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Genre: Soundtrack
High Spirits (1989) 01. High Spirits Overture [add]
02. Prologue and Main Title/Castle Plunkett [add]
03. Plunkett's Lament/Prayers for Freedom [add]
04. Ghost Bus Tours [add]
05. Ghostly Reflections [add]
06. She Is Far from the Land [add]
07. Bumps in the Knight [add]
08. Mary Appears/Windstorm/A Night for Lovers [add]
09. I Could Love You, Sir Jack/Shower Surprise [add]
10. Knight Time at Castle Plunkett [add]
11. The Wedding Night/Jack Saves Mary [add]
12. Restless Spirits/The Seastorm [add]
13. Madness on All Hallows Eve [add]
14. Falling in Love [add]
15. The Lovers Dance (Finale) [add]

Final Analysis (1992) 01. Final Analysis (Front Titles) [add]
02. I Had the Dream Again [add]
03. The Rain's Stopped [add]
04. Do It [add]
05. The Day Lighthouse [add]
06. The Murder [add]
07. The Courtroom [add]
08. The Tea Room [add]
09. The Switch [add]
10. The Bay Marina [add]
11. The Kidnap [add]
12. The Night Lighthouse [add]

The Woodlanders (1998) 01. Prelude [add]
02. Opening Credits [add]
03. The Seed Dance [add]
04. Melbury's Timber Yard [add]
05. Grace Comes Home [add]
06. The Woodland [add]
07. The Party - 'Enrico' [add]
08. Fitzpiers and Miss Melbury [add]
09. Making Cider [add]
10. "Plead for My Own Husband?" [add]
11. Bittersweets [add]
12. Things Unsaid [add]
13. Neither Wife Nor Widow [add]
14. Grace Runs Away [add]
15. "Gone to Work" [add]
16. Getting the Doctor [add]
17. Giles' Death [add]
18. Leaving the Woodland [add]

Shanghai Vice (1999) 01. Shanghai Vice [add]
02. News from a Distant Land [add]
03. A Sense of Injustice [add]
04. The Deal [add]
05. Missing Schoolteacher [add]
06. Serial Killers [add]
07. Beyond the Clouds [add]
08. The Story So Far [add]

The Company of Wolves (2000) 01. The Message and Main Theme [add]
02. Rosaleen's First Dream [add]
03. The Story of the Bride and Groom/The Village Wedding/The Return of the ... [add]
04. The Forest and the Huntsman's Theme [add]
05. The Wedding Party [add]
06. The Wedding Part [add]
07. One Sunday Afternoon [add]
08. "All the Better to Eat You With"/Arriving at Granny's Cottage/The ... [add]
09. The Wolfgirl [add]
10. Liberation [add]

The Blue Planet: Music From the BBC TV Series [Koch] (2002) 01. The Blue Planet [add]
02. Sardine Run [add]
03. Spinning Dolphins [add]
04. Blue Whale [add]
05. Thimble Jelly Fish [add]
06. Surfing Snails [add]
07. Emperors [add]
08. Turtles [add]
09. Sharks [add]
10. Stingray [add]
11. Baitball [add]
12. The Deep Ocean [add]
13. Elephant Seal March [add]
14. Frozen Oceans [add]
15. Coral Wonder [add]
16. Killer Whales [add]

Stage Beauty (2004) 01. Betterton and Kinnerston [add]
02. In Less Than Three Hours [add]
03. Changing the Law [add]
04. Feelings Undeclared [add]
05. Riding Through St. James's [add]
06. The King Speaks [add]
07. The Proclamation [add]
08. The Dressing Room [add]
09. The Descent [add]
10. Exile [add]
11. The Rescue [add]
12. The Coach [add]
13. It Is the Cause [add]
14. Mrs. Hughes... [add]
15. Who Are You Now? [add]
16. End Title (Main Theme Reprise) [add]

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