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Genre: Vocal
I'm Not My Brother, I'm Me (0000) 01. Clown Town [add]
02. Where Did Everyone Go?/How Did She Look? [add]
03. How Did She Look? [add]
04. Home Fried Potatoes [add]
05. Overjoyed [add]
06. I Just Found Out About Love [add]
07. Like a Quiet Storm [add]
08. Brandy [add]
09. Sunday, Monday or Always [add]
10. More Than Likely [add]
11. To Whom It May Concern [add]
12. Funny (Not Much) [add]
13. The Best Man [add]
14. He Was King [add]
15. Nat Cole Medley: Straighten Up and Fly Right/Sweet Morraine/Mona Lisa [add]
16. I'm Not My Brother, I'm Me [add]

This Is the Life (0000) 01. Easy to Love [add]
02. Somewhere Down the Line [add]
03. A Place in the Sun (Movin' On) [add]
04. Sunday Kind of Love [add]
05. Sweet Beginnings [add]
06. I Loved You for a Minute [add]
07. When Love Is Looking Your Way [add]
08. Don't Change Your Mind About Me [add]
09. This Is the Life [add]

A Circle of Love (0000) 01. You're Nice to Be Around [add]
02. Manha de Carnaval [add]
03. They Didn't Believe Me [add]
04. (How Little It Matters) How Little We Know [add]
05. I Wonder Who My Daddy Is [add]
06. A Circle of Love [add]
07. Never Let Me Go [add]
08. All Too Soon [add]
09. If I Had You [add]
10. Angel Eyes [add]
11. Temptation [add]
12. September Morn' [add]

To the Ends of the Earth (0000) 01. To the Ends of the Earth [add]
02. I Didn't Mean to Love You lyrics
03. In the Still of the Night [add]
04. Candy [add]
05. For All We Know [add]
06. I'll Buy You a Star [add]
07. You Don't Have to Say You're Sorry [add]
08. One at a Time [add]
09. Once You've Been in Love [add]
10. Love Walked In [add]
11. Medley: Two for the Road/Close Enough for Love [add]
12. Should've Been [add]
13. I'll Be Seeing You [add]

Live at Birdland West (1992) 01. My Hat's on the Side of My Head [add]
02. I Almost Lost My Mind [add]
03. Am I Blue [add]
04. Pretend [add]
05. Walkin' My Baby Back Home [add]
06. This Heart of Mine [add]
07. Send for Me [add]
08. Somewhere Along the Way [add]
09. Ballerina [add]
10. I'm Not My Brother, I'm Me [add]
11. He Was the King [add]
12. Copacabana Ripple [add]

Always (1994) 01. Isn't She Lovely [add]
02. You Must Believe in Spring [add]
03. The Rose [add]
04. Remember [add]
05. I'm a Fool to Want You [add]
06. If [add]
07. Maybe You'll Be There [add]
08. Until It's Time for You to Go [add]
09. Count to Ten [add]
10. Interlude [add]
11. This Is Always [add]

I Want a Smile for Christmas (1994) 01. I Want a Smile for Christmas [add]
02. Jingle Bells [add]
03. White Christmas [add]
04. Blue Christmas [add]
05. A Cradle in Bethlehem [add]
06. Jack Frost Snow [add]
07. O Little Town of Bethlehem [add]
08. The Christmas Song [add]
09. Jingles, the Christmas Cat [add]
10. Old Days Old Times Old Friends [add]
11. Silent Night [add]

It's Crazy, But I'm in Love (1996) 01. Mett Me at No Special Place [add]
02. That's All [add]
03. My Hat's on the Side of My Head [add]
04. An Affair to Remember [add]
05. What Does It Take to Make You Take to Me? [add]
06. Send for Me [add]
07. Where Can I Go Without You? [add]
08. It's Crazy (But I'm in Love) [add]
09. My Silent Love [add]
10. As Long as I'm Singing [add]
11. An Old Piano Plays the Blues [add]
12. My Heart Stood Still [add]
13. You're Sensational [add]
14. (Oh! Oh!) What Do You Know About Love? [add]

Live at Vartan Jazz (1996) 01. A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening [add]
02. Strange [add]
03. It Could Happen to You [add]
04. Miss Otis Regrets [add]
05. You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To [add]
06. Home Fried Potatoes [add]
07. A Blossom Fell [add]
08. Something Happens to Me [add]
09. Medley: Tenderly/Stardust/Autumn Leaves/Fascination/Around the World [add]
10. Love Is a Many Splender Thing [add]
11. You've Let Yourself Go [add]
12. You're Bringing Out the Dreamer in Me [add]
13. Sometimes I'm Happy [add]
14. I Remember You [add]
15. Waiting for Monk (Keep Jazz Alive) [add]

Love Makes the Changes (1998) 01. Love Makes the Changes [add]
02. On My Way to You [add]
03. Wonder Why [add]
04. The Right to Love [add]
05. Alone With My Thoughts of You [add]
06. A Sinner Kissed an Angel [add]
07. Brother, Where Are You [add]
08. Do You Know Why? [add]
09. Just the Way You Are [add]
10. Like a Quiet Storm [add]

Le Grand Freddy (1999) 01. I Will Wait for You [add]
02. How Do You Keep the Music Playing? [add]
03. I Will Say Goodbye [add]
04. One at a Time [add]
05. Once upon a Summertime [add]
06. The Windmills of Your Mind [add]
07. Make the World Your Own [add]
08. On My Way to You [add]
09. Love Makes the Changes [add]
10. Once You've Been in Love [add]
11. You Must Believe in Spring [add]

Merry-Go-Round (2000) 01. Watching You, Watching Me [add]
02. It's Impossible [add]
03. Merry-Go-Round [add]
04. I Remember You [add]
05. Forgive My Heart [add]
06. Through a Long and Sleepless Night [add]
07. If You Went Away [add]
08. Take a Little Time to Smile [add]
09. I Realize Now/I Miss You So [add]
10. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [add]
11. You're Sensational [add]

Rio de Janeiro Blue (2001) 01. Rio de Janeiro Blue [add]
02. I Concentrate on You [add]
03. Delirio [add]
04. Invitation [add]
05. Words Can't Describe [add]
06. Wild Is Love [add]
07. Yellow Days [add]
08. Sem Voce [add]
09. Something Happens to Me [add]
10. There I've Said It Again [add]
11. To Say Goodbye [add]

In the Name of Love (2003) 01. Harbor Lights [add]
02. Just to See Her Again [add]
03. Have I Told You Lately [add]
04. In the Name of Love [add]
05. Remember Me [add]
06. I'm Not Alone (Anjo de Mim) lyrics
07. Save a Little Time for Me [add]
08. When It Rains [add]
09. Lady Love [add]
10. I Can't Make You Love Me lyrics
11. I Loved You [add]

Waiter, Ask the Man to Play the Blues (2004) 01. Waiter, Ask the Man to Play the Blues [add]
02. Black Night [add]
03. Rain Is Such a Lonesome Sound [add]
04. Bye Bye Baby [add]
05. Just a Dream [add]
06. Muddy Water Blues [add]
07. Black Coffee [add]
08. The Joke Is on Me [add]
09. I Wonder [add]
10. This Life I'm Living [add]
11. Blues Before Sunrise [add]
12. I'm All Alone [add]

This Love of Mine (2005) 01. What Now My Love? [add]
02. I Was Wrong [add]
03. Still [add]
04. This Love of Mine [add]
05. The Continental [add]
06. But for Now [add]
07. That Old Feeling [add]
08. Out in the Cold Again [add]
09. You and I [add]
10. On the South Side of Chicago [add]

Because of You (2006) 01. Getting Some Fun Out of Life [add]
02. Blame It on My Youth [add]
03. Because of You [add]
04. All for You (Nuages) [add]
05. If I Ruled the World [add]
06. What Are You Afraid Of? [add]
07. You're My Thrill [add]
08. I Got Lost in Her Arms [add]
09. The Gentle Rain [add]
10. If We Never Meet Again [add]

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