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Larry Garner lyrics
Genre: Blues
Too Blues (1994) 01. Shak Bully [add]
02. Dog House Blues [add]
03. Don't Dish It Out [add]
04. Thought I Had the Blues [add]
05. Mr. & Mrs. Pain [add]
06. Kleptomaniac [add]
07. Born to Sang the Blues [add]
08. She Should've Been Back [add]
09. Love Her With a Feeling [add]
10. Somebody (Riding Song) [add]

Double Dues (1995) 01. Scared of You [add]
02. No Free Rides [add]
03. Buster [add]
04. Shut It Down [add]
05. Dreaming Again [add]
06. The Taxman [add]
07. Broke Bluesman [add]
08. Tale Spreaders [add]
09. California Sister [add]
10. Past 23 [add]

You Need to Live a Little (1995) 01. Another Bad Day [add]
02. Someone New [add]
03. Miracles of Time [add]
04. Four Cars Running [add]
05. Live a Little [add]
06. The Preacher Man [add]
07. Shak Bully [add]
08. Rats and Roaches in My Kitchen [add]
09. Don't Run Talking [add]
10. Keep Playing the Blues [add]
11. Had to Quit Drinking lyrics
12. Nobody Special [add]

Standing Room Only (1998) 01. Driving Woman [add]
02. Do Your Personal Thing [add]
03. Strangers Blues [add]
04. Keep the Money [add]
05. Don't Start Crying [add]
06. Out in the Country [add]
07. I'll Run Cross You [add]
08. PMS [add]
09. Drifter [add]
10. Cold Chills [add]
11. Last Encore [add]

Baton Rouge (1999) 01. Jook Joint Woman [add]
02. The Road of Life [add]
03. Blues Pay My Way [add]
04. Help Yourself [add]
05. Street Doctor [add]
06. High on Music [add]
07. Airline Blues [add]
08. Crazy World [add]
09. The Haves and the Haves Nots [add]
10. Have Some Gospel [add]
11. New Bad Habit [add]
12. To Baton Rouge [add]

Once Upon the Blues (2000) 01. Where Blues Turn Back [add]
02. Slower Traffic Keep Right [add]
03. A Real Gambling Woman [add]
04. That Was Her Dance [add]
05. I Won't Tell Your Mama [add]
06. I Ain't the One [add]
07. Virus Blues [add]
08. Edward Had a Shotgun [add]
09. If She Tells You No [add]
10. The Muddy River [add]
11. Kleptomaniac [add]
12. Nothing But Life [add]

Embarrassment to the Blues? [live] (2002) 01. Dreaming Again [add]
02. Had to Quit Drinking lyrics
03. Born to Sang the Blues [add]
04. Somebody [add]
05. Larryism I/II [add]
06. Where the Blues Turn Back [add]
07. Larryism III/IV [add]
08. Blues Ain't Nothing [add]
09. Keep on Playing the Blues [add]
10. The Haves and the Have Nots [add]

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