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Genre: Blues
Nice & Warm (1992) 01. Nice and Warm [add]
02. Open Book [add]
03. So High [add]
04. I Put a Spell on You [add]
05. Bone Pickin' [add]
06. Shining Moon lyrics
07. The Killing Floor [add]
08. Up and Gone [add]
09. She's Out There Somewhere [add]
10. Drowning on Dry Land [add]
11. Down in the Swamp [add]
12. Voodoo on the Bayou [add]
13. Ramblin' on My Mind [*] [add]

What I Live For (1994) 01. Blues Come Walkin' In [add]
02. Who's Been Talkin' [add]
03. Cross the Line [add]
04. Time and Time Again [add]
05. Cherry Tree Blues [add]
06. Somehow [add]
07. She's My Number One [add]
08. Too Many Drivers at the Wheel [add]
09. Night Life [add]
10. Don't Cut Off Your Hair [add]
11. Wide Open [add]
12. What I Live For [add]

Standing on the Bank (1995) 01. Make Your Mind Up [add]
02. Me and My Guitar [add]
03. Downtown [add]
04. Standing on the Bank [add]
05. Match Box Blues [add]
06. Rainy Day Blues [add]
07. You Got What I Want [add]
08. The Seventh Son [add]
09. If I Could Quit You [add]
10. Laundromat Blues [add]
11. Going Down [add]
12. Still Going Down the Road [add]

Live: Swampland Jam (1997) 01. Let Love Take Control [add]
02. Ain't Gonna Do It [add]
03. Moon Coming Over the Hill [add]
04. Too Many Dirty Dishes lyrics
05. Keep on Moving [add]
06. Heart of Stone [add]
07. Gone Too Long [add]
08. Garbage Man [add]
09. Crawling King Snake lyrics
10. Louisiana Stule [add]
11. It Takes a Long Time [add]
12. Hot Tamale Baby [add]

Homesick for the Road (1999) 01. Deal with It [add]
02. Down in the Swamp [add]
03. Bop 'Til I Drop [add]
04. So Cold [add]
05. I Put a Spell on You [add]
06. Money [add]
07. Luberta [add]
08. I Can't Afford My Self [add]
09. I've Been Mistreated [add]
10. Night Life [add]
11. Still Called the Blues [add]
12. Homesick for the Road [add]

These Blues Are All Mine (1999) 01. I'm Tired [add]
02. Crosscut Saw [add]
03. These Blues Are All Mine [add]
04. Lights Are on, But Nobody's Home [add]
05. Raided That Joint [add]
06. Crawfishin' [add]
07. Mother Earth [add]
08. Don't Lose Your Cool [add]
09. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) [add]
10. Twenty-Nine Ways to My Baby's Door [add]
11. Keep Yourself from Crying Too [add]
12. Travelin' South [add]
13. Bayou Boogie [add]

Wetlands (2002) 01. Fast and Free [add]
02. Stackolina [add]
03. I Got Loaded [add]
04. Muddy Bottom Blues [add]
05. When a Cajun Man Gets the Blues [add]
06. Too Sweet for Me [add]
07. Down in the Swamp [add]
08. These Arms of Mine [add]
09. Dog Hill [add]
10. Her Mind Is Gone [add]
11. Loves Lips [add]
12. Let Love Take Control [add]
13. Georgia [add]

Whiskey Store (2002) 01. I Ain't Broke [add]
02. Whiskey Store [add]
03. Away, Away Too Long [add]
04. Strange Things Happen [add]
05. Nice and Warm [add]
06. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [add]
07. Unknown Legend [add]
08. Bad Luck Blues [add]
09. Freddy's Combo [add]
10. The Last Time [add]
11. Bone Pickin' [add]

The Sea Saint Sessions (2003) 01. Baby Blue [add]
02. Boat Launch Baby [add]
03. Sufferin' Mind [add]
04. Hustlin' Down in New Orleans [add]
05. Solid Simple Thing lyrics
06. What I Have to Do lyrics
07. Monk's Blues [add]
08. Making the Bend [add]
09. Howlin' for My Darlin' [add]
10. Darkness lyrics
11. Plareen Man [add]

Whiskey Store Live (2004) 01. Freddy's Combo [add]
02. I Got Loaded [add]
03. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat [add]
04. Bone Pickin' [add]
05. Away, Way Too Long [add]
06. Strange Things Happen [add]
07. Bayou Boogie [add]
08. These Arms of Mine [add]
09. Whiskey Store [add]

Fever for the Bayou (2005) 01. Night Train [add]
02. Little Girl Blues [add]
03. I Smell a Rat [add]
04. Fever for the Bayou [add]
05. Lost in Your Lovin' [add]
06. Golden Crown [add]
07. I Can't Hold Out [add]
08. The Blues Is Here to Stay lyrics
09. Got Love If You Want It [add]
10. Blues So Bad [add]
11. My Bucket's Got a Hole in It [add]

Voice of the Wetlands (2005) 01. Bayou Breeze [add]
02. Louisiana Sunshine [add]
03. Clean Water [add]
04. Lightning and Thunder [add]
05. Kiddin' Me [add]
06. Heart of Stone [add]
07. We Ain't Gonna Lose No More (Without a Fight) [add]
08. Weary Silent Night [add]
09. We Make a Good Gumbo [add]
10. Louisiana Man [add]
11. Me Donkey Want Water [add]

Brother to the Blues (2006) 01. Pack It Up [add]
02. Bring It on Home to Me [add]
03. Brother to the Blues [add]
04. Why Are People Like That? [add]
05. I'm on Your Side [add]
06. I Heard That Lonesome Whistle [add]
07. If You Love Me Like You Say [add]
08. Comin' on Strong [add]
09. So High [add]
10. Grace's Song [add]
11. Moon Coming Over the Hill [add]
12. Somehow [add]
13. Can't Do One More Two-Step [add]

Power of the Pontchartrain (2007) 01. Don't Make No Sense [add]
02. Good to Ya, Baby [add]
03. Shelter Me [add]
04. Power of the Pontchartrain [add]
05. For What It's Worth [add]
06. Midnight and Lonesome [add]
07. Sac-Au-Lait Fishing [add]
08. Somebody's Got to Go [add]
09. I'm Guilty of Lovin' You [add]
10. Addicted [add]
11. One Foot in the Bayou [add]

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