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Graeme Revell lyrics
Genre: Rock
Hard Target (1993) 01. Hunting Season Opens [add]
02. Natasha [add]
03. Chance and Carmen [add]
04. Streetfighting Van Damme [add]
05. Friends [add]
06. The Lark Descending [add]
07. Won't You Let Me Go? [add]
08. The Dove and the Garotte [add]
09. Motorcycle Chase [add]
10. New Orleans Mission [add]
11. On the Docks [add]
12. Mardi Gras Graveyard [add]
13. Miles to Go [add]
14. Fouchon's Death [add]
15. Epilogue [add]

Streetfighter [Original Soundtrack] (1994) 01. Showdown in Shadaloo [add]
02. Habanero (Vega and Ryu) [add]
03. Chun-Li Enters the Morgue [add]
04. Colonel Guile Addresses the Troops [add]
05. The Circus Tent [add]
06. General M. Bison [add]
07. Honda Is Tortured [add]
08. Bison Troopers Marching Song [add]
09. Chun Li's Story [add]
10. Dhalsim Reprograms Blanka [add]
11. The Stealth Boat Attack [add]
12. "Game Over" [add]
13. Chun Li and Bison [add]
14. Guile Discovers Blanka [add]
15. "Raise the Chamber" (Guile Attacks) [add]
16. Clash of the Titans (Honda and Zangief) [add]
17. Guile Faces Bison [add]
18. Vega and Sagat vs. Ken and Ryu [add]
19. Bison Dies [add]
20. The Aftermath [add]
21. Attitude Adjuster [add]

Craft [Score] (1996) 01. Ours Is the Power [add]
02. Bitches of Eastwick [add]
03. A Natural Witch [add]
04. Calling the Corners [add]
05. The Magic Store [add]
06. Bonnie [add]
07. Invocation [add]
08. The Glamour [add]
09. The Nightmare [add]
10. Behind the Curtain [add]
11. By the Power of 3 X 3 [add]
12. Sarah's Revenge [add]
13. Trouble With Snakes and Insects [add]
14. I Bind You, Nancy [add]
15. Lightning Strikes [add]

Vision 2: Spirit of Rumi (1997) 01. Seek in Your Heart [add]
02. Don't Go Back to Sleep [add]
03. The Ocean [add]
04. Eye Goes Blind (Aya) [add]
05. The Breath (The Color of Dying) [add]
06. The Center [add]
07. Lovers/At Night We Fall [add]
08. Nine Layers of Illusion [add]
09. Desert Dusk [add]
10. Don't Go Back to Sleep (Reprise) [add]
11. The Great Mystery [add]

Chinese Box (1998) 01. Chinese Box Theme [add]
02. Song for a Jolly Gathering [add]
03. Hong Kong [add]
04. I Hurt You Accidentally [add]
05. Chinese Box Theme [add]
06. Vedas [add]
07. Let Me Be Your Underwear [add]
08. Chinese Box Theme [add]
09. Rose, Rose, I Love You [add]
10. Black Market [add]
11. Across the Borderline [add]
12. Sunset [add]
13. Chinese Box Theme [add]

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