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Meredith d'Ambrosio lyrics
Genre: Vocal
Lost in His Arms (0000) 01. I Got Lost in His Arms [add]
02. Baltimore Oriole [add]
03. Land Where the Good Songs Go [add]
04. In Love in Vain [add]
05. Alone Together [add]
06. It Never Entered My Mind [add]
07. Once in a Blue Moon [add]
08. Blame It On My Youth [add]
09. Rip Van Winkle [add]
10. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye [add]
11. Never Never Land [add]
12. I Get Along Without You Very Well [add]
13. Up Jumped Spring [add]
14. Spring Is Here [add]
15. Funny Girl [add]

Another Time (0000) 01. All of Us in It Together [add]
02. Aren't You Glad You're You [add]
03. It's So Peaceful in the Country [add]
04. Rain, Rain (Don't Go 'Way) [add]
05. Dear Bix [add]
06. Lazy Afternoon [add]
07. Where's the Child I Used to Hold? [add]
08. Love Is a Simple Thing [add]
09. You Aee There [add]
10. While We're Young [add]
11. Small Day Tomorrow [add]
12. A Child Is Born [add]
13. The Piano Player (A Thousand and One Saloons) [add]
14. Someday My Prince Will Come [add]
15. Such a Lonely Girl Am I [add]
16. Wheelers and Dealers [add]
17. I Was Doing All Right [add]
18. Skylark [add]

Little Jazz Bird (0000) 01. Little Jazz Bird [add]
02. The Win of May [add]
03. There's a Lull in My Life [add]
04. I'll Only Miss Him When I Think of Him [add]
05. How Is Your Wife [add]
06. Self Defense Waltz [add]
07. Cliches [add]
08. Spring in Manhattan [add]
09. Songbird [add]
10. Our Love Rolls On [add]
11. When the End Comes [add]
12. The Christmas Waltz [add]

It's Your Dance (0000) 01. Giant Steps [add]
02. Once upon a Tempo [add]
03. Listen Little Girl [add]
04. Devil May Care [add]
05. August Moon [add]
06. Nobody Else But Me [add]
07. Humpty Dumpty Heart [add]
08. It's Your Dance [add]
09. The Underdog [add]
10. It Isn't So Good-It Couldn't Be Better [add]
11. Off Again, On Again [add]
12. No One Remembers But Me [add]
13. Miss Harper Goes Bizarre [add]
14. Strange Meadowlark [add]

The Cove (0000) 01. The Cove [add]
02. Cross Me off Your List [add]
03. Thunderstruck [add]
04. How Deep Is the Ocean? [add]
05. Starlight, Starbright [add]
06. Born Too Late [add]
07. It Might as Well Be Spring [add]
08. Lotus Blossom [add]
09. In the Days of Our Love [add]
10. Time to Say Goodbye [add]
11. Turn Out the Stars [add]
12. Everybody's Song But Not My Own [add]
13. Wake Me When It's Over [add]
14. It Could Happen to You [add]
15. Everybody Knows [add]

Love Is Not a Game (0000) 01. Daybreak [add]
02. In April [add]
03. Autumn Serenade [add]
04. Young and Foolish [add]
05. I Love You/You I Love [add]
06. Quiet Now [add]
07. Get Used to It Baby [add]
08. That Old Sweet Song [add]
09. Heaven Scent [add]
10. All or Nothing at All [add]
11. This Lament [add]
12. Indian Summer [add]
13. Peace [add]
14. Oh! Look at Me Now. But Now Look at Me [add]
15. Love Is Not a Game [add]

Sleep Warm (0000) 01. Sleep Warm [add]
02. Sleep, Baby, Sleep [add]
03. Tip Toe Night [add]
04. Star Wish [add]
05. All Through the Night [add]
06. Night [add]
07. Baby Bunting [add]
08. Rock-A-Bye Baby [add]
09. Billy Boy [add]
10. Emmalyne [add]
11. Close Your Eyes [add]
12. The Starlighter [add]
13. Be a Child [add]
14. The Answers [add]
15. Go Tell Aunt Rhody [add]
16. The Night Will Never Stay [add]
17. Grow Tall My Son [add]
18. Evening Is a Little Boy [add]
19. Hit the Road to Dreamland [add]
20. Lullaby of the Leaves [add]
21. Russian Lullaby [add]

Silent Passion (0000) 01. Long Ago (And Far Away) [add]
02. Silent Passion [add]
03. I Got Lost in His Arms [add]
04. Knight in Shining Karma [add]
05. All Through the Day [add]
06. Spring Isn't Everything [add]
07. Don't Take Your Love from Me/A Skyful of Teardrops [add]
08. No Solution [add]
09. The Thrill Is Gone [add]
10. Where Are You? [add]
11. The Shining Sea [add]
12. Motherland [add]

South to a Warmer Place (1989) 01. The Touch of Your Lips [add]
02. I Can Dream, Can't I? [add]
03. 'Tain't No Use [add]
04. Dream Dancing [add]
05. He Was Too Good to Me [add]
06. You're My Inspiration [add]
07. Someday I'll Find You [add]
08. Morning [add]
09. You Better Go Now [add]
10. My Shining Hour [add]
11. Nightingale [add]
12. You Are the Life of Me [add]
13. Ev'rything I Love [add]
14. More Than You Know [add]
15. When a Woman Loves a Man [add]
16. Tristeza de Amar [add]
17. South to a Warmer Place [add]

Shadowland (1993) 01. Alone Together/Solitary Two [add]
02. Zigeuner [add]
03. A Rainy Afternoon [add]
04. I Should Care/The Sheepcounter's Lament [add]
05. Shadowland [add]
06. You've Changed/You've Altered Your Attitude [add]
07. Dans une Humeur Mineure (In a Minor Mood) [add]
08. Fools Rush In/This Rushin' Fool [add]
09. In My Uncertain World [add]
10. Ces Jours Tranquilles [add]
11. You Leave Me Breathless/A Breath of Spring [add]
12. Amazon Lily [add]

Beware of Spring! (1995) 01. I Fall in Love Too Easily/ Cauliflower Soul [add]
02. Fools Fall in Love [add]
03. Beware of Spring [add]
04. Get Lost/Get Out of Town [add]
05. I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do [add]
06. Moon Dreams [add]
07. Estate (That Summer) [add]
08. Summer of My Life [add]
09. Dearly Beloved/Clearly Beloved [add]
10. Through a Long and Sleepless Night [add]
11. Give It Time [add]
12. After Awhile [add]
13. I Had the Craziest Dream/I Can't Wait to Tell You [add]
14. No One Knows [add]

Echo of a Kiss (1998) 01. When Lights Are Low [add]
02. Without Reason, Without Rhyme [add]
03. Beautiful Love/Gorgeous Creature [add]
04. My Romance [add]
05. Blue in Green [add]
06. Once Upon a Full Moon Night [add]
07. Chance With a Ghost/I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You [add]
08. April Fooled Me [add]
09. Time Remembered [add]
10. Black Butterfly [add]
11. Why Do I Still Dream of You? [add]
12. Echo of a Kiss [add]
13. Snowfall [add]
14. Where Were You at Christmas? [add]

Out of Nowhere (2000) 01. Out of Nowhere [add]
02. All This and Heaven Too [add]
03. On the Bumpy Road to Love [add]
04. My Foolish Heart [add]
05. The Song Is Ended [add]
06. Easy Come, Easy Go [add]
07. What's Your Story, Morning Glory? [add]
08. Isn't That the Thing to Do? [add]
09. Dance Only with Me [add]
10. Stoppin' the Clock [add]
11. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
12. All in Fun [add]
13. I Will Follow Spring [add]

Love Is for the Birds (2001) 01. Cup of Life (Cup Bearers) [add]
02. Steppenwolf [add]
03. Rhyme of Spring (Poetic Spring) [add]
04. Valentine [add]
05. That Magic Rapture (Rapture) [add]
06. I May Be the One [add]
07. Don't Go (Josephine) [add]
08. Tell This Poor Fool [add]
09. Just a Dream (Falando de Orlando) [add]
10. Love Is for the Birds [add]
11. Beloved (Daahound) [add]
12. Blame It All on Spring [add]
13. Frishberg and Dorough [add]

Wishing on the Moon (2006) 01. Have You Noticed? [add]
02. I'd Do It All Again [add]
03. Don't Follow Me [add]
04. In the Glow of the Moon [add]
05. Melodious Funk [add]
06. Stay with Me [add]
07. Try as I May [add]
08. Wishing on the Moon [add]
09. Miracle of Spring [add]
10. Angels Without Their Wings [add]

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