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Genre: Vocal
Crimes of the Heart (1990) 01. Crimes of the Heart [add]
02. You Look Just Like a Girl Again [add]
03. Sabotage [add]
04. Changing with the Years [add]
05. Ruby [add]
06. Und Wenn Er Wiederkommt [add]
07. Wherever the Dream Takes Me [add]
08. That's the Easy Part [add]
09. The Other Side of Me [add]
10. Small Touches of You [add]
11. Envie d'Amour [add]

Sings Kurt Weill (1992) 01. Ballad of Sexual Dependency [add]
02. Lottery Agent [add]
03. Nanna's Song [add]
04. Moritat [add]
05. Je Ne T'Aime Pas [add]
06. I'm a Stranger to Myself [add]
07. Mack the Knife [add]
08. Alabama Song [add]
09. Fennimore's Lied [add]
10. Casars Tod [add]

The Michael Nyman Songbook (1992) 01. Six Celan Songs/Chanson Einer Dame im Schatten [add]
02. Six Celan Songs/Es War Erde in Ihnen [add]
03. Six Celan Songs/Psalm [add]
04. Six Celan Songs/Corona [add]
05. Six Celan Songs/N?chtlich Gesch?rzt [add]
06. Six Celan Songs/Blume [add]
07. Ariel Songs/Come and Go [add]
08. Ariel Songs/While You Here Do Snoring Lie [add]
09. Ariel Songs/Full Fathom Five [add]
10. I Am an Unusual Thing [add]
11. L' Orgie Parisienne/Allez! On Pr?viendra Les Reflux d'Incendie [add]
12. L' Orgie Parisienne/Quand Tes Pieds Ont Dans? [add]

Illusions (1993) 01. Want to Buy Some Illusions [add]
02. Ich Bin Die Fesche Lola (They Call Me Naughty Lola) [add]
03. Les Feuilles Mortes [add]
04. Padam [add]
05. Elle Fr?quentait la Rue Pigalle [add]
06. Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss Auf Liebe Eingestellt (Falling in Love Agai) [add]
07. Black Market [add]
08. T'Es Beau, Tu Sais [add]
09. Jonny, Ween du Geburtstag Hast [add]
10. L' Accord?oniste [add]
11. 'Round Midnight [add]
12. La Vie en Rose [add]
13. Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien [add]
14. Want to Buy Some Illusions [add]

Sings Kurt Weill, Vol. 2 (1993) 01. Bilbao-Song [add]
02. Surabaya - Johnny [add]
03. Was Die Herren Matrosen Sagen [add]
04. Der Song von Mandelay [add]
05. Das Lied Vom Branntweinhandler [add]
06. Youkali [add]
07. Les Filles de Bordeaux [add]
08. Le Train di Ciel [add]
09. Le Grand Lustucru [add]
10. Le Roi d'Aquitane [add]
11. J'Attends un Navire [add]
12. One Life to Live [add]
13. A Saga of Jenny [add]
14. My Ship [add]

City of Strangers (1995) 01. Losing My Mind [add]
02. Barbara [add]
03. Allein in Einer Gro?en Stadt [add]
04. J'Attends [add]
05. The Ladies Who Lunch [add]
06. Immense and Red Medley: Finde Day/La Belle Saison/Another Hundred Peo [add]
07. Lili Marleen/Death Is a Master from Germany [add]
08. Being Alive [add]
09. D?jeuner du Matin [add]
10. Die Kleptomanin [add]
11. Embrasse-Moi [add]
12. Der Graben [add]
13. Immense et Rouge Medley: The Garden/Sunday [add]

Nuits ?tranges (1997) 01. R?ve Avec Moi [add]
02. Vie Aim?e [add]
03. Danseur de Nuit [add]
04. Gipsies [add]
05. Avec Toi [add]
06. M?me Si la Terre Explose [add]
07. Tian an Men [add]
08. L' Orgie Blanche [add]
09. Les Fleurs du Mal [add]
10. Trouble Man [add]
11. Des Promesses [add]
12. Fil? Comme un Collant [add]

Berlin Cabaret Songs (1997) 01. It's All a Swindle [add]
02. Sex Appeal [add]
03. Peter, Peter [add]
04. The Smart Set [add]
05. When the Special Girlfriend lyrics
06. I Am a Vamp! [add]
07. L' Heure Bleue [add]
08. Take It Off Petronella! [add]
09. Chuck Out the Men! [add]
10. The Washed Up Lover [add]
11. O Just Suppose [add]
12. I Don't Know Who I Belong To [add]
13. The Lavender Song [add]
14. Maskulinum/Femininum [add]
15. A Little Attila [add]
16. A Little Yearning [add]
17. Oh, How We Wish That We Were Kids Again [add]
18. M?nchhausen [add]

Espace Indecent (1997) 01. Parler d'Amour [add]
02. Quand Tu Sortiras [add]
03. La Malle Etait Fermee [add]
04. Espace Indecent [add]
05. La Peur [add]
06. Le Vague a Femme [add]
07. Mes Deuz Amants [add]
08. Dors Mon Etranger [add]
09. Le Peitit Prince [add]
10. Cet Enfant Que Je Porte [add]
11. Il Neige Sur Venise [add]

Life Is a Cabaret (1998) 01. Willkommen [add]
02. Mein Herr [add]
03. Maybe This Time [add]
04. Don't Tell Mama [add]
05. Cabaret [add]
06. Non C'est Rien [add]
07. I Dreamed a Dream [add]
08. One Night Only [add]
09. Miss Celie's Blues [add]
10. Arthur's Theme [add]
11. The Rose [add]

Punishing Kiss (2000) 01. The Case Continues [add]
02. Tango Ballad lyrics
03. Passionate Fight [add]
04. Little Water Song [add]
05. Purple Avenue [add]
06. Streets of Berlin [add]
07. Split lyrics
08. Couldn't You Keep That to Yourself [add]
09. Punishing Kiss [add]
10. You Were Meant for Me [add]
11. The Part You Throw Away [add]
12. Scope J [add]

But One Day... (2002) 01. September Song [add]
02. I Surrender [add]
03. Speak Low [add]
04. Lena [add]
05. Ne Me Quitte Pas [add]
06. But One Day [add]
07. Buenos Aires [add]
08. Living Without You [add]
09. Oblivion [add]
10. Little Face [add]
11. Amsterdam [add]
12. Ballad of Marie Sanders, the Jew's Whore [add]
13. On Brecht - Epilogue [add]

Blood & Feathers: Live from the Caf? Carlyle (2005) 01. Pirate Jenny [add]
02. Milord [add]
03. Blood and Feathers [add]
04. The Ladies Who Lunch [add]
05. Moon Medley: Bilbao Song [add]
06. Moon Medley: Moon Dance [add]
07. Moon Medley: Moon Over Bourbon Street [add]
08. Moon Medley: Moon of Alabama [add]
09. Moon Medley: Moon at the Window [add]
10. Moon Medley: It's Only a Paper Moon [add]
11. Moon Medley: Grapefruit Moon [add]
12. Lili Marlene [add]
13. Muenchhausen/The Baron of the Lies [add]
14. Accordeoniste [add]
15. Cabaret Medley [add]

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