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Genre: Soundtrack
Henry V [Original Score] (1989) 01. Opening Title: O! For a Muse of Fire [add]
02. Henry V Theme: The Boar's Head [add]
03. The Three Traitors [add]
04. Now, Lords, for France! [add]
05. The Death of Falstaff [add]
06. Once More Unto the Breach [add]
07. The Threat to the Governor of Harfleur/Katherine of France/The March ... [add]
08. The Death of Bardolph [add]
09. Upon the King [add]
10. St. Crispin's Day/The Battle of Agincourt [add]
11. The Day Is Yours [add]
12. Non Nobis Domine [add]
13. The Wooing of Catherine [add]
14. Let This Acceptance Take [add]
15. End Title [add]

Dead Again (1991) 01. The Headlines [add]
02. Final Request [add]
03. A Walk Down Death Row [add]
04. The Woman With No Name [add]
05. Winter 1948 [add]
06. Two Halves of the Same Person [add]
07. It Never Rains in La [add]
08. I'm Not Roman [add]
09. Inga's Secrets [add]
10. Hightower House [add]
11. Fate Happens/Death of a Mad Son [add]
12. The Door Is Closed [add]
13. Dead Again [add]

Indochine (1992) 01. The Adoption [add]
02. The Burning Boat [add]
03. The First Rendezvous [add]
04. We're Two People [add]
05. The Thunder Storm [add]
06. Isle of the Dragon [add]
07. The Exodus [add]
08. Camille's Journey [add]
09. End of the Journey [add]
10. The Escape [add]
11. The Decision [add]
12. The Road to China [add]
13. Birth & Revolution [add]
14. Vietnamese Mothers [add]
15. The Coffin [add]
16. Elaine Finds Camille [add]
17. I No Longer Have a Past [add]
18. Indochine [add]
19. Tango [add]
20. Yvette's Waltz [add]
21. The Last Rumba [add]

Carlito's Way [Original Score] (1993) 01. Carlito's Way [add]
02. Carlito and Gail [add]
03. The Cafe [add]
04. Laline [add]
05. You're Over, Man [add]
06. Where's My Cheesecake? [add]
07. The Buoy [add]
08. The Elevator [add]
09. There's an Angle Here [add]
10. Grand Central [add]
11. Remember Me [add]

Much Ado About Nothing (1993) 01. The Picnic [add]
02. Overture [add]
03. The Sweetest Lady [add]
04. The Conspirators [add]
05. The Masked Ball [add]
06. The Prince Woos Hero [add]
07. A Star Danced [add]
08. Rich She Shall Be [add]
09. Sigh No More, Ladies [add]
10. The Gulling of Benedick [add]
11. It Must Be Requited [add]
12. The Gulling of Beatrice [add]
13. Contempt Farewell [add]
14. The Lady Is Disloyal [add]
15. Hero's Wedding [add]
16. Take Her Back Again [add]
17. Die to Live [add]
18. You Have Killed a Sweet Lady [add]
19. Choose Your Revenge [add]
20. Pardon, Goddess of the Night [add]
21. Did I Not Tell You [add]
22. Hero Revealed [add]
23. Benedick the Married Man [add]
24. Strike up the Pipers [add]

Needful Things (1993) 01. The Arrival [add]
02. To My Good Friend Brian [add]
03. Needful Things [add]
04. Brian's Deed [add]
05. More Deeds [add]
06. Art and the Minister [add]
07. Gaunt's Web [add]
08. Racing Towards Apple Throwing Time [add]
09. Nettie Finds Her Dog [add]
10. Ave Maria [Schubert's Serenade] [add]
11. Peer Gynt: Hall of the Mountain King [Grieg] [add]
12. Go Upstairs [add]
13. The Turning Point [add]
14. They Broke the Law [add]
15. The Devil's Here [add]
16. Just Blow Them Away [add]
17. End Titles [add]

Exit to Eden [Original Score] (1994) 01. Nina [add]
02. Shoot Out [add]
03. Follow That Cab [add]
04. Goodbye Dad [add]
05. The Arrival [add]
06. Eyes Straight [add]
07. The Temptation [add]
08. Fair Day [add]
09. Sheila in the Mirror [add]
10. Get with the Programme [add]
11. Streetscene [add]
12. The Bedroom [add]
13. Elliot & Lisa [add]
14. Excuse Me [add]
15. Tommy & Sheila [add]
16. Careless Love [add]
17. Dixie Time [add]

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994) 01. To Think of a Story [add]
02. What's Out There? [add]
03. There's an Answer [add]
04. I Won't If You Won't [add]
05. A Perilous Direction [add]
06. A Risk Worth Taking [add]
07. Victor Begins [add]
08. Even If You Die [add]
09. The Creation [add]
10. Evil Stitched to Evil [add]
11. The Escape [add]
12. The Reunion [add]
13. The Journal [add]
14. Friendless [add]
15. William! [add]
16. Death of Justine/Sea of Ice [add]
17. Yes I Speak [add]
18. God Forgive Me [add]
19. Please Wait [add]
20. The Honeymoon [add]
21. Thewedding Night [add]
22. Elizabeth [add]
23. She's Beautiful [add]
24. He Was My Father [add]

Sense and Sensibility (1995) 01. Weep You No More Sad Fountains [add]
02. A Particular Sum [add]
03. My Father's Favorite [add]
04. Preying Penniless Woman [add]
05. Devonshire [add]
06. Not a Beau for Miles [add]
07. All the Better for Her [add]
08. Felicity [add]
09. Patience [add]
10. Grant Me an Interview [add]
11. All the Delights of the Season [add]
12. Steam Engine [add]
13. Willoughby [add]
14. Miss Grey [add]
15. Excellent Notion [add]
16. Leaving London [add]
17. Combe Magna [add]
18. To Die for Love [add]
19. There Is Nothing Lost [add]
20. Throw the Coins [add]
21. The Dreame [add]

A Little Princess [Original Score] (1995) 01. Ramayana: A Morning Raga [add]
02. Children Running [add]
03. Cristina Elisa Waltz [add]
04. The Miss Minchin School for Girls [add]
05. Knowing You by Heart [add]
06. Breakfast [add]
07. Letter to Papa [add]
08. Angel Wings [add]
09. False Hope [add]
10. The Trenches [add]
11. Crewe and the Soldier [add]
12. Alone [add]
13. The Attic [add]
14. On Anothers Sorrow [add]
15. The Shawl [add]
16. Tyger, Tyger [add]
17. Compassion [add]
18. For the Princess [add]
19. Kindle My Heart [add]
20. The Locket Hunt [add]
21. Midnight Tiptoe [add]
22. I Am a Princess [add]
23. Just Make Believe [add]
24. Touched by an Angle [add]
25. Emilia Elopes [add]
26. The Escape [add]
27. Papa! [add]
28. The Goodbye [add]

Mrs. Winterbourne (1996) 01. Connie's Story [add]
02. Connie and Steve's Life [add]
03. Homeless Blues [add]
04. Train to Boston [add]
05. Where's My Baby [add]
06. Ride to the Mansion [add]
07. Bill's Tour of Boston [add]
08. You're a Winterbourne [add]
09. Wedding Prep Montage [add]
10. Steve's Back [add]
11. It's de Different [add]
12. Dead Steve [add]
13. Bill and Connie Come Clean [add]
14. Remembering New York [add]
15. Connie Tells Grace [add]
16. Connie's Song [add]

Hamlet [Original Score] (1996) 01. In Pace [add]
02. Fanfare [add]
03. All That Lives Must Die [add]
04. To Thine Own Self Be True [add]
05. The Ghost [add]
06. Give Me up the Truth [add]
07. What a Piece of Work Is a Man [add]
08. What Players Are They [add]
09. Out Out Thou Strumpet Fortune [add]
10. To Be or Not to Be [add]
11. I Loved You Once [add]
12. Oh, What a Noble Mind [add]
13. If Once a Widow [add]
14. Now Could I Drink Hot Blood [add]
15. A Foolish Prating Nave [add]
16. Oh Heavy Deed [add]
17. Oh Here They Come [add]
18. My Thoughts Be Bloody [add]
19. The Doors Are Broke [add]
20. And Will 'A Not Come Again? [add]
21. Alas Poor Yorick [add]
22. Sweets to the Sweet-Farewell [add]
23. Give Me Your Pardon Sir [add]
24. Part Them They Are Incensed [add]
25. Goodnight, Sweet Prince [add]
26. Go Bid the Soldiers Shoot [add]

Donnie Brasco [Original Score] (1997) 01. Lonely Man [add]
02. A Friend of Mine [add]
03. You Like the Moustache? [add]
04. New Car [add]
05. Donnie Gets Involved [add]
06. This Ain't New York [add]
07. Donnie & The Morman [add]
08. Mickey Mantle Arrives [add]
09. You Belong to Me Now [add]
10. Father and Son [add]
11. The Raid [add]
12. Dust off the Guns [add]
13. The Call [add]
14. The Shoot-Out [add]
15. Lefty Sees the Light [add]
16. Donnie's Taken Out [add]
17. The Real Donnie [add]
18. The Final Call [add]
19. Donnie and Lefty [add]

Great Expectations [Original Score] (1998) 01. Finn [add]
02. Crossing the Gulf [add]
03. Paradiso Perduto [add]
04. Estella's Theme [add]
05. Ain't Love Grand [add]
06. A Walk in the Park [add]
07. I Saw No Shadow of Another Parting [The Aria] [add]
08. Kissing in the Rain [add]
09. Joe Leaves [add]
10. The Day All My Dreams Came True [add]
11. Pyramid of Pain [add]
12. Planes on a Plane [add]
13. A Toast [add]
14. Benefactor [add]
15. Lusting Dies [add]
16. Paradiso Perduto Revisited [add]
17. It Was Just My Memory of It [add]
18. Price of Success [add]
19. Underfloor [add]
20. Besame Mucho [add]
21. By the Inch or by the Hour [add]
22. The Big Trip [add]

East West (2000) 01. Opening Titles [add]
02. Farewell of a Slav [add]
03. Arrival in Kiev [add]
04. Forgive Me [add]
05. Babouchka [add]
06. Jeopardy [add]
07. Smuglianka [add]
08. The Church [add]
09. You're Doing It for Us [add]
10. Betrayal [add]
11. Alebei and Olga [add]
12. The River [add]
13. The Race [add]
14. Madame Bovary [add]
15. I'll Never Forget You [add]
16. The Plan [add]
17. The Ciffs [add]
18. The Black Sea [add]
19. Nightingales [add]
20. La Mer [add]
21. You Must Stay Alive [add]
22. Farewell Tango [add]
23. The Escape [add]
24. Freedom [add]
25. The Land [add]

Gosford Park (2002) 01. Waltz of My Heart [add]
02. Mr. Parks [add]
03. Gosford Park [add]
04. Bored to Sobs [add]
05. The Shirt [add]
06. And Her Mother Came Too [add]
07. Walking to Shoot [add]
08. No Smoke Without Fire [add]
09. Scherzo in G [add]
10. I Can Give You the Starlight [add]
11. What a Duke Should Be [add]
12. Inspector Thompson [add]
13. Pull Yourself Together [add]
14. Life Goes On [add]
15. Secrets to Hide [add]
16. Only for a While [add]
17. Rather a Pasting [add]
18. Love Jam [add]
19. Why Isn't It You? [add]
20. The Way It's Meant to Be [add]
21. Carpe Diem [add]
22. Good Luck [add]
23. Your Boy's Alive [add]
24. The Land of Might-Have-Been [add]

Secondhand Lions (2003) 01. Main Titles [add]
02. The Trunk [add]
03. The Plunger [add]
04. Walter Runs Away [add]
05. Fireside Chat [add]
06. Foreign Legion [add]
07. Secondhand Arrival [add]
08. I Must Meet This Man [add]
09. Hub Meets Jasmine [add]
10. Hub Rescues Jasmine [add]
11. Lion Hunt [add]
12. Cornfield Jungle [add]
13. The Assasins [add]
14. Sheik Swordfight [add]
15. Goodnight Kid [add]
16. Waking Hub [add]
17. Died in Childbirth [add]
18. Be My Uncle [add]
19. Finding the Money [add]
20. Stan Lies to Walter [add]
21. She Was a Real Lion [add]
22. Walter Leaves [add]
23. Maybe You Don't [add]
24. Walter Comes Home [add]
25. Nice to Meet You [add]
26. Piano Suite [add]

Calendar Girls [Original Score] (2003) 01. I Find Your Love [add]
02. Jerusalem [add]
03. The Funeral [add]
04. Fantastic Tits [add]
05. March [add]
06. Bra's Off [add]
07. Sponsorship [add]
08. The Press [add]
09. Letters [add]
10. One More Hour [add]
11. Jerusalem [add]
12. The Way You Do the Things You Do [add]
13. You Upset Me Baby [add]
14. Comin' Home Baby [add]
15. Ride Your Pony [add]
16. Find Another Way [add]

Nouvelle France (2005) 01. Ouverture [add]
02. Bonjour Marie [add]
03. Les Hommes de Bigot [add]
04. Le Bal-Gavotte & Menuet [add]
05. Des ?toiles Dans Ma Tete [add]
06. L' Intervention d'Ang?lique [add]
07. La Lettre [add]
08. La Bataille de Qu?bec [add]
09. Nouvelle-France N'Est Plus [add]
10. Maillard et Marue-Loup [add]
11. Les Retrouvailles [add]
12. Bagarre Dans la Foret [add]
13. La Berceuse de Marie-Loup [add]
14. Le D?part de France [add]
15. Le Destin de Marie-Loup [add]
16. La Fin de l'Historie [add]
17. Ma Nouvelle France [add]

Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (2005) 01. The Story Continues [add]
02. Frank Dies [add]
03. The Quidditch World Cup [add]
04. The Dark Mark [add]
05. Foreign Visitors Arrives [add]
06. The Goblet of Fire [add]
07. Rita Skeeter [add]
08. Sirius Fire [add]
09. Harry Sees Dragons [add]
10. Golden Egg [add]
11. Neville's Waltz [add]
12. Harry in Winter [add]
13. Potter Waltz [add]
14. Underwater Secrets [add]
15. The Black Lake [add]
16. Hogwarts' March [add]
17. The Maze [add]
18. Voldemort [add]
19. Death of Cedric [add]
20. Another Year Ends [add]
21. Hogwarts' Hymn [add]
22. Do the Hippocriff [add]
23. This Is the Night [add]
24. Magic Works [add]

Nanny McPhee (2006) 01. They've Eaten the Baby! [add]
02. No More Nannies [add]
03. Secret Toast and Jam [add]
04. A Clockwork Mouse [add]
05. The Pink Chair [add]
06. I Did Knock [add]
07. Goodnight, Children [add]
08. Measle Medicine [add]
09. Soup du Jour [add]
10. I Smell Damp [add]
11. Barnyard Fashion [add]
12. Lord of the Donkeys [add]
13. The Girl in the Carriage [add]
14. Kites in the Sky [add]
15. The Room at the Top of the Stairs [add]
16. Toad in the Teapot [add]
17. Our Last Chance [add]
18. Mrs. Brown's Lullaby [add]
19. The Lady in Blue [add]
20. Bees and Cakes [add]
21. Snow in August [add]

Wah-Wah (2006) 01. Swaziland [add]
02. Lauren Leaves [add]
03. Train Away [add]
04. The Key [add]
05. The Shooting [add]
06. The Bridge [add]
07. Fabulous News [add]
08. Monica [add]
09. Goodbye Swaziland [add]
10. Independence [add]
11. Months to Live [add]
12. Harry Dies [add]
13. Ngatsi Ngisahamba [add]
14. Please Forgive Me [add]
15. Wah-Wah [add]

Eragon (2006) 01. Eragon [add]
02. Roran Leaves [add]
03. Saphira's First Flight [add]
04. Ra'zac [add]
05. Burning Farm [add]
06. Fortune Teller [add]
07. If You Were Flying [add]
08. Brom's Story [add]
09. Durza [add]
10. Passing the Flame [add]
11. Battle for Varden [add]
12. Together [add]
13. Saphira Returns [add]
14. Legend of Eragon [add]
15. Keep Holding On [add]
16. Once in Every Lifetime [add]

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