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Liz Doherty lyrics
Genre: Folk
Last Orders (0000) 01. Popcorn Behaviour: Daisy Bell/Le 24 Juin/Popcorn Behaviour Reels [add]
02. Feed the Ducks: Rohan/Milltimber Jig/Feed the Ducks [add]
03. Jimmy's: Jimmy Lyon's/Ed Reavey's/The Falls of Altnarie [Highlands ...] [add]
04. Last Orders: Last Orders/Be It Known to You/Donnelly's Reels [add]
05. New Hands: Hickey's/Crabs in the Skillet/New Hands [add]
06. Monster's Stormy Blues: The Air Tune/Stormy Blues Reels [add]
07. Maid in Taiwan: Amuigh Ar an Mbóthar/The Palm ... [add]
08. The Swan: Planxty Joe Burke/The Swan (Hornpipes) [add]
09. All in Good Time: All in Good Time/Brown Ale/Miss Sarah McFadyen [add]
10. Mutt's Favourite: Lime Hill/Trip to Miriam's/The Jinkin' ... [add]
11. Earl Mitton's Breakdown: Calum and Lindsay/Annie Lawson/Whitefish ... [add]
12. Muck Vibe: Mince in a Basket/The Third Flight Home/Andy Broon's ... [add]

Racket in the Rectory (0000) 01. Lime Hall/Sarah's Fiddle/Laurel's Reel/The Mortgage Burn ... [add]
02. Gallagher's March/My Friend Sharon [add]
03. Krapulakatrilli [add]
04. The Unst Bridal March [add]
05. Kantara to El' Arish/Traditional Strathspey/The Trip to ... [add]
06. Untitled/Untitled/Cataroni [add]
07. The Reel Joy [add]
08. John Steven of Chance Inn/Ross' Reel No.4/Frank's Reel [Strathspey ...] [add]
09. Untitled/Untitled/Willa Fjord/Sleep Sound in Da Morning Reels [add]
10. Marni Swanson of the Grey Coast [add]
11. Armagh Breagh/Nettles in the Bed Reels [add]
12. A Travers La Bitre/La Cuisiniere/Reel de La Main Blanche Reels [add]
13. John Pellerine's Strathspey/David White's Reel/CBC's Glen and Carl [add]
14. Waiting for Emilie/Michael Turner's [add]

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