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Larry Pierce lyrics
Genre: Comedy
Nasty Country Songs (1995) 01. A Law Against Brassieres [add]
02. This Girl Makes Me Horny [add]
03. Front Row Tickets [add]
04. Her Old Love Letters [add]
05. If You Want Romance, Just [add]
06. She Dances 'Til She Glistens [add]
07. I've Known Lots of Women [add]
08. She Wore Me Out [add]
09. Fools Are a Dime a Dozen [add]
10. One Track Mind [add]

Songs for Studs (1995) 01. Do That Sexy Dance You Do [add]
02. Love Your Neighbor [add]
03. Make Your Daddy Happy [add]
04. Girlie Magazines [add]
05. On the Hood of a Car [add]
06. Don't Believe That Lie I Gave You [add]
07. The Sheriff Wore a Dress [add]
08. I Never Missed a Lick [add]
09. I Don't Want Another Wife [add]
10. Does It Say Gucci on Your Underwear? [add]

Dirty Old Man (1997) 01. Pretty Woman [add]
02. Hillbilly Girlfriend [add]
03. When the Carnival Came to Town [add]
04. Good Hard Screwing [add]
05. Porking You Is Always on My Mind [add]
06. Girls Were Made to Screw [add]
07. We Screwed in the Rain [add]
08. Pretty Cowgirl [add]
09. A Law Against Brassieres [add]
10. This Girl Makes Me Horny [add]
11. Front Row Ticket [add]
12. Her Old Love Letters [add]
13. If You Want Romance... [add]
14. She's a Nymphomaniac [add]
15. I'm a Prick (Fools Are a Dime a Dozen) [add]
16. Screw Your Brains Out (One Night Stand) [add]
17. Get It Through Your Head [add]
18. Gigolo [add]
19. Hike Your Skirt up Higher (Stank up the Whole Room) [add]
20. Don't Tell Anybody I Screwed You (Can I Buy You a Drink) [add]
21. Shriveled Up [add]
22. I Asked Her for a Date [add]

Pussy Whipped (2007) 01. Pussy Whipped [add]
02. Turn the Fuckin' Lights Out [add]
03. In a Heartbeat [add]
04. Sleep Right Next to Your Pussy [add]
05. Will You Swallow My Cum [add]
06. The Shit's Done Hit the Fan [add]
07. She Only Likes Girls [add]
08. Yeast Infection [add]
09. Scumbag [add]
10. Itty Bitty Titty Louise [add]
11. Barter Fuckin' [add]
12. Worthless Cunt [add]
13. Every Time I Shit [add]
14. High Maintenance Girl [add]
15. My Pecker Started Talking' Again [add]

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