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DJ Lace lyrics
Genre: Electronica
Electric Kingdom, Vol. 1 (1999) 01. Get High [add]
02. Feels So Good [add]
03. Space Is the Place [add]
04. Dis D.J. [add]
05. To the Funky Beat [add]
06. Reach for the Sky [add]
07. Fusion (Swang That Body) [add]
08. Turntable Terrorism [add]
09. Believe [add]
10. Ruff-N-Tuff [add]

Electric Kingdom, Vol. 2 (2005) 01. Pass the Ghanja Pon Da Right [add]
02. Diggy Down [add]
03. Those Little Things You Do [add]
04. Cotton Candy Kisses [Trance Mix] [add]
05. The DJ's Girl [add]
06. Let It Move You [add]
07. Digital Pimp [add]
08. Thank Your DJS [add]
09. Hard Tech [add]
10. Everybody on the Dancefloor [add]
11. Among the Pure [add]
12. Piano and Joint [add]
13. P-Whipped [add]

The Electronic Empire Album (2005) 01. Lagrimas Tristes - Alexandra Marin [add]
02. London's Calling Me - DJ Lace Feat. Beck Bock [add]
03. Sondos - Haveck [add]
04. Sexy Aha - DJ Lace [add]
05. Cotton Candy Kisses - DJ Lace Feat. Amarilis [add]
06. Duck Job - Haveck [add]
07. Discoteque - DJ Lace Feat. Skyler Wheely [add]
08. Feels Like Lemon Drops -DJ Lace Feat. Amarilis [add]
09. I Need You to Love Me - DJ Lace Feat. Angel [add]
10. Pray for Pills - Shane Fontane [Cowboy's Back Mix] [add]
11. Fantasize - Shane Fontane [Skyler Wheely Mix] [add]

Make the Cars Go Boom (2005) 01. Bass Power [add]
02. Android Power [add]
03. Bass, Can U Feel It? [add]
04. High Energy [add]
05. Shake That Money Maker [add]
06. Make the Cars Go Boom [add]
07. Mastermind [add]
08. Beef in the... [add]
09. Bass Love [add]
10. Bass Wipeout [add]
11. Candela [Booty Mix] [add]
12. Bass Massage [add]
13. Damage Alert [add]
14. No Competition [add]
15. The Sound of Bass [add]
16. Let It Move You [add]
17. Now Here's My Bass [add]
18. Def Beat [Techno Reggae Mix] [add]

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