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Dave Davies lyrics
Genre: Rock
AFL1-3603 (1980) 01. Where Do You Come From [add]
02. Doing the Best for You [add]
03. Visionary Dreamer [add]
04. Nothin' More to Lose [add]
05. The World Is Changing Hands [add]
06. Move Over [add]
07. See the Beast [add]
08. Imaginations Real [add]
09. In You I Believe [add]
10. Run [add]

Glamour (1981) 01. Is This the Only Way? [add]
02. Glamour [add]
03. Reveal Yourself [add]
04. World of Our Own [add]
05. Body [add]
06. Too Serious [add]
07. Telepathy [add]
08. 7th Channel [add]
09. Eastern Eyes [add]

Chosen People (1983) 01. Tapas [add]
02. Charity [add]
03. Mean Disposition [add]
04. Love Gets You [add]
05. Danger Zone [add]
06. True Story [add]
07. Take One More Chance [add]
08. Freedom Lies [add]
09. Matter of Decision [add]
10. Is It Any Wonder [add]
11. Fire Burning [add]
12. Chosen People [add]
13. Cold Winter [add]

The Album That Never Was (1987) 01. Death of a Clown [add]
02. Love Me Till the Sun Shines [add]
03. Suzannah's Still Alive [add]
04. Funny Face [add]
05. Lincoln County [add]
06. There Is No Life Without Love [add]
07. Hold My Hand [add]
08. Creepin' Jean [add]
09. Mindless Child of Motherhood [add]
10. This Man He Weeps Tonight [add]

Rock Bottom: Live at the Bottom Line (2000) 01. I Need You [add]
02. She's Got Everything [add]
03. Beautiful Delilah [add]
04. Creepin' Jean [add]
05. Good to See Yer [add]
06. Look Through Any Doorway [add]
07. Love Me Till the Sun Shines [add]
08. Tired of Waiting [add]
09. The Kiss [add]
10. Milk Cow Blues [add]
11. Imaginations Real [add]
12. Dave's Got His Reading Glasses [add]
13. Wicked Annabella [add]
14. Picture Book [add]
15. Death of a Clown [add]
16. All the Kinks Songs [add]
17. Too Much on My Mind [add]
18. Strangers [add]
19. Psycho Lounge [add]
20. One Night With You [add]
21. Living on a Thin Line [add]
22. All Day and All of the Night [add]
23. Encore [add]
24. Money (That's What I Want) [add]
25. Watts, David [add]
26. I'm Not Like Everybody Else [add]
27. You Really Got Me [add]

Bug (2002) 01. Whose Foolin' Who [add]
02. It Ain't Over, 'Till It's Done! ... [add]
03. The Lie! .......... [add]
04. Let Me Be [add]
05. Displaced Person [add]
06. Rock You, Rock Me [add]
07. Flowers in the Rain [add]
08. Fortis Green [add]
09. Why?!! [add]
10. True Phenomenon [add]
11. Bug........ [add]
12. De-Bug [add]
13. Life After Life (Transformation) [add]

Transformation [live] (2005) 01. Transformation 1 [add]
02. Who's Foolin' Who [add]
03. Till the End of the Day [add]
04. I Need You [add]
05. The Blues [add]
06. See My Friends [add]
07. Dead End Street [add]
08. Rock You, Rock Me [add]
09. Flowers in the Rain [add]
10. Death of a Clown [add]
11. Picture Book [add]
12. It Ain't Over ('Till It's Done) [add]
13. Bug [add]
14. Transformation 2 [add]
15. Livin' on a Thin Line [add]
16. Father Christmas [add]
17. Your Really Got Me [add]
18. Outro [add]

Kinked (2006) 01. Unfinished Business [add]
02. Living on a Thin Line [live] [add]
03. Picture Book [live] [add]
04. Fortis Green [add]
05. Love Gets You [add]
06. This Man He Weeps Tonight [add]
07. Death of a Clown [add]
08. Suzannah's Still Alive [add]
09. Hold My Hand [add]
10. Give Me Love, Give Me Peace on Earth [add]
11. Strangers [add]
12. Too Much on My Mind [add]
13. When the Wind Blows (Emergency) [add]
14. God in My Brain [add]
15. Rock Me, Rock You [add]

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