up Those Ole Memories [add]
06. Hometown Blues [add]
07. Lay Me Down [add]
08. Lover Lover Lover [add]
09. Old Dreams and Memories (Don't Die) [add]
10. The Blues Settled In [add]
11. Turn on the Night [add]
12. Would You Mind If I Fell (In Love with You) [add]
13. Working Another Day Blues [add]
14. Would You Mind If I Fell (In Love with You) (Karaoke) [add]
15. Let's Make Love (Karaoke) [add]
16. Turn on the Night (Karaoke) [add]

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