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Frances Langford lyrics
Genre: Vocal
I'm in the Mood for Love (1997) 01. I'm in the Mood for Love [add]
02. I Feel a Song Coming On [add]
03. Is It True What They Say About Dixie? [add]
04. Easy to Love [add]
05. Rap Tap on Wood [add]
06. Swingin' the Jinx Away [add]
07. Was It Rain? [add]
08. So Many Memories [add]
09. I'm Getting Sentimental over You [add]
10. Please Be Kind [add]
11. At Long Last Love [add]
12. I Won't Tell a Soul [add]
13. Gypsy Love Song [add]
14. Get Out of Town [add]
15. Falling in Love With Love [add]
16. Moonglow [add]
17. Blue Moon [add]
18. When You Wish Upon a Star [add]
19. In the Cool of the Evening [add]
20. In Waikiki [add]
21. Tropical Magic [add]
22. Serenade in Blue [add]
23. Why Do I Love You? [add]
24. At Last [add]

Sweet Heartache (1999) 01. A Kiss in the Dark [add]
02. Nasty Man [add]
03. Why Do I Love You? [add]
04. Palms of Paradise [add]
05. With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair [add]
06. Falling in Love With Love [add]
07. When You Wish upon a Star [add]
08. This Can't Be Love [add]
09. Hurry Home [add]
10. Serenade in Blue [add]
11. 'Neath the Southern Moon [add]
12. Easy to Love [add]
13. Two Dreams Met [add]
14. At Last [add]
15. You Hi-De-Hi-Ing Me [add]
16. You're Nearer [add]
17. A Little Love, a Little Kiss [add]
18. Echoes of Hawaii [add]
19. Smilin' Thru [add]
20. Our Love Affair [add]
21. Sweet Heartache [add]
22. Then You've Never Been Blue [add]
23. I'm Getting Sentimental over You [add]
24. Was It Rain? [add]

Serenade (2000) 01. Red Sails in the Sunset [add]
02. The Last Rose of Summer [add]
03. Serenade [add]
04. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man [add]
05. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams [add]
06. I've Got You Under My Skin [add]
07. Night and Day [add]
08. Then You've Never Been Blue [add]
09. The Shortest Day of the Year [add]
10. Little Grey Home in the West [add]
11. You Have Cast Your Shadow on the Sea [add]
12. Tears from My Inkwell [add]
13. Paradise [add]
14. Carry Me Back to Old Virginny [add]
15. You Hit the Spot [add]
16. My Cabin of Dreams [add]
17. Will I Ever Know? [add]
18. Stormy Weather [add]
19. Swingin' the Jinx Away [add]
20. Deep Shadows [add]
21. The Hills of Old Wyoming [add]
22. Blue Evening [add]
23. The Moon Was Yellow [add]
24. Passing Fancy [add]
25. You Belong to My Heart [add]

Sweetheart of Song (2001) 01. At Last [add]
02. You Made Me Love You [add]
03. You'll Never Know [add]
04. These Foolish Things [Duet] [add]
05. I'm in the Mood for Love [add]
06. Our Waltz [add]
07. There Goes That Song Again [add]
08. Sleigh Ride in July [add]
09. Night and Day [add]
10. Symphony/Closing [add]

So Many Memories (2001) 01. Speaking Confidentially [add]
02. A Melody from the Sky [add]
03. Silhouetted in the Moonlight [add]
04. I Don't Want to Make History [add]
05. Rap Tap on Wood [add]
06. You Are My Lucky Star [add]
07. Sweet Someone [add]
08. Harbour Lights [add]
09. Swingin' the Jinx Away [add]
10. Let's Call a Heart a Heart/So Do I [add]
11. Pennies from Heaven [add]
12. Sweet Heartache [add]
13. I'm Falling in Love With Someone [add]
14. So Many Memories [add]
15. Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks [add]
16. Am I Blue? [add]
17. If It's the Last Thing I Do [add]
18. Everything You Said Came True [add]
19. Say It (Over and Over Again) [add]
20. Baia [add]
21. When Did You Leave Heaven? [add]
22. Night and Day [add]

April in My Heart (2005) 01. Hold My Hand [add]
02. Farewell My Love [add]
03. It's Like Reaching for the Moon [add]
04. Once in a While [add]
05. At Your Beck and Call [add]
06. The Man with the Mandolin [add]
07. Dream Girl of Pi K.A. [add]
08. Body and Soul [add]
09. Blue Tahitian Moon [add]
10. April in My Heart [add]
11. Bill [add]
12. Baltimore Oriole [add]
13. Our Waltz [add]
14. Pretty Soon [add]
15. Everytime We Say Goodbye [add]
16. Close as Pages in a Book [add]
17. Love Me or Leave Me [add]
18. Oh, But I Do [add]
19. I Like Mike [add]
20. A Little White Gardenia [add]
21. Blue Moon [add]
22. Time on My Hands [add]
23. Tangerine [add]
24. Over the Rainbow [add]

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