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Eddie Hardin lyrics
Genre: Rock
Home Is Where You Find It (1972) 01. Driving [add]
02. Strange People [add]
03. Gone Is the Sunshine [add]
04. Home Is Where You Find It [add]
05. Let Me Comfort You [add]
06. Sunshine [add]
07. Brother We Can Surely Work It Out [add]
08. We Can Give It a Try [add]
09. My Soul's Awoken [add]
10. When There's Not You [add]
11. I Don't Like It [add]
12. California Sun [add]
13. Spend Your Money Honey [add]

Wizard's Convention [2-CD Special Edition] (1976) 01. The Craig Song [add]
02. When the Sun Stops Shining [add]
03. Loose Ends [add]
04. Money to Burn [add]
05. Who's Counting on Me [add]
06. Make It Soon [add]
07. Until Tomorrow [add]
08. Light of My Life [add]
09. She's a Woman [add]
10. Swanks & Swells, Pt. 1 [add]
11. Swanks & Swells, Pt. 2 [add]
12. I'm Looking Forward to Tomorow [add]
13. Time for Another [add]
14. The Put Down Song [add]
15. Goodnight Children [add]
16. Summer Days [add]
17. Seems I'm Always Gonna Love You [add]
18. I'm Looking Forward to Tomorrow [add]
19. Maggie's Song [add]
20. Not Guilty [add]
21. Slippery Slopes [add]
22. Without Your Love [add]
23. Perfect Survivors [add]
24. Can Dreams Come True [add]
25. Why Can't We Go Home? [add]
26. You're No Good [add]
27. When the Going Gets Tough [add]
28. Strange Times [add]
29. Drinking [add]
30. Moving [add]
31. Moving [add]
32. Give Me Freedom [add]

Circumstancial Evidence (1982) 01. Little Teaser [add]
02. Mine Tonight [add]
03. Maybe I'm Amazed [add]
04. That's What the Lady Said [add]
05. Long Tall Sally [add]
06. California [add]
07. It Won't Be Long [add]
08. Universal Dream [add]
09. Maybe Baby [add]
10. Mess of Blues [add]
11. Accidental Instrumental [*] [add]
12. Strawberry Fields Forever [*] [add]
13. Isolated Lady [*] [add]
14. Love Is All [*] [add]
15. Move in the Right Place [*] [add]
16. Resurrection Shuffle [*] [add]

Wizard's Convention, Vol. 2 (1997) 01. Hot Head of Steam [add]
02. Zermatitis Blues [add]
03. Happening All the Time [add]
04. Here I Go Again [add]
05. Someone Sings [add]
06. Talking Ain't Cheap [add]
07. Try a Little Tenderness [add]
08. Sultana [instrumental] [add]
09. Brickmakers Blues [add]
10. Can't Let You Go [add]
11. I Think It's Gonna Rain Today [add]
12. As Long as I Still Have You [add]
13. Before We Say Goodbye [add]
14. Lucille [add]
15. What a Way to Spend a Day [add]

When We Were Young (1997) 01. Monday Afternoon [add]
02. When We Were Young [add]
03. While the City Sleeps [add]
04. Bricks and Mortar [add]
05. Lost Ground [add]
06. Tried & Tasted [add]
07. One Day [add]
08. A Taste of Life [add]
09. Let Silence Speak [add]
10. For Alan [add]

Wind in the Willows: A Rock Concert [live] (1998) 01. Wind in the Willows (Main Theme) [add]
02. Good Morning to You [add]
03. I've Forgotten How to Smile [add]
04. Fairground Fantasy [add]
05. The Wildwood [add]
06. The Badger [add]
07. Looking Forward to Tomorrow [add]
08. The Life We Left Behind [add]
09. Maggie's Song [add]
10. The Piper at the Gates of Dawn [add]
11. Why Can't We Go Home? [add]
12. Wayfarers All [add]
13. The Life We Left Behind [*] [add]
14. Looking Forward to Tomorrow [*] [add]

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